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5 Mistakes to Avoid on your Honeymoon

Weddings can be tiresome for couples, as they involve extensive planning, running multiple errands, and never-ending functions, among other activities. Honeymoon – the newlyweds’ first long, exotic trip together – is always a welcome break from the hectic life. Lack of proper planning can turn what was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime into a damp squib. If you too are tying the knot soon, keep a safe distance from mistakes that can turn your honeymoon into an experience to forget. This blog discusses a few mistakes that you need to avoid when planning a fun-filled honeymoon. So, read on!
avoid honeymoon mistakes

1. Zero Consultation When Planning

When planning your honeymoon, trying too hard to go grand with the surprise element can backfire. When you take matters in your hands in an attempt to sweep your wife off her feet, there is  always a risk that the result may not be what you anticipated. This is because solo planning can lead to a trip that’s more inclined to your interests and surprises that don't really really appeal to her interests and desires. The safest approach is to plan all the big stuff together so that you can both enjoy. Going on a honeymoon is supposed to be an unforgettable experience to both partners for positive reasons, which is why planning as a team matters.

2. Following Other People’s Trails

How often have you wished to visit a place just because a someone you know went there? The illusion created by social media posts tempts people to want to try what others are doing. This is despite the fact that it does not necessarily follow that what your pals loved will excite you as well. While your friends may have had a blast during their honeymoon in the snow filled Himalayan Mountains, you or your partner may not adjust well to the weather, making your promising trip a non-event. Seek advice from like-minded acquaintances, but tailor your trip to your liking.

3. The Classic Lockup

Couples on honeymoon are madly in love and cannot get enough of each other, however, staying locked up in your hotel room means you miss out on creating lots of other memories. Wherever you go with the love of your life on honeymoon, take some time out to tour together. Move out of your room and get to know the place, its culture, shopping districts, eateries, and click some pictures while you are at it. In short, do everything you can to can your trip rich instead of just a hotel experience.

4. Giving-in to Extravagant Indulgences

In the lure of impressing your spouse, you run the risk of taking impulsive decisions. Many make the mistake of indulging in exotic activities leading to excessive spending. It is important to realize that at the end of the day, a honeymoon is just a phase in your married life as you have a long way to go, with a whole future together. Breaking your savings for a few days of “fun” isn’t the ideal way to start a new life. It is, therefore, essential to be realistic with your budget and desires.

5. Forgetting the Little Things

Sexy lingerie, sex toys, and lubes are some of the adult accessories that may not seem important when packing for your honeymoon but make a whole lot of difference during lovemaking when you suddenly realize how invaluable they are for all the fun and games. You need sensuality, desire, and intensity in the bed, something which doesn't come easy for most couples getting busy for the first time. Adult products help calm the nerves, heighten the feelings, eliminate pain, make for erotic play, steamy foreplay, and explosive sex. All the little things matter, such as sexy lingerie and you can always rely on a massager or vibrator for multiple orgasms.

The Way Forward

Planning for a honeymoon runs almost concurrently to that of the wedding. This is so that you get enough time to cover all the bases for a glitch-free romantic getaway. Plan well, consult your partner, get out of the room often and explore and you will sure get an experience of a lifetime. Our erotic online store allow you to buy your sexy lingerie, honeymoon night dress, condoms, lubricants, and a host of other sex toys with discreet delivery. ItspleaZure is one of India’s renowned erotic online stores offering a comprehensive range of adult products. Go through our product list and choose items that you think can spice up the honeymoon experience. WhatsApp us at +91-9356842665 to know about our products range, policies, and other information. Additionally, you can submit your questions by filling out the contact form, for a quick reply.
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