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5 Tips for Planning a Romantic Long Weekend Trip with Your Partner

Today’s busy lifestyle hardly allows any time for elaborate sex or romantic interludes with your partner. But a well-planned weekend trip away from the hustle-bustle of the city can solve this problem, and give you lots of opportunities to bring the romance in your life.

But just going on a weekend trip is not enough. You must plan every aspect of the trip – like the destination, hotel, clothes, itinerary, etc. to ensure that you get maximum time to relax and enjoy each others company giving and receiving pleazure (nope not a spelling mistake! We spell pleasure with a ‘z’).

tips for romantic date

Here are five tips to help you make your sexual escapade naughtier and more interesting.

  • Make it a Weekend Honeymoon

Book a royal suite. The king size bed, the lacy curtains, the flowers and the scented candles will put both of you in the right mood, for a naughty weekend! If it fits your budget, you can even ask for a room with a Jacuzzi, rain shower, balcony or a private plunge-pool; with amenities like these, romance is inevitable. To add some more spice to your romantic holiday you can also book an exotic couple’s massage; just make sure you both know how it will ultimately end – we’re thinking some wild bedroom play.

  • Carry sexy clothes and lingerie

A romantic trip is no fun without the right oomph factor. Invest in a different wardrobe (read sexy, very sexy); something that will make him look up and make his eyes go ‘wow’! Do not shy away from revealing your best assets, at the right moment – a slip here, and a strategic peek there will keep your man hot all the way to the bed. If you’re the man, then surprise her with a gift of sexy teddy or babydoll lingerie. These are the aphrodisiacs of clothes.

  • Pack the ‘sexessentials’

Show your partner that you mean business (intimate, of course!). Pack condoms – try the exotic flavoured variety, lubricants, massage oils, bath salts, scented soaps and bubbles, body glide and energy roll on, or role play costumes. Take your love and lust to another level; carry some sex toys (whatever makes you both turn on) and adult videos. Let the trip be all about exploring your bodies, pleasuring, and worshiping them.

  • Plan an activity that’s new for both of you

Doing a new activity can be seriously fun and sexy, especially when both of you can be together! Take a surfing lesson, go up in a hot air balloon, take a hike in the jungle or enroll for a Salsa class. If you’re the adventurous type, then you can even take a tent, only one sleeping bag and go out for a night of star gazing, romantic fireside meal and curl up real close afterwards. What’s best, this can even be done on your terrace if you stay in an individual house! Learning something new will not only bring you closer, but also bring out new aspects of your personalities - the ultimate turn on!

  • Be playful

Booking a royal suite or having a romantic meal are useless if you do not carry the right attitude. You are on a mission to have fun with your partner; so forget your worries and let go of your inhibitions for the time being. The topmost thing in your mind should be ‘making love’ and how to have a pleasurable time with your partner. So pull out all plugs and reveal your fun and playful side – go wild. Indulge in some fanciful role play or do something out of the regular, try out each others sexual fantasies; anything spontaneous and playful that will arouse you both.

Follow these tips, get creative and let your imagination run wild! We assure you, you will have lots of fun, romance and sex, sex and sex! Make this a regular affair, and you’ll never run out of romance in your relationship!

Be Naughty!

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