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Shop Men Sexual Toys Online in India From ItsPleazure

Are you looking to shop for Sex toys for men online? ItsPleazure is the perfect place to take care of all your sexual needs, from basic necessities like condoms, lubricants, and supplements to pleasure toys like anal plugs, masturbators, penis rings and more, there is a vast variety of sex toys for men that can be found at Whether you need Sex toys for men for your alone time or to share with a partner ItsPleazure has you covered with quality products, multiple design options of every product to choose from, cost-effective collection and the promise of discretion.


Which Sex Toys for Men Are Available in India?

While the sexual wellness industry and sex toy market will have you believe that sensual toys are only for women, there is high demand and usage of exciting sex toys for men like the prostate massagers, penis rings and anal beads tell a different story. Sex toys for men are quite popular and available in many different options to choose from. The sex toys for men in India range from classic toys to arouse and stimulate which can be used on the penis as well as an array of specially designed toys for anal pleasure. Some sex toys for men that can be found all under one roof at ItsPleazure are 


Masturbator -

This product has many names but all of them seamlessly define its use, the perfect masturbation tool for men acts as a vagina helping arouse men and enhancing the experience of masturbation. This soft penis cup is textured and designed in a way to mimic the vagina walls as close to the real thing as possible, Fleshlight is available in varieties of shapes, sizes, grip design and more is one of the most popular sex toys for men.


Prostate Massager -

Sex toys for men are extremely versatile, there are so many variants available today to help take care of every single sexual need since more men every day are happily venturing into the exciting avenue of anal sex, sex toys for men like Prostate massagers are ideal get them started. These massagers are made of soft silicone material and shaped/designed to penetrate and stimulate the prostate, a lot of different sex toys for men are also made in the tantalising multi-use vibrating massager and cock ring combo like the ANAL PLEASURE BEGINNER’S PROSTATE STIMULATOR


Vibrating Cock ring -

This is an absolute classic sex toy for men, while men can enjoy partner play as well masturbation in many ways with vibrators, dildos and anal toys; the vibrating cock ring is a one of kind product enhancing the sexual experience for both the partners. Penis rings are used to delay ejaculation, maintain erections and feel those pulsating vibrations for the big O, what’s more? When you thrust inside your partner with a vibrating cock ring one can only imagine how much fun will these intense vibrations cause to both of you.


Sex Doll -

A must-have in your Sex toys for men collection. Sex dolls are the perfect companion with whom you can carry out your kinkiest fantasies. Sex dolls or blow-up dolls are available in different materials, sizes, shapes, color and also come in the options in smaller size dolls of separate erogenous body parts. The demand and use of Sex dolls have skyrocketed and can help men in many a way, use these to overcome shyness in the bedroom, gain confidence or simply to play out your desires.


Penis Sleeves, Extenders and Pumps -

sex toys for men like Penis sleeves which are ideally a reusable condom giving the illusion of a thicker and longer penis can too be found at ItsPleazure, Penis extenders and pumps can help with penis enlargement over time and ensure a satisfactory sex life for both the partners.


How to Use Male Sex Toys?

Using Sex toys for men can be extremely fun, the toys are made with safe and skin-friendly material and custom-designed in terms of shape and structure to bring utmost pleasure upon use. How to use sex toys for men is a basic and common question a lot of men ponder over, of course, all Men Sexual Toys are different and have various different uses and functionalities, here are some easy steps you can follow to use men sex toys safely and correctly –

- Instructions should be followed, do not neglect the box/package instructions especially if you’re a beginner.

- Remember that sex toys come in contact with the most sensitive parts of your body. So it’s vital to be careful and only use sex toys for men if and when you’re confident enough.

- All toys are not the same and come with different speed, intensity, functions, etc, read the manual carefully and research via videos on how to use the specific toy. For example, vibrating cock rings like Durex vibrating ring are either adjustable or come in variations of sizes and one must choose carefully so as to not hurt the penis, similarly, anal toys like butt plugs have a carefully designed base that helps insert the anus as well as stays exposed on the outside for easy removal; if one is not aware of such vital information, moments of pleasure, can turn into moments of pain easily.

- When using Sex toys for men make sure to thoroughly clean the object before and after every use.

- Lubricant is your friend, a lot of sex toys for men are focused on anal play and the use of lubricant, in this case, is even more important.

- Sharing sex toys for men is encouraged but not recommended unless you take extra care of hygiene by changing condoms every time and applying and reapplying required amount of lubricants.


Precaution to Take While Using Sex Toys for Boys?

Sex toys for men are becoming more and more popular each day, while sex toys are simple to use, instructions are easy to understand and the sex toys for men are safe in general, there are some precautions one can take to ensure a worry-free and satisfying sex life.

Some basic tips to always keep in mind when buying and using are –

- Male Sex Toys that go around or on the penis should be bought in a slightly bigger size, Sex toys for men like cock rings, penis sleeves, extenders, etc are supposed to fit tightly around the penis but one must take into consideration the fact that use of sex toys for men does, in turn, arouse and cause erections (which grow harder gradually). You do not want to suffocate the penis or bruise it in any way, hence, keep in mind the size when you purchase sex toys for men.

- Limit the use of Sex toys for men, however exhilarating and orgasmic it may be, enjoy its pleasure within limit, for example, when using vibrating devices like vibrating penis rings, vibrating massagers or anal products do not exceed 10-20 mins of use, the intense vibrations while enjoyable at the moment can leave the penis sore in some cases.

- Hygiene, we cannot stress enough on how important this precaution is, maintain hygiene, especially when using sex toys for men, clean them thoroughly before and after use and always use a condom when penetration is at play. Using a masturbator or penis cup can imitate the female vagina and provide one of the best/realistic experiences but this is one product which comes in contact with the most bodily fluid and due to its shape is difficult to clean, hence, the need of a condom.

- A lot of Sex toys for men focus on anal play, the use of lubricant is vital here to avoid bruising, pain and tearing.


Get Quality Sex Toys for Men of Good Material and Brands

What are the things one would look for in Sex Toys for Men? Naturally the quality, shelf life, brand, value for money and safety comes to mind, with ItsPleazure you can rest assured of these and enjoy the vast collection of Sex Toys for Boys that too, with the security of discreet delivery.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 days

Enjoy Fast shipping, timely delivery and secure packaging of all Sex toys for men at ItsPleazure which are conveniently delivered within 2-5 days across India. 

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