Top Five Love Games for your Honeymoon
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Five Special Love Games for your Honeymoon

The honeymoon is like a fantastic experience filled with a lot of thrills and excitement. It’s a cocktail prepared by mixing holiday, love, lust and fun. There are a lot of firsts during the period as it is all about getting involved and indulged. The time you spend with your spouse becomes a lifetime memory, one that you will love and cherish the most.

There are a lot of things you would like to do on your honeymoon. Adventure, outdoors, romantic dinners and love-lasting nights, are all a part of your agenda during the stay. But you can make it more enthralling by doing a lot of other exciting stuff as well. One such option you can choose to do is play love games. Let’s look at some of the best games you shouldn’t really miss playing on your honeymoon.

Bondage Seduction

On the first night of your honeymoon, you would expect your spouse to be raunchy and eager for some deep and long-lasting physical pleasure. To make the wait more sensual you can play this game of Bondage seduction. There are 36 different sex cards which you can explore one by one on rolling the dice. For your assistance, you are provided with 2 silky ties and 1 blindfold mask with some game rules as well. What do you get? A whole night filled with seduction and intimacy.

Chocolate Decadence

This sensuous board game allows you to get dirty with chocolate while playing and making love. You just need to choose a private area with seductive clothing and get on with the game. Roll the dices and move forward while collecting the decadence cards along the way. As you reach for the winning spot, indulge yourself into some steamy irresistible gameplay and intimate lovemaking with your partner.

Lets f*** Board Game

    Just the name is enough to explain you the rules of this amazing board game. Play it with your spouse and enjoy unlimited pleasure for the whole night. Can you even imagine of a better game with as sensuous gameplay as this? Throw the dice, wait to reach a bed tile and then make love as described in the tile. Fast, simple and spicy. Stop imagining and get on with the game, a physical feast is waiting for you.

    Sex Around the World

      Are you bored of same lovemaking style and want to explore new boundaries. Do you know how interesting can it be to make love in an ancient style? Well, this game lets you do exactly the same. Hot enough to spice up your bedrooms; the game borrows love practices from different parts of the globe throughout history. Take your passports and carry your Visa. Get ready to explore new seasonings and vibrant sensations as you board your flight for best sex practices.

      Love or Lust

        Love or lust is a fast-paced board game of sexual trivia with a pretty straightforward foreplay. The ultimate aim of the game is to let you understand your lover's likes, love, and lusts. There are 27 love and 27 lust cards which are explored one at a time. As the game reaches its end, you experience a journey filled with romantic and physical pleasures. Build your fantasy with your partner and fulfill them as you enjoy intimacy and love.

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