The Man Of His Fantasies - A Gay Love Story

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I arrived forty-five minutes late for my date. For someone who keenly kept to time, this was unforgivable. I had picked the time and still ended up being the late one. I asked the attendant at the entrance for the bathroom, and she pointed it out to me. I stepped in to take a leak and get myself in shape. In the rush, I think I’d lost some of my composure. I finished up, washed my hands, and patted my flying hair down with one hand while searching for my phone with the other. Nakul had sent me a message. “Shit!” I cursed, scrolling through my phone, trying to unlock my Kik app.

The phone did not process my fingerprint as my thumb was still wet. Everything was proving difficult today. I grabbed some toilet paper hoping to roll some off the holder, and the holder came off. “Oh, hell, no! Can’t get any worse, can it?” The toilet paper rolled forward, creating a huge mess on the floor. Now annoyed, I grabbed all of it and dumped it in the trash can. “No way I am spending what’s left of my date rolling back a messed up toilet paper in place,” I thought to myself. “I will drop a generous tip to abate my guilt.” I swiped my phone open and read Nakul’s message. “Driving my niece to the hospital, I will be late. I apologize and promise to make it up to you.” I felt both disappointment and relief. He didn’t get here before me, nor had he left in anger, although he didn’t seem like someone who would do that.

When I was done I stepped out and, I took a seat away from the small crowd and ordered a can of Red Bull. A young man who looked to be in his thirties walked into the pub a few minutes later, and my heart nearly stopped. I looked down at my shoes and started playing with my nails as I saw him speak to the bartender. “Is that him?” I thought to myself.

I had been chatting with Nakul for three weeks, and I loved his mind, our little conversations about the things we both loved and the places we would like to visit. I wanted to walk up to him, but I was worried that it could turn out really embarrassing if I walked up to the wrong person. Years spent in the privacy of my room, hunched over my laptop had made me antisocial. I watched the bartender fill a tumbler with beer and hand it to him. I watched Adam’s apple bob up and down as he took his first sip. Nakul had mentioned in passing how much he loved beer. “Oh my God, it's him!” I thought as my doubt turned into a tight knot out of excitement. Jeez, Nakul was so pretty, I couldn’t believe my luck.

He wore brown casuals, a designer fitted T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. He was clean-shaven and looked like he had just stepped out of the cover of L’Official Magazine. He wore clear glasses, but I still could not see his eyes from where I sat. One thing was clear though, he exuded class.

He seemed different too, he was nothing like the other men I have been with. While they were good in their own way, I just couldn’t be with any of them. Take Arjun, for example. He was a well-mannered young man who had just embraced his sexuality and was on Tinder looking for his first official gay relationship. He was a great guy, and I loved his honesty and creativity, we just couldn’t be together. So we had a couple of okay sex till we eventually parted ways.

Vihaan was great as well, but I did not find him attractive enough to even bed him. He was not my type of man, and we had absolutely nothing in common. There was probably an unspoken understanding that we could not be together after our first date. He never contacted me after; neither did I reach out to him. These men I met on different platforms all did credible jobs, lived fine, and seemed to be good people except Aarav. Aarav was a gay married man who was looking for another partner. He was unwilling to tell his wife about his sexuality and wanted to keep up the façade of a man with a perfect Indian family while he kept me as his boy toy. Safe to say our first date was the last.

I was not interested in getting boxed back into the dark world I escaped from. Hiding my sexuality and my lover, living the same way I had previously lived for 24 years of my life. My phone vibrated against my leg, I checked and saw a message from Nakul, “I am at the bar, I have been looking around for you.” My chest tightened again. “It was indeed him,” I thought. “Heading towards you now,” I responded as I got off my table and began to walk toward him. For once, I was happy I had my moment at the bathroom stall before Nakul came around. If not, I would have been a nervous wreck now. New dates made me nervous in a way I did not yet understand.

It had been four years since I registered on different gay date platforms, I had been on several dates, and each time, my stomach still tightened into a hard knot. I walked up to him with my hands in my pockets, “Hi Nakul,” I said, stretching my hands towards him. He removed his glasses and gave the widest smile I had ever seen. I could see his eyes now, a perfect brown that made him look warm and reassuring. He also had an excellent dentition that made his face shine, even more, every time he opened his mouth. He ignored my hand and pulled me into a warm hug. He smelled of aftershave and cedar-wood. I held on to him briefly, and I buried my neck in his shoulder and filled my nose with his fragrance.

“I’m so sorry I am late. My niece ate something that upset her and her mum called me to drive them to the hospital.” “It's fine,” I said shyly, guiding him to my little quiet corner. I watched him as he took off his jacket and eased himself into his seat. He was all muscled up and hot. He looked like his gym time greatly paid off. We made small talk while we waited for the waitress to bring us the menu. Nakul was such a delight to talk to, he carried himself with grace and spoke with so much ease, unlike me who was a nervous wreck and didn’t enjoy talking much. Nakul told me about his niece and their inseparable bond. It was amazing to come across a guy who genuinely loved children and cared for them.

We continued to talk as the waitress brought our meal. It was nice to finally meet a man who shared my likeness for Indian meals and enjoyed them. Over the meal, he told me more about his niece and how he loves her so much and practically raised her. Nakul must have noticed I wasn’t such a great conversationalist, he took the conversation upon himself without making me feel stupid and occasionally stopped to ask me questions just to be sure I was part of the conversation.

That night, I talked more than on any date I had ever been on. Nakul told me about his days as a male escort, the fun days, and some of the difficulties he experienced as an escort. It was not difficult to believe he was a great success at the job. He must have been a fun companion for his employers; he was an absolute delight to be around. l We lost track of time and talked into the night until Nakul’s sister called to tell him they were getting ready to leave the hospital, and he could pick them up in an hour.

He offered to drive me home. I usually do not take my date home, but I made an exception for Nakul because I would love to see him again. We arrived at my place in less than 15 minutes, and he gave me another hug and bade me a lovely night. I opened the car door and stalled for a few seconds, waiting for him to say something, but he didn’t until I started to walk away… “Vivan, would you Uhm, love to do this again, maybe another weekend or…” I watched him stutter as he tried to get his words out. He was really cute to watch. I nodded and smiled at him. “Call me,” I said as I turned and walked to my apartment. As soon as I heard his car zoom off, I did a little dance and raced to my apartment, overjoyed.

My heart was opening and warming up to this man, and I was enjoying every bit of it. That night, I spent half an hour in my bathroom with my anal butt plug, jerking off to the thought of him. Three days after our date, I almost lost my mind when I did not hear back from Nakul. I wanted to text him, but I was trying not to look desperate. I was creating a new app when his call came in on Tuesday evening. My heartbeat wildly as I took the call. He apologized for not texting earlier and said he had been busy setting up something. “Are you busy this weekend?” he asked. I told him I wasn’t, and he said he’d love to take me somewhere. “Where are we going?” I asked. “You will find out on Saturday.” I smiled at my phone after we ended the call. “What was Nakul up to?” I wondered.

I spent the rest of the week counting and looking forward to Saturday, wishing every hour would roll faster. The wait was excruciating until Friday evening when the anxiety kicked in to replace my sweet anticipation. On Saturday, I was out of the bath and dressed up as soon as the sun began to come down. I paired my green shirt with blue jeans and picked out my favourite loafers. I stood in front of my mirror and applied some wax in my hair, working it through with my fingers. I brushed it back and blew it dry with my hairdryer to seal the laid hair and keep it down the rest of the evening. Nakul was at my door by sundown, precisely the time he said he would pick me up. I caught his eyes staring at my ass as I walked to his car. He looked impressed. “Now I am worried,” I said to him as he opened the car door. “You should have told me to wear a tux,” I told him as I fastened my seatbelt. “You won’t be needing one,” he responded as we both burst into peals of laughter.

I was barely five minutes with Nakul, and I was making jokes and laughing heartily. This was surprising. This man made me feel at ease in the most unexplainable way, it felt like I had known him all my life. He drove to Fun Bytes, found a space in the parking lot, and told me, “I will be back in a minute, okay?” as he squeezed my hand and gave me his reassuring smile. Nakul came back a few minutes later with a bag of chicken and biscuits, cans of beer, and soft drinks. He dropped them in the back seat and got in. I chuckled as he started the car and drove out of the parking lot. We made eye contact, and he instinctively knew I was trying hard to stop myself from asking where we were heading to again. He raised a hand and said, “We are heading there now, Vivan.” I managed to keep my giddiness under wraps as he drove us to the mystery destination.

We arrived at Nicene Lake almost thirty minutes later, and I could scarcely believe the beauty before my eyes. The air was fresh and crisp, and you could cut through the relaxed and quiet ambience. The lake looked green and calm from afar, I could also hear water, splashing against a rock somewhere far away. This was definitely a place to be. I lifted my eyes to the sky and took a gulp of fresh air as my eyes got moist. Nakul smiled at me, obviously satisfied with my reaction, and set out to unload the boot of the car. I picked up our bag of meals and drinks from the back seat while he grabbed other canned foods and a small travelling bag out of the boot. He walked towards a shallow path and looked back at me. “Are you coming with me?” he said, with a smile and half-raised brow. I walked with him through the shallow path that led to a small cabin. “This man is indeed full of surprises,” I thought to myself as I walked into the cozy cabin. “Come, I want to show you something,” Nakul said excitedly as he pulled my arm and cut my thoughts short. He didn’t let go of my arm as he pulled me to this beautiful scene.

I thought I had seen all there was to Nigeen Lake, I was wrong. Despite it being evening, the sky was clear as it spread like a cloak and reflected on the surface of the lake. There was a small cascade, falling over the rocks and down to the lake. The environment looked so peaceful and beautiful. The grass was lush, and the lake flowed with no urgency, I wondered what it must feel like to live like this lake, a life without the anxiety and emotional baggage I constantly carried. Nakul, still holding on to my arm, pulled me into a dry patch where we sat, chatting and reminiscing about our childhood and how different our lives were.

For the first time, I felt peaceful enough to tell another man about some of the things that made me anxious, my mother’s addiction when she was pregnant with me, and her continuous struggle all through my childhood. I don’t know if it was the environment or how Nakul made me feel, I was also comfortable enough to tell him about some of my foster home experiences. Nakul stayed silent and listened as I poured out my heart to him. He gave a reassuring squeeze on my arm from time to time.

“Growing up was rough for me, but I have come to realize people leave. I am learning to enjoy the moment before they do…” I said, turning away my face as I wiped it with the back of my hand, so Nakul won’t see I had been crying. He pulled my face back to himself and kissed me. I could feel the affection with which he did. He pulled back from me, stared deep into my eyes, and told me, “I am not going anywhere, Vivan, I promise.” Nakul covered my lips with his own again as we kissed under the moonlight, fondling and feeling each other’s bodies. I felt my heart leap out of my body as he put his hand under my shirt. My body tickled as he ran his palm over my belly, lingering over my belly button.

He continued to kiss me while he unfastened my belt and pushed his hand into my jeans. His hand felt so cold on my warm skin, the contact made my body jolt as I moved my hips closer to his body. He began to play with my cock, stroking the shaft from top to bottom, occasionally stopping to run his thumb over the cap. I felt chills at the nape of my neck as Nakul kissed my ears and gave me sharp bites in my neck. I stiffened as I felt an intense feeling building up at the cap of my cock and spreading through my body. I shot my cum into his hands while holding on to his body, purring into his ears from pleasure.

He helped me up and led me back to the cabin. As soon as we stepped into the cabin, he pushed me onto the couch and began to undress me, planting wet kisses on my body as he did. Nakul kissed my nipple and flicked his tongue around it, sending jolts of sensations I have never felt before through my body. I could feel precum leaking into my underwear as I moaned softly. I lifted my ass to let him pull my jeans off. He covered my nipple with his mouth again and sucked on it softly as he fondled my cock through my boxers. I felt the cap of my cock throb again, and blood rushed through the veins on my shaft, I was fully erect and Nakul loved it. He reached into my boxers and began to caress my balls softly. I let out a soft moan as he stroked my nipples, pinching me hard, just the way I loved it. I could feel my stomach tighten and my cock stretched with each pressure he applied on my balls.

Just as the pleasure was starting to spread through my body, Nakul penetrated my butthole with his little finger, shoving gently at first before filling the entire hole with both his little and ring fingers. “Oh, Nakul,” I whispered, feeling absorbed in the sizzling sensation that coursed through my body. “You like that?” Nakul asked, and I nodded. He smiled and gripped my thighs, so he could lift me up enough to give enough room for his fingers in my butthole. Once I was lying on my Nakul and my legs were wide apart, Nakul concentrated on my butthole again and began to dip his fingers in and out of me.

My balls clenched tightly while my cock jerked uncontrollably, my body craving for more of his touch. “More, Nakul.” I pleaded. Fuck my entire hole with your fingers, and then, your cock. It was as if Nakul knew precisely what I wanted. He pulled out his fingers and began to rub the edges of my tight butthole with his thumb. He spat over the gaping hole, bent to dip his tongue into it and then gripped and squeezed my balls at the same time. “Oh. My. God.” I was losing it, and so was Nakul. His lips clasped over my butthole and then moved up to swallow each of my balls through their sack. At the same time, he jerked my cock, getting it harder and allowing precum to splatter over the tip. “I want—want to touch you, too, Nakul,” I gasped. “Let me make you hard too.” Nakul obviously wasn’t satisfied, despite that, his hands and lips were all over my groin. He, however, nodded and moved a few inches from me so I could do what I wanted with him.

Slowly, I knelt in front of him and pulled down his trousers and his boxers. “Wow,” I whispered as soon as I noticed the huge shaft between Nakul’s legs. Nakul’s cock was vein-stripped and big, and I planted kisses all over it, licking it with my tongue to lubricate it. “Holy fuck!” I heard Nakul say as I wrapped my mouth around the cap of his cock, licking and grazing it with my lips.

I massaged his balls lightly as he pushed his shaft into my mouth, and I began to suck him. Nakul’s cock seemed to grow bigger the more I sucked on it. His full length filled my mouth as he held on tightly to my head and pushed himself further into my mouth, pulling at the roots of my hair. I pulled his dick out of my mouth while still stroking his balls and formed a circle with my thumb and index finger around his cock. I moved it around his cock as I took him in my mouth again, deep throating as he pushed his full girth into my mouth. “Fuck me! Oh, fuck! Gosh! Oh, my fucking God!” I heard him say as I increased the rhythm, and applied more pressure at the base of his cock.

I felt his cock grow bigger and stiffer as I worked my mouth around it and sucked on it. Breathing heavily, his body grew tense as he grabbed my head firmly and shot his load into my mouth. He pulled me up after I swallowed and licked his cock clean and pushed me to the edge of the chair, making me kneel with my palms on the floor. I felt something cold against my skin as Nakul applied a lubricant to my hole, grabbing my ass tenderly and pushing his fingers in and out of my hole to spread it. He picked up his belt from the floor and pulled my hands tightly together. He wrapped the belt around my wrist and secured it tightly to my back. Satisfied with what he saw, he began to spank my ass. “Ow! Oh, Nakul!” I cried, trying so hard not to shout.

When he had his fill, he spread my ass cheek and guided his dick into me slowly. I moaned loudly from the pain and pleasure that burned all over my body. He moved slowly at first, grabbing my butt and slapping it sometimes as he thrust in my tight butthole, his balls slapping against my ass. I moved my ass into him to match his rhythm as I felt my body begin to tense up. “Fuck me, Nakul, please,” I said as he increased in tempo, pushing in out of me. He let out a wild groan and rammed deeper into me while I struggled free of the belt so I reached back to hold on to his hip as we both reached orgasm.

Seconds later, we collapsed onto each other, kissing and necking on the hard floor. I held on and snuggled to his body as he began to play with my nipples again. I usually couldn’t go more than two rounds before my cock became limp, but with Nakul, everything was different. I was greatly attracted to him, and my body thirsted for his touch. I laid down on my back as he parted my legs and began to massage my cock. I felt blood begin to rush into it again as my erection increased.

Nakul continued to stroke my cock as he pushed his cock into my hole one more time, holding on to my neck with one hand and pleasuring my slowly shaft with the other. “Yes, yes... oh my God, yes…” was all I could say as Nakul choked and fucked me, thrusting my hole and stroking my dick as I thrashed on the floor. He stared into my eyes as he grabbed my legs and raised them to his shoulder, penetrating me harder as he did. He increased his pace and began to fuck me faster, until we both climaxed, spilling cum into each other’s bodies and panting heavily.

We spent the rest of the night, nestled to each other, me holding on to him like I would lose my life if he moved away from me. I had fallen in love with this man, and I was willing to do almost anything to keep him.