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Underneath Says it All: Choose the Lingerie That Accentuates Your Body Shape

“Without proper foundations, there can be no fashion” - Christian Dior

Lingerie sets the mood for the day, and almost every woman agrees to it. Even if you have an envious wardrobe, without a comfortable pair of lingerie, you may fail to make the right style statement in front of your partner. Sport a pair of lingerie that is not a good fit to your body and there is a good chance to spoil the whole mood, let alone your glam avatar. It is, therefore, essential for every woman to learn the types of lingerie would complement their body contours. The blog discusses the different body shapes and the women’s lingerie types that fit each of them:

lingerie as per body shape


Full coverage bra offers a lot of support to a woman with a curvaceous body, but don’t let that full cover be a turn off factor. There are a lot of stylish options when it comes to choosing full-coverage bras. Look for a lace bra with a pretty feel that goes smooth wherever you need it. If the idea of a full-coverage bra looks boring, go for a demi cup. It is great to show off curves, especially when you want to wear a low cut dress or top. Follow the thumb rule – the thicker the band at the back and straps; sturdier is the fit of the bra. When looking for a lingerie bottom, look for high-waist fits as these are flattering on a curvy body.


Women with fewer curves need to wear something that draws attention to the right areas. It is easy to get away with a bra that has more frills and lesser functions. Wear underwire and push-up bras as these give the much-needed lift to the breasts. A bra with side padding also gives an amazing cleavage.


Women with an athletic body need to look for lots of details before selecting a bra. Lacy bras often add to the feminine side of women with athletic body. Bralettes are also great as they give a soft shape to an athletic build-up. Form fitting bottoms are ideal for athletic figures as they hug the curves and narrow the hips. Always opt for a soft and pretty lingerie, if you have an athletic shape. A bandeau bra is also great, but make sure it offers a lift and supports the breasts.


When you have a pear-shaped figure, it is important to create curves to the right areas. Go for lingerie that shows off breasts and downplays the hips. Inserts in a bra draw attention to breasts. If you want more support, go for a structured lingerie that covers the bottom and lifts the upper area. Boyshorts are great for bottoms as they give plenty of coverage.


Women with apple-shaped body have a wide waistline and narrow hips and bust. Always opt for lingerie that elongates the body line, such as bodysuits with deep V-neck. It will highlight the neckline and also show off some skin. If you have a heavy bust, look for bras with side boning at breasts or the underwire ones that provide full coverage and extra support.

Short Torso

Women with a short torso have a naturally high waist and extra-long legs. Do not buy high-waist bottoms as they shorten the torso. Wear a low-rise bottom to make the midsection look longer. Women who wish to add some sexy lingerie in their collection, go for hipsters as these are a sassy alternative to low-rise and basic bikinis.


A carrot-shaped body is wider at the top and gets slimmer going down. We suggest replacing the routine matching bra and bottom with a babydoll chemise or slip to flatter the broad shoulders. These are not just practical intimates to wear under see-through dresses, the lacy babydoll lingerie looks sexy when worn alone. An essential tip is to choose a slip or babydoll chemise with a flared bottom to make the body look symmetrical.

Long Torso

Women with a long torso and short legs need to go for a high-waist bottom. The retro silhouette looks flattering on many body shapes, and it will shorten the midsection and elongate the limbs of those with a long torso. Pair printed bottoms with a black bra, and this effortless look would go well with your body shape.

Go Ahead, Choose Your Type

From corset lingerie to babydoll lingerie and bikinis, there are sexy, naughty and comfortable options for every body shape. What women need to remember is to dress according to their body types. Every body type is beautiful and unique, so choose the lingerie that flatters you the most. It’spleaZure has a wide range of innerwear options in the women’s lingerie section. Whether you want to buy lacy nightwear, corset lingerie, bikini set or role play costume; we have sexy designs for every body type that you would be tempted to add to your collection.
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