5 Things Brides-to-be Must Consider When Buying Bridal Lingerie
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5 Things Brides-to-be Must Consider When Buying Bridal Lingerie

Choosing perfect bridal lingerie is as important as selecting the perfect wedding outfit. It is an essential that most brides-to-be often unwittingly ignore. Perfect lingerie for your wedding and honeymoon not only gives you the right support and shape but also makes you feel confident and sexy. Most women buy frilly pants, embellished bras and fancy corsets in the excitement that characterizes days leading up to any wedding, but rue the decision afterwards as they find themselves feeling uncomfortable. To help you avoid the same mistake of compromising comfort and style quotients, this blog post lists a few important points to remember when choosing bridal undergarments.

bridal lingerie tips

1. Buy the Correct Size

When it comes to lingerie shopping, know your size. For the right support and comfort, it is important that your lingerie fits your body properly. To make sure that you buy the correct size, take your measurements with a measuring tape or get help from your girlfriends or salesperson at the lingerie store to accurately determine your size.

2. Try Lingerie with a wedding outfit.

A bra strap peeking out of the blouse is a serious fashion faux pas. To avoid such blunders, try your bridal undergarments and wedding outfit before the wedding day. Move your arms around to see if the bra strap slips from the shoulder or shows from the back. Trying lingerie with the wedding outfit before your wedding day is always advisable so as to correct any amendments that may be required in time.

3. Avoid blings and Embellishments

Some women are crazy for bling. They cannot help themselves when they see white pearls, crystals, colorful studs, and other embellishments on lingerie. Such embellishments on lingerie sure look attractive and beautiful but only for a while, after which they begin to feel uncomfortable on your skin. They may even scratch your skin, make you feel itchy, or cause rashes.

4. Shape your Body with Shapewear

Women who have loose muscles or cellulite around the stomach, hips and thighs must go for shapewear. Shapewear basically nips and tucks loose muscles around the stomach, hips, and thighs, thus giving your body a smooth and flattering shape. Shapewear is best if you intend to wear a gown or fishtail lehenga on your wedding day. Wearing shapewear with outfits such as sarees, which expose the navel area, is not advisable, as you do not want to exhibit the shapewear to people.

5. Don’t Compromise Comfort for Style

Most women compromise comfort to follow current trends only to regret it, as the result is having to feel uncomfortable for the entire event. Wearing trendy lingerie sets is good only if they feel comfortable. To establish if your bridal lingerie set is comfortable, wear it for at least a day before the wedding so that the fabric can stretch according to your body and feel more comfortable when you wear it on your big day.


Every woman wants to look their best on their wedding day, and perfect lingerie does the job best. Often, bride-to-be put off lingerie shopping till the last minute, which only serves as a recipe for disaster. If you too have not yet shopped bridal undergarments, keep the listed points in mind to make sure you pick an option that feels good and helps you look ravishing. To save time, shop online at ItspleaZure. We are a reputable erotic online stores in India that offers a comprehensive range of adult products while maintaining customer privacy. Apart from buying lingerie sets for your wedding day, you can spice up the honeymoon with our extensive assortment of women’s night wear and role play costumes
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