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Going on Honeymoon - 5 Things You cannot Miss to do

Honeymoon is probably the most crucial period in the life of newly wedded couples. Normally planned immediately after the marriage, honeymoon allows the couple to spend some quality time with each other and explore each other’s hidden and wild side. Yes, you do have the travel, the exploration and the shopping part as well but the only part that excites a couple the most are the private love sessions.

It is said that people explore their naughty side with their love and true to the saying many do find their twins in the bed during their honeymoon. All your wild imaginations, day dreaming and the never-ending fascinations are experienced first-hand and that too with no restrictions. Let’s take a look at the list of activities you shouldn’t miss doing on your honeymoon.

honeymoon planning tips

  1. Start Silly

Honeymoon is your private fun trip, so don’t be a jerk and head for the fun straightaway. Embrace your love, indulge in pillow fights and run around each other. Loosen yourself up and be relaxed. Honeymoon is all about ‘Us’ time so spend it leisurely and get a little cozy. Read erotic novels, arrange for bedroom play or watch a sensuous movie together. Get into each other and keep yourself upbeat. Intimacy and boldness should rule you.

  1. Set the mood

Everyone loves to be surprised especially when on a honeymoon. Help your partner create the vibrant mood by playing some soulful music and decorating the room with roses and candles. To heat up the mood you can also use sexy couple toys or opt for role play using costumes and fancy lingerie. To add wildness to your fun, you can even try using women vibrators and condoms, just to play a little with the pussy. All this will help you build sensuous emotions and prepare yourself for the naughty ride ahead.

  1. Explore your fantasies.

You might have wished to wear bra and panty like a woman or as the bride you might wish to see your husband in fancy underwear which you had ordered online. Get involved with such spicy topics and discover each other’s desires. Honeymoon is not just about sex but is also about getting to know each other and understanding each other better. You might even try out a few things and see the results for yourself. Activities like these will shackle the barriers around you and help you open up.

  1. Fun with the Lingerie.

The best way to seduce a man is to tease him with your lingerie act. Make sure you have different sets for each day of your honeymoon to keep things fresh and exciting throughout your stay. Think of unique themes or mesmerizing hot colors for your innerwear. You have a whole lot of crazy collection available for different moods. What’s more? You can even ask suggestions from your husband or ask him to buy some lingerie online of his own choice as a gift.

  1. Stay in bed.
I know you would love to hang out together and watch some amazing places on your honeymoon but you also need to invest time for your bedroom fun as well. Honeymoon is primarily for getting intimate and cozy with each other and doing things which you cannot try back home. Make out hard, let there be pain and scream but be sure to sustain pleasure. Understand your partner’s desires, tease him with your bold moves and stay pumped while in bed. These beautiful nights will be etched in your memories forever.
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