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KS Butterscotch - 8's Pack

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Buy Condom of Different Types Like Dotted, Flavoured, Ribbed, Thin and Other Online In India From ItsPleaZure

You believed in safe sex, don’t you? We totally do.

At ItsPleaZure we work tirelessly to bring you a range of products for your adult needs, condoms are certainly one of the most important of them all. Condoms are one of the best ways to avoid unplanned pregnancy and to shield you from many sexually transmitted diseases which is why it is very important to always have one handy.

Shop from a variety of different colours, sizes, types and flavours from only the most well-known brands at ItsPleaZure. Stay safe and enjoy to the fullest with our collections of air thin condoms, fruit flavoured condoms, ribbed and dotted condoms among many more.

Following are the Popular Brand & Types of condom You Can Buy from ItsPleaZure

At ItsPleaZure you will find only the best brands available for all products, accessories and apparels. It is not different for condoms, proven to be one of the best ways of birth control and the barrier to Sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are extremely effective. Top notch brands like Durex, Manforce, Playgard and Skore among others can be found at ItsPleaZure. These too house different types of condoms, while the primary agenda would be to encourage safe sex and ensure the safety of both the partner's condoms are more than just that

Dotted Condom and Ribbed Condoms

While the regular condoms are more than fun, a dotted and ribbed condom is when the material (latex) has dotted, strips etc made on them to create friction on the walls of the vagina. This friction of carefully aligned and placed patterns creates a sensation which is extremely pleasurable to the female partner as well as the male. These variations and in some cases, the combination is a very popular one and can be used for enhancing your sexual experience, check out the Manforce Extra Dotted Green Apple Flavoured and Skore Zig Zag Dotted & Ribbed Condoms.

Lubricated Condoms

While all, or most condoms come lubricated from within you can opt for Kamasutra Skyn Extra Lube for that extra slippery feeling and pleasure. A very popular type of condoms regularly bought are flavoured condoms, enhance your sexual experience and enjoy oral sex, vaginal and anal sex with Manforce Stay Long Pineapple Flavoured Pack of 3 Condoms, Durex Taste Me Apple Pack of 3 Condom and Durex Fruity Flavours for Extra Fun.

Extra Time Condoms

Are you suffering from sexual problems like premature ejaculation? Last long in the bedroom with extra time condoms like the Skore Timeless Climax Delay Condoms and Manforce Stay Long Orange Flavoured.

What Is the Importance of Condom?

  • Needless to say, the use of condoms is well known to people, this flexible (usually made of latex) cover for the penis helps create a barrier to stop semen, vaginal fluids as well as blood from coming in contact with the partner's genital areas, this, in turn, helps prevent various sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Condoms are an extremely cost-effective way to indulge in safe sex, the primary goal is to be safe from any diseases, infections your partner may have or may occur on the exchange of body fluids. Easily available at your nearest pharmacy or online, you can check out the wide variety of different flavours and types available at ItsPleaZure like Kamasutra Smooth Purple Delight Pack of 3
  • Condoms are a very common way to protect oneself from unplanned pregnancies, also to stay safe from high-risk diseases like HIV which is a virus that causes AIDS.
  • What Are the Rules You Should Follow While Using the Condom?

  • Choosing the correct type to ensure both the partners have a satisfying experience is definitely something one must consider when buying condoms. Select from Favoured, ribbed, dotted, thin etc and find out what you and your partner like the most. Since most condoms are made of latex in case you suffer from a latex allergy (or your partner does) opt for alternatives and get in touch with a pharmacist.
  • Picking the correct size of a condom is vital, too light or too large will either cause discomfort or the risk of it slipping out during intercourse.
  • Store your condoms in a cool and dry place, keeping them away from direct sunlight. Do not use expired condoms as the latex over time breaks down and will not protect you from pregnancy or from sexually transmitted diseases. (even if it just expired ‘yesterday’ do not risk it)
  • Be gentle while tearing the packet and keep them away from sharp objects like teeth or nails so as to not puncture the latex, you may not be able to see it or feel it but if the latex gets torn it won’t be effective to keep semen or bodily fluids away.
  • Use condoms even when you're using sex toys especially when you are sharing it with your partner, change the condom if you are switching between vaginal and anal sex and even if you are sharing the sex toy with the partner always change the condom after each use.
  • Water-based lubricant is the best way to go, even though there are extra lube condoms and most that come lubricated, choose water-based one especially with latex condoms.
  • In case by mistake you have rolled the condom in the wrong direction while putting it on, dispose of it and use another one.
  • Remember to leave some space for the semen at the tip, carefully remove the condom after ejaculation while the penis is still erect.
  • We Have the Assurance of Discreet Condom Delivery

    When you shop for your requirements for safe and pleasurable sex rest assured that you can rely on ItsPleaZure. We provide multiple Payment options; quick shipping and we value your privacy which is why all orders are delivered discreetly in office friendly packaging. No need to stand in line at the pharmacy while you get the weirdest glances while picking out condoms, Shop for Rs. 1000/- and more to enjoy the benefit of free shipping at ItsPleaZure.

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