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10 Things Every Woman Must Know About Her Man

Most women think that men only care about sports, beer, and sex. Well, you’re in for a surprise if you’re one of those women, because they think about you equally, if not more! They might not say it aloud, but don’t worry ladies, you don’t have to keep guessing!


10 Things Every Woman Must Know About Her Man


Here are the top 10 things you MUST know about the men in your lives to de-code what makes him smile and what makes him frown!

1. You don’t really have to look like a supermodel!

…. Or anything like the hotties in those… ahem… movies! Yes, he wants you to stay healthy & fit, but he doesn’t mind a couple love handles on you because, well, he’s with you because he loves you, AND he loves to see you with no clothes on or in sexy lingerie! There’s nothing that turns him on more than you bearing it all in front of him, so stop fretting over how you look! Love yourself and be comfortable with your body, and you won’t need to go seeking his attention.

2. He loves to be complimented as much as you do!

Whether it’s his new haircut suiting him like crazy, or his moves in bed that make you swoon, it’ll be best if you say it out loud for him to listen! He doesn’t care about his appearance always, but he does need constant pep-talk and approval from you to stay at the top of his game!

3. He wants you to take charge in bed!

We cannot stress more on this fact that there’s nothing he loves more than watch you initiate sex! You don’t have to go as far as tying him to the bed, just pinch him in a public place to tell him how much you want it and be prepared for passionate bedroom play when you get home!

4. He really needs his space sometimes

And no, it doesn’t mean that he wants to spend time away from you. As much as he loves to be with you, there are ten other things on his mind and it’s OKAY if he doesn’t want to bother you with all of them. Let him deal with some things on his own, and in the meantime spend some quality time with yourself!

5. He loves to be surprised!

Why always expect him to surprise you? Plan a romantic night with him and watch him melt! Little surprises like buying him the watch he’s been eyeing for days, or maybe watching a game of cricket with him (no matter how much it bores you!), or ordering/cooking his favorite food or getting him a naughty gift like a pack of luxury condoms, or edible lingerie are some gestures he’ll always appreciate and cherish! 

6. It’s okay to let him watch some porn!

Watching porn is more of a recreational activity for men and has nothing to do with you. It also doesn’t mean they enjoy sex with you any less! So stop freaking out about it.

7. He totally wants to go all fifty-shades with you!

Not as far as pushing metal balls into you or beating the shit out of you! But making you walk around naked, experiment with some adult sex toys and make out with you in all kinds of kinky places!

8. He loves it when you stand up for yourself

Men find confidence and a no-nonsense attitude in women very sexy.  Never ever pressurize yourself into doing something for him that you don’t agree with or are uncomfortable with. Whether it’s a certain friend or relative that you don’t like, or a certain act in bed that you’re not enjoying, just let him know – gently though. You’ll be surprised at how maturely he can handle this and make sure you have no reason to complain in the future!

9. There’s nothing better than some honest feedback

If you’re not enjoying the sex with him anymore, or if you’re mad at him for something he did a month ago, don’t expect him to know it all by himself. He’ll never know what you’re going through until you tell him! It’s best to sort things out with him at the earliest, calmly.

10. Yes, he is insecure, too!

But it isn’t something to be worried about! It’ll only make him tug onto you tighter and think of ways to never let you go! So the next time you whiff him getting J as you hang-out with your work buddy, just let him be!


There’s so much you can do, and not do, to have a happy relationship with your man once you know what he wants!

Stay Naughty!

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