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Enhance Your Look by Buying Itspleazure Sexy Stockings, Pantyhose and Tights Online in India


The fashion industry experiences a new movement every now and then, some trends are evergreen, some burn out fast and others change the way  clothing, lingerie and accessories portray themselves. One such combination of ever so trendy and contemporary lingerie are bodystockings, well as the name suggests they are stockings for your body and has that ultimate sensual look. The bodystockings and fishnet collections have brought about a new wave of easy and  sexy lingerie into the mix.

An absolute wonder, Bodystockings are a No-Hassle type of attire which once worn does not need to be constantly adjusted, they tend to stay in place and depending on the type could provide much-needed support too. A single piece of lingerie covering practically your whole body you can simply put these on and go about your day; Of course, these need to be paired with clothing on top of you’re planning to go out on the town. The biggest advantage of owning  bodystockings is the look, the comfortable feel of the fabric on your skin and the way they blend with absolutely everything you wear-

Some sure shot attire looks stockings will do justice to are –

- Pairing them with a short/long skirt along with either a  crop top or a jacket.

- Your winter wear attire calls for that sexy bodystockings that you can wear along with high tops and jeans.

- An eveningwear flowy gown and dresses will complete the look along with  fishnet stockings.

- A summer dress? Or a brunch date dons these below your attire and go about your day merrily.

- Fishnets with denim is a trendsetter, whether short Denim skirts, ripped jeans or shorts stockings and denim look is simply made for each other


Can Hot Stockings Erotically Affect Your Man


Men are very much attracted to strong, confident  women who can carry themselves well as well as their attire, bodystockings in its very nature have a sultry look and while it may not look the part but are extremely comfortable too. Bodystocking is certainly as lustful as they look, the one such attire where you can control what and how much to flaunt, show everything while showing nothing. A sheer or mesh bodystocking can play tantalizingly with your partner's desires.

The mesh look with the ‘Still a lot is concealed’ personality of bodystockings is arousing and very well the reason why it attracts almost everyone. Be it a first date, a honeymoon night, a  bondage experience or your everyday sex life bodystockings brings endless possibilities into ever equation (especially crotchless bodystockings, which most of the designs are)


We Have Different Varieties of Stockings for Women.


Bodystockings or fishnets are usually made of sheer fabric, delicate material that feels cozy on your skin and is mostly worn without undergarments, there are so many different designs available in these that every individual can find they own personal style with  stockings.


Stocking Online Shopping –

ItsPleazure houses a bunch of designer stocking options to choose from, select from that net look, mesh, thigh high to fishnets there’s something for everyone. A must-have in your lingerie collection, ladies head on over to find sexy additions like the  ITSPLEAZURE TEASE ME PLEASE ME SHREDDED BODY STOCKINGS (black in color this comes with a free  thong, a sensual and sexy approach works best wearing this see-through crotchless stocking), honeymoon lingerie done right with the cuts and style of  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S BODY STOCKINGS & FREE THONG and  ITSPLEAZURE SEXY PINK BODYSTOCKING for the ones who like it bolder and colourful.


Thigh High Stockings –

Thigh-high stockings can be easily distinguished and have a certain sex appeal to it, considered to be erotic lingerie bodystockings especially thigh-high are in a league of its own.  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S THIGH HIGHS STOCKINGS and  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S STAY UP STOCKINGS are just two out of the many sensual options you will find at Itspleazure.


Fishnet Stockings

Commonly known as hosiery, these are more like tights and exceptionally popular among everyone from office goers, party fanatics to celebrities. The patterns made in fishnet stockings are a sight to behold and at ItsPleazure you will get plenty of options to choose from.

Available in trendy patterns, designs, cuts, and styles believe you me bodystockings are one of the sexiest things women can own, ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S FISHNET AND STRIPES BLACK BODYSTOCKING & FREE THONG  and  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S FISHNET OPEN CROTCH LONG SLEEVE BODYSTOCKING are the perfect examples of how fishnets can bring a quotient of sexy into your life. If you are one that has a distinct love leather, fishnet stockings are made for you, they pair up perfectly with that look and you can throw on a sweater, jacket or a crop to complete the ensemble.


How to Choose Stocking Suitable for You


Bodystockings, while are a marvel, might be a tricky attire for the first-time wearer which is why it is important in the first go to choose the correct one for yourself. Once you have made Lingerie Stockings part of your wardrobe there is no looking back, you would want to pair it up with almost everything you wear, that’s the effect this sensual yet trendy lingerie has. Here are a few things to take note of when you are looking to buy Bodystockings-



A large number of  bodystockings and fishnet tights can be found in black and while they look amazing as is there are very many options in colors and tones to choose from. Understanding your own skin tone and what color will complement it the most is the way to go. When you opt for natural or nude shades, they may not always be the same as your skin tone so look carefully before you choose.



Some stockings look good with heels while some look best with  high tops, this is simply an example to understand better the importance of accessorizing the correct pair of shoes with bodystockings. Compliment the color of your shoes and style with the pattern of your stockings so it may stand out (but in a good way)



Matching and pairing the correct colors together is already the  game that is dressing successfully, as is with clothing the same applies to stockings, this is an addition to your ensemble and it is important to know and understand if your dress/skirt/denim matches what you’re wearing beneath.


How to Choose Fishnet Stockings?


Fishnets come in many different designs and forms, from sexy dresses like  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S FISHNET LINGERIE BABYDOLL, Exotic stockings like  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S BLACK FISHNET SUSPENDER PANTYHOSE STOCKINGS to full bodystockings like the  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S FISHNET OPEN CROTCH LONG SLEEVE BODYSTOCKING & FREE THONG Try one and try all, Fishnet Bodystockings brings irresistible comfort while leaving you wanting for more with a very voluptuous look, choosing the correct fishnet stocking for yourself largely depends upon –



Considering the occasion and setting you will be flaunting it will play a large role in picking the correct one, while these will work wonders with ripped jeans and a Little Black Dress they are a big NO for school or formal settings like the office.



Fishnets like any Bodystocking are skin-tight, the season and weather are factors that affect what kind and if at all should you don stockings. You do not want to feel uncomfortable or sweat all over your stockings in an outdoor setting on a hot sunny day.


With What?

Unless you plan on staying in all day alone or with a partner you are going to have to pair these sexy things like clothing, knowing what you plan on wearing will make it easier for you to choose the correct fishnet, for example you can go with a mesh crotchless with hot shorts and a crop or ripped pants but maybe not so much with a short dress.


Choose From Different Colors, and Styles Experiment With Your Look by Shopping Stocking Online


Trust us when we say this, you cannot simply just own one bodystocking. With hundreds of styles to experiment with and Bodystockings looking good with almost everything one can wear there are endless looks to flaunt. Gong classic with black stocking like the ITSPLEAZURESEXY BLACK WET LOOK STOCKINGS the best way to flaunt these would be with a short dress and closed heels or better yet boots.Multipurpose fishnets leggings and fishnet tights are extremely versatile, useful for formal, casual and evening setting  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S BLACK TIGHTS are sexy and sophisticated all in one.Suspenders, nope you don’t just have to be a bride at a wedding or someone from the 1980s to flaunt these, nothing says sexy like simplicity in the  ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S BLACK FISHNET SUSPENDER PANTYHOSE STOCKINGS.


Get Your Body Stockings, Pantyhose and Tights Delivered in 2-5 Days Across India


We all like faster delivery hance we made a special partnership with delivery companies. Metro and Tier-1 cities will get delivery in 2-4 days while other locations can generally take 3-5 days. We value our customer’s privacy at an utmost level and hence we ship every order with  Discreet Packaging.

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