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Buy lubricant gel for men and women online at ItsPleazure.

Finding and getting your hands on the best sex lubricant can make your sex life much more seamless. Sex lubes are meant to make sex more comfortable. Be it masturbation, sex with your partner, or using sex toys, using lube will make the experience more pleasurable and smoother. Lubricant gel for men and women has been around for a while now, and with its ever-increasing demand, lots of varieties have also been introduced in the market. Currently, there are hundreds of varieties that you can choose from according to your personal needs or preferences. For example, your partner may have multiple allergies that only allow them to use organic sex lubricants, or it may be that your partner needs a thicker lube for vaginal dryness. We promote and encourage safe and healthy sex, whether you are single, committed, or happily married. You can find all kinds of sex lube in our store and buy them from the comfort of your home.


What is Sex lubricant?

Sex lubricant, also known as sexual lubricant or lube, is a liquid or gel used to lubricate your body parts during intercourse. It is intended to be used mostly for penetrative sex to reduce excess friction and lessen discomfort and pain. Sex lube can be used for all types of penetrative sex - vaginal, oral, or anal. People can also use it to masturbate. Multiple kinds of lubricant gel for men and women are available on the market, like water based lubricantsilicone based lubricantoil based lubricanthybrid sex lubricant, and much more. 

It is used for multiple purposes and is especially helpful for women with vaginal dryness, i.e., women who find it hard to get wet during sex. Other than this, it enhances sexual pleasure, reduces pain and discomfort, increases sensation during masturbation, eases sensation during the use of sex toys, and overall improves sexual health. Condoms and lube can also be used together to provide additional wetness if the lubrication through just the condom is insufficient. 


Types of Lubricant gel for Men and Women

Water based lubricants - 

Water based lubricants are the most commonly manufactured sex lubricants of all time. These have been the most popular variety on the market for a long time. Why? It is because these feel the most natural to the skin. Water based lubricants mimic the body's natural fluids, hence feeling more comfortable on the skin. These are also easy to clean and safe to use with condoms. Another great thing about these is that they are pH balanced; thus, their use will not result in any irritation or infection. 


Silicone based lubricants - 

Silicone based lubricants are best for people with a higher chance of allergic reactions to substances. Since silicone is hypoallergenic, it is guaranteed that 98% of people using silicone based lubricant will not experience any reaction. This kind of lube also lasts a lot longer and does not dry out as fast as a water based lubricant. These are also completely safe to use with condoms. However, the only downside to these lubes is that they can degrade and break down silicone based toys over time, so do not use them with such toys.


Oil based lubricants - 

These are another type of lubricant gel for men and women that you can find in shops. Oil based sex lubricants are the most lasting sex lubricants, and you do not need to reapply them once you start your act. These can also be used as lube for massage. However, these sex lubricants are not as safe as the other two. Oil based lubricants have a higher chance of ripping and breaking a condom than latex-based lubricants and have proven to be associated with catching Candida. These also stain sheets and are hard to clean off clothes and sex toys


Hybrid sex lubricants - 

Hybrid sex lubricants are essentially lubricant gel for sex that are a mixture of two or more lubes. These are mostly made up of water and silicone based lubricants and give us the benefit of both. These feel more natural compared to silicone-based ones and are more hypoallergenic than just water-based lubricantsHybrid lubes bring you the best of both worlds.


Natural lubricants - 

Natural and organic sex lubricants are for people who are more conscious about the environment and their bodies. Natural sex lube is pH balanced, which benefits our skin and helps us avoid yeast infections in our privates. Most such lubes are also compatible with silicone sex toys. However, looking at its cons, these can be irritating for some people and can result in rashes. These are also not as long-lasting as silicone based lubricants. The most popular variety of this kind of sex lube is coconut oil sex lubricant.


Flavoured lubricants - 

The type of sex lubricant gel for men and women is used mostly for oral sex. Since these are made with artificial smells and flavors, they are pleasant when used in the mouth. You can get flavoured lubricants in various flavors like chocolatestrawberryvanillapineapple, and mint. These can also be completely safe when used with latex condoms


Importance of using sex lubricants 

The importance of sex lubricant gel for men and women has been highlighted over the past few years. It is important not only for women who suffer from certain medical conditions that make penetration difficult but also for people who want to spice up their sex life. Considering such things, here are a few reasons why you should use sex lubricants:


Enhanced pleasure - 

Sex lubricants are meant to increase your sensation and pleasure while performing the act and aid people with vaginal dryness. These provide extra lubrication and thus allow you to perform penetration without any extra pain or discomfort. 


Lessens chance of injury while using sex toys - 

It is also essential to use sex lubricants with sex toys. It reduces pain and the chances of injury during penetration by reducing friction and irritation. In addition, extra lube used during sex can be beneficial in other ways, as some lubes also contain elements to help delay ejaculation, thereby letting you last longer in bed.


Increases condom safety -

Other than oil based lubricants, every other kind is perfectly okay to use with a condom. On the contrary, most sex lubes increase condom safety by decreasing the risk of condom breakage from excessive friction.


Improved comfort - 

As already stated, penetration can be quite painful for women. That is why the vagina creates a wet environment upon stimulation so that penetration can take place easily. However, the natural wetness is sometimes not enough, and women need something more to relieve their pain. It is where women's lubrication gels come into play. These sex gels allow for a pleasurable intimate experience. 


Promotes healthy vagina - 

A few women's lubrication gels contain substances that help maintain a balanced pH level in the vagina, promoting vaginal health. It not only means that your vagina will harbor good bacteria and thus promote fresh overall body hygiene, but it also will reduce any risk of vaginal infections. 


Increased spontaneity in sex - 

For people who do not want to spend too much time and energy on foreplay, sex lubricants are a great way to get the same amount of wetness in less time. 


Common misconceptions about lubricant gel for men and women

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding the use of lubricant gel for men and women that we are here to clear up. Let us look at each of the myths in detail:

  1. Many people believe that sex lubricants are just for women and that men cannot use them. However, this is not true at all. Anyone and everyone can use lubes. These benefit men and women equally and enhance the sensation for both genders. 
  2. Women tend to develop vaginal dryness as they go towards menopause and thus explicitly need sex lubricants for sex. But it is entirely a misconception that older people and younger people who use sex lubricants cannot achieve natural lubrication on their own. 
  3. Most people also believe you do not need to use external lube if you have natural lubrication. However, it is also not true. Using an external sex lube is very important irrespective of whether you have enough wetness down there or not. Using lube has effectively been shown to effectively lessen the chances of injury and pain in intercourse. 
  4. Some people also fear using lubricant gel for men and women will decrease their sensitivity. This also doesn't seem right. Additionally, many sex lubes are designed to increase sensitivity and make you last longer in bed. 
  5. Lastly, people, especially women, are worried that if they use Women's lubrication gels, they will get infections down there. But, on the contrary, sex gels are designed to be used in private parts. Thus, there is no way it will provide you with any infection or harm unless you have any particular allergies to any lube ingredient

How to choose the correct lubricant gel for men and women

It would be best to consider certain factors when choosing the perfect lubricant gel for men and women. Below are a few points you must consider before purchasing sex gel. 


 Personal preferences - 

Different lubricant gels for men and women serve different purposes. Some may be suitable for you, and some may not. It is entirely up to what suits you the best. Some sex lubricants are thicker, while others are thinner. Some have flavors, while others don't. So choose after deciding what you are looking for. 


 Medical conditions and allergies - 

This is another thing you must look out for before purchasing lubricant gel for men and women. If you have certain allergies, do look at the content of your lube, as it may not be compatible with you at all, and using such a lube will give you discomfort instead of pleasure. 


 Effectiveness and safety - 

Even if you do not have allergies, it is still important to look at your sex lubricant's contents. It is to ensure that you are not using a product that contains parabens, glycerin, and other ingredients that can damage your skin. 


Brand of the Lube -

All of us look at brands before buying any product. Brands that offer good quality lubricant gel for men and women without compromising the quality are DurexManforceTrojanKamsutra, and Moods. So if you plan to buy from any of these brands, you can go ahead without a second guess. 


How to properly use lubricant gel for men and women

You need to know these things to properly use lubricant gel for men and women to reduce pain and discomfort during sexual activities. 

  1. Always use small amounts of lubricant gel for men and women and reapply according to your need. 
  2. You should only apply the sex lube to your private parts, condoms and sex toys. 
  3. Ensure to not only apply it but also massage it in to stimulate the area. It ensures the maximum effect of the lubricant.
  4. Cleaning up after sexual activities is essential with regard to your hygiene. Clean up excess lube with soap and water or a sex toy cleanser. 
  5. After use, store the sex gel in a cool and dry place, not under sunlight. 

Why should you buy sex lubricants from ItsPleazure?

As discussed earlier, you can get your hands on various kinds of lubes. These include water based lubricants, silicon-based, oil-based and organic sex lubes. You can get a list of all these types of lubes in our store. We carry a wide variety of products, including sex lubricants, from different brands like DurexManforceKamasutraSkore, and more. Using the correct product can easily increase your pleasure experience during sex and masturbation.

ItsPleazure is one of the best online lubricant stores to buy your sex lube onlineas we not only provide you with a wide range of choices but also let you browse and buy from the comfort of your home, along with fast and discreet delivery. We also provide discounts on certain products along with cash on delivery. So, what are you waiting for? Please go check out our store and get the product that you want.


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