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Guide to the know all about Massagers

Every couple tries to do something new and unique to keep their love life exciting. Intimacy, passion and surprises form the core for these. Every spouse expects to be lured and feel special. The best way to woo your partner is to be naughty and seductive. There are many things you can do to achieve the same. One simple yet elegant way to do so is to use massagers and vibrators.

Women Massagers

Massagers are a great way to de-stress and relax yourself. You can choose to use them for your own use or instead you can work it out with your partner as well. They let your share some thrilling and intimate moments with your spouse. Let’s look at some of the exquisite options that are available for your service and use.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the most common and most sought after adult toy for pleasure. Everyone loves these small sized vibrators have been rightly named as Bullet as they work pretty much like a true bullet. Their target area is precise and thanks to its size of 2-3 inches, they are easy to carry and hide as well. For women who love direct stimulations during love making sessions, bullet vibrators make an ideal choice. Below we have listed a few amazing bullet vibrators that will surely surprise and satisfy you.

Classic Vibrators

For people who want to go the traditional way and use a safe and simple massager to get a firsthand experience of such products, classic vibrators will be a perfect choice for them. These are mostly used for insertion purpose but some can also be used for clitoral stimulation and pleasure as well. They are generally inexpensive and come with multi speed functionalities. Let’s look at some of the cool classic vibrators in our collection.

Clitoral Vibrators

As the name suggests, these types of vibrators are designed to produce clitoral stimulations. They are specifically designed for the same and are more powerful than some of the other types. Such vibrators are generally medium or large in size and thus are capable of covering large areas for vibration and stimulation. Let’s check out a few from our own collection.


Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators get their name from their usage as they are generally worn over the fingers to help you provide your partner small and continuous tingling sensations. They are small in size but are capable of providing a soothing and tempting experience for fun. A wonderful example is the Screaming O Finger O Tips which has been discussed below.

G-Spot vibrators

These are recommended for long lasting temptations and sensual vibrations at the G-spot region of the vagina. They are designed along with curves to ensure they impact the desired area and produce sensitive vibes as required. We have quite a rich collection in the category as discussed below.

Waterproof massagers

Erotic and sensuous feelings are not just restricted to your bedroom. People love getting naughty in shower and pool as well. Waterproof massagers have been designed specially to ensure that fun for such people is never compromised. Let’s look at the best of the products we have in our list.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic wand vibrators weren’t usually thought as a sex massager but it was only later that people started using it in the bed for personal fun and love making. They are different from other vibrators and come in different shapes and sizes. They are a powerful class of vibrators and have a really strong motor for work. Our list comprises of few wonderful wands as mentioned below.

  1. Charlie Tango Classic Vibrator

50 shades of grey have brought in a lot of boldness and freedom in the way you make love. This classic massager provides you a super thrilling experience in taking your body to new heights of pleasure. There are 3 different speeds and 4 patterns that will let you stimulate each other’s erogenous zones and enjoy long lasting sensations. With a length measuring 7.25inches, this waterproof massager is perfect for usage beyond bedrooms.

  1. Drive Me Crazy Glass Wand Vibrator

This G-spot massager adds a new variety to the 50 shades of grey collection. 100% strengthened glass allows you to enjoy a plethora of stimulations, both internal and external, making this vibrator an amazing and versatile sex toy for use. At one end of the massager is a semi realistic shaped single bulb while the other end has a rounder and thicker curve for additional fun. It’s a waterproof and hypoallergenic massager and is compatible with all kinds of lubes.

  1. Little Pearl Satin Pink 7" massager

A massager with a pearl finish and that too in a satin pink color is an absolutely wonderful gift for your honeymoon. This multi-speed and phthalate-free discreet massager has a size of 7inches which is long enough to dig it deep inside to produce a series of tingling vibrations. Water based lubricants are suggested to be used along with this stimulator if you are looking to enjoy wet sessions of love.

  1. SITS waterproof massager

Sex in the Shower massager is an ideal choice for your bath time fun. This sleek vibe features a smooth graduated shaft with rounded tips that are capable of massaging your most sensitive areas with ease. The massager has 2 different functions and you can choose the one that fulfills your desires with utmost precision. Without doubt, this waterproof vibe is a must have for people who enjoy making love in their bathrooms.

  1. Mini G-Spot Vibrator

A G-Spot vibrator essentially features a curved tip which is used to stimulate your G-Spot. When such vibrators enter the vagina, they collide with the front wall and produce sensations which are loved by all the women. This particular vibrator has 10 different vibrating functions that guarantee beautiful internal and external vibrations for both. Its sleek design and hypoallergenic nature makes it a perfect choice for beginners and couples alike.

  1. Vibrating lipstick massager/Mascara Wand/Makeup brush

For couples and individuals who want to have un-compromised privacy would love these mini vibes that have been disguised as a cosmetic accessory. No one will doubt when they find such things in your wallet and this makes it a great option to help you escape unwanted questions from others. These waterproof devices have 4 different modes of vibrations which can be configured depending on your mood. Each of the devices has a soft silicone flex-tip for smooth and targeted simulation. The massager boasts of a compact travel friendly design and supports the use of rechargeable batteries as well.

  1. We aim to please vibrating bullet

We aim to please be a clitoral vibe that aims to intensify stimulations for solo pleasure and enhanced foreplay. These types of vibrators are ideal for women who demand more stimulation to satisfy their inner thirst of love. This compact, waterproof and travel friendly product is suitable for both solo as well as dual sessions. Its powerful vibrations are strong enough to bold any women with its pulsating speed and deep impact. To enjoy a lasting experience make sure you dig it deep inside and sustain it all along.

  1. California Exotics teardrop bullet

Teardrop bullet is one of the most erotic and strong stimulator in this series of massagers and vibrators. These have a unique shape that helps them produce uniform targeted stimulations that sends highly intense signals across the area of impact. Polypropylene has been used in the design of this product which also has silver plating over the bullet. This discreet massager has a size of 2.1"X1" and it can be used at different speeds as per the requirement of the user.

  1. The screaming O 3+1 speed Soft touch Bullet massager

Soft touch bullets are your multifunctional massagers that can be used by you at any time and at any place. This mini massager features a powerful yet quiet motor that has 3 different modes and an additional advanced mode for targeted use. The device is available in 5 different colors to match the different sensual moods of yours. It runs on rechargeable batteries that can last as long as 80 minutes and is waterproof and wireless as well.

  1. The screaming O Fing O Tips

With the most unique design and appearance, this device is probably the tiniest tingling vibrator in the market. Fing O tips bring fun and intimacy to your fingertips and ensure that you have a great time while making love. There is a strap placed conveniently around the fingers to keep them in place and avoid mishandling of the product. This discreet disposable massager is of great use during foreplays and can entertain couples of any type at its will.

  1. The screaming O screaming demon massager

This bullet massager has an intriguing design that features flexible horns which aims to send powerful and intense signals all the way to the tips of the targeted area. The massager has 3 speed functions and a bonus pulsating mode that helps you enjoy an engaging and enthralling love session. This waterproof wireless device has a one touch activation system for a faster smoother use. Additionally, the massager uses premium silicone latex to provide you a brisk, clean and safe experience.

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