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Buy Urethral Sounding & Cervical Dilator Products Online in India at ItsPleazure

With great pleasure comes great responsibilities, while you love shopping for sex toys and pleasure accessories at ItsPleazure we also cater to your care, needs, hygiene, protection, and safety are a few unsaid rules of sex.  

The Urethra is very close to the female and male genitals and it can too be a source of pleasure, having said that, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of care needs to be taken when indulging in urethral play. A lot of doctors can recommend the use of Cervical Dilator or urethral sounding as treatments for urinary tract infections, injury to the urethra etc. While that’s true for treating medical ailments in women and men (especially men) this has introduced sounding as means to drive pleasure through sensation of insertion toy(penis/vagina).


What is Urethral Sounding & Why Men Do It?

Just like a vibrator, sounding devices were invented as medical treatment devices. Over time, people started using them for pleasure. Majorly, sounding devices are used in urethral stricture treatment, infections and injury caused in the urethra can be treated with Dilators among various other treatments, the use of Penis Plugs is considered the least invasive way to treat urethral ailments.

While urethral stricture treatment is considerable reason enough for many, Male Sounding has become a revolutionary source of pleasure for men, from the curiosity of inserting something into the penis to the unchartered sensations that can be felt, Penis Insert Toy has become a hit among men.

TIP - This toy needs to be used with precision and the utmost care if you are unsure about it, if feel uncomfortable or any blockage while using it remove it carefully and avoid using it again.


What Are the Benefits of Urethral Sound?


Great Feeling – 

Sex stimulated the mind and the body, Urethral Insertion does that too, the stimulation caused by inserting a penis plug into the urethra releases an unmatched sensation and feeling of pleasure. For men and women looking to explore their sexual options, urethral play is a feel-great option.


Something New- 

Who doesn’t like novelty? Especially in the bedroom, trying something new and experiencing Unique Sensations is half the reason why people are always up for new positions, toys and accessories, urethral play is an extreme way to enjoy Stronger Orgasms and an effective one too.


Direct Prostate Stimulation – 

It is a fact that prostate stimulation is better with urethral play than with anal play, with the deep insertion of a sounding rod you can directly stimulate the prostate through urethral play. (just know when and where to stop before you consider this). In fact, not just your prostate but even your penis is affected by the use of a sounder, it is known that the Penis Gets Bigger and Stronger temporarily.


What are the Types of Urethral Sounds?


Penis Plug Sex Toy with Ring End –

 The most commonly used urethral toy, a penis plug is fairly shorter, thinner and comes with a ring at the end to limit how far the plug goes, a perfect toy for beginners these are available in both Penis Plug Silicone as well as Stainless Steel Penis Plug.


Penis Pleasure Stick – 

The penis pleasure stick or more commonly known as a urethral sound were initially (and still are) used for medical purposes, and for fun. Longer and thicker (variations in thickness available) than a penis plug this Metal Dilator goes further inside the urethra than a plug would and releases the needed pleasure. Cervical Dilator, especially the Hegar Dilators are quite popular as they are double-ended and has a smooth s-shaped curve on either end making it easy to insert.

 Although urethral dilation started as medical practice and has been for the longest time, it has evolved into a pleasure perfect toy for men and can be played around with to add something new to your collection.


Different Size of Sounding Rods for Different types of pleasures

This fetish of inserting something into the urethra is rather specific and shared by a lot of people, curiosity and the need to explore sexual avenues brings a person to use a Uterine Dilator. Typically, three different sizes can be found in sounding rods, take your pick from small, medium and large with smallest in diameter being recommended to first-timers and beginners. However, there are variations in length depending on the type of rod, a sounder can go up to 8 inches long.


Can a Woman Use a Urethral Sound?

Even though the products are named such and popularly called ‘penis plug’ women can very much enjoy stimulation from urethral play. The female urethra is right below the clitoris, the sensation and pleasure form a Urethral Sounding Plug is quite enjoyable as it stimulates the entire vaginal area.

The Female Urethral Sounding products are similar (same in most cases) to that of men, like the Penis plug which can be inserted into the urethra carefully for that sensual release.


Is Sounding Safe?

It is more than okay to worry about safety during Urethral Play, when done correctly it can be quite stimulating and pleasurable. Using a Penis Sounder is very safe is you know –

- How exactly to use it, research about it extensively and know how to insert the Sounding Plug before actually trying it out

- Know how far to go, most urethral injury cases are when a plug is pushed too far in, be careful with a urethral dilator, especially if you start feeling the sensation of pleasure try not to get carried away and know when to stop.

Invest in the correct materials, sounding Is safe until you insert only quality products into your urethra, sounding plugs are made of silicone or stainless steel in most cases and these are safe for your skin. (if you’re allergic to silicone, stick to a steel plug)

- As a beginner, start with a penis plug as they are designed (rings or T-bar at the end) to signal you by touch/feel that its time to stop, as a newbie you want to take all precautions necessary, stick to a stainless-steel sounding plug with rings at the end which don’t allow you to push any further inside.

It is imperative to restrict from vaginal intercourse or anal play (including anal sex, use of butt plugs, etc) during urethral play. As the urethral sounding indirectly stimulates the prostate it is best to keep every other opening barrier-free.


How does urethral sounding feel?

It is impossible to know how urethral play feels without actually indulging in it, it is not everyone’s cup of tea but for men who enjoy Urethral Dilation, a novel pleasure is to be expected. The use of a urethral dilator can be extremely arousing and orgasmic if used correctly, surprisingly a thin penis plug can easily be inserted, the friction causes immense pleasure and encourages stronger erections in men.

Uterine Sound users experience an intense feeling as this is a very delicate process, although little to no pain can be experienced while using a male-sounding product it is important to know how far to go and when to stop, penis plugs users have felt novel sensations while inserting the sounding rod or a plug. The pain and pleasure that is felt while using urethral toys is a combination and works well with one another.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Whether is it a doctor recommended Urethral Dilator or something you do for pleasure for a stronger and bigger penis, using a penis plug toy or a urethral dilator can be a totally new and different experience for men as well as for women. Enjoy Fast shipping, safe packaging and most importantly discreet delivery within 2-5 days across India. 

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