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Buy Best Sex Oils and Sex Lubricants Online in India at ItsPleazure

ItsPleazure is the ideal destination to shop for Sex Oils and Lubes, a wide variety of water/silicone/oil-based lubes and Massage Sex oils are available in both Edible and non-edible variations. Get international and national brands and different types of Personal Lubricants and Sex oils in online India at leading sex store - ItsPleazure

Shopping for Sex oils and Lubricants online, makes it a convenient and discreet affair, something ItsPleazure excels at, you can choose from options of top-notch brands, massage kits, edible oils and flavoured lubes for a satisfying and pleasurable experience.


What is Sex Lubricant? And Why Use Sex Oils During Sex?

Sexual arousal in women causes the vagina to lubricate itself which is a sign that the female has reached a peak aroused state and can enjoy sex with extreme pleasure and no discomfort. In many cases, you may not lubricate much or suffer from vaginal dryness among other reasons and using Sex oils or lubes helps to get rid of this dryness and add required lubrication.

Sex lubes are a must-have as they add that extra bit of comfort to intercourse and ensures that you’ll have a good time no friction; the penis and vagina both are very sensitive and made up of delicate tissue, the thrusting and motion could easily cause pain or irritation on the skin which can be avoided by using lubes.

Here are some advantages of using sex oils or lubes during sex –


It is Incredibly Fun – 

Sex is a way to enjoy intimacy and release stress, needless to say, you surely want to have fun during sex. What could be more exciting than easily slipping in and sliding those thrusts with that super wet feeling? Products like lube gel and sex oil allow you to do just that and make sex more fun, pleasurable and comfortable as it should be.


Extra Lubrication Never Hurt –

Even if you are turned on and wet enough down-there extra lube wouldn’t harm if anything it would heighten the sensation and experience. At times it may take a while for you to lubricate even if you are aroused, the use of sex oils and lubes in these cases helps.


Lube is a Remedy – 

Women, irrespective of their age may suffer from vaginal dryness due to a plethora of reasons; menopause, pregnancy, medication, menstrual cycles, etc. Lubes come in handy and you can enjoy sex without having to worry about medical concerns. (Please note: always check the ingredients and make sure you aren’t allergic to any component)


Foreplay and a Treat –

Massage, rather sensual massage is a very intimate act and is enjoyed by a lot of couples as foreplay. Sex oils or massage oils acts as a lubricant as well as they relaxes the body readying it to enjoy intercourse to the fullest. Today a wide variety of Sex oils and lubes are edible which means you can enjoy the foreplay without having to wipe your partner down, enjoy a complete experience with flavoured and edible lubes.


Anal Pleasure – 

want to try anal sex? The Vagina self-lubricates, but the anus does not! If you desire to enjoy painless and pleasurable anal sex, lube and sex oil are your friends for sure.


Different Types of Body Oils or Lubricant Oil for Couples

- Lubes, Sex oils, and body paints are designed with components that are skin-friendly and condom-friendly as well. There are different types of products for massage and Lubricants for sex to choose from –


Water-Based Lubricants –

Pro –

Cons –


Silicone Lubricants –

Pro –

Cons –


Oil-Based Lubes –

Pro –

Cons –


- Sex oils or massage oils can enhance your sexual experience tenfold, especially if you are one who craves foreplay, a massage by your partner can be the perfect stress-reliever before sex, use flavoured massage oil or edible massage sex oils like INTIMATE EARTH SENSUAL MASSAGE OIL COCOA BEAN AND GOGI BERRY or ITSPLEAZURE SHUNGA EROTIC MASSAGE OIL - GREEN TEA  among much more available at


How to Use Lubricants & Sex Oils?

The steps of using lubricants for sex are rather simple – apply and enjoy, but there is certainly more to that, here are some ways you can use sex oils, Anal Lubes and all types of lubricants –


Masturbate - 

use your favourite lube for your alone time and enhance masturbation too. Instead of using chemical-induced creams and lotions use skin-friendly lubes or a moisturising sex oil when you masturbate.


Be Generous –

No amount is too much when it comes to water-based lube, use as much as you need and more as required, although, with oil-based or silicone lubes a little goes a long way. The same can be said for sex oils, massage your partner thoroughly and let that slippery goodness lubricate your intimates.


A Partner for Your Sex Toy –

With a sex toy involved, foreplay may not be in the picture and you might not be aroused enough to lubricate yet, use lube to pave the way, also it makes it so much easier for penetrative sex with toys.


Anal Sex –

You can use lubricants during anal sex, this will ensure you have a satisfying experience without the pain.


Always Check First if You Are Allergic to Personal Lubricants

Do your homework, just like for any other product you may buy, especially one that comes in contact directly with your intimate areas. While personal lubricants are a must-have product to enrich your sexual encounters, for some, it might not be ideal. Whether you are looking to buy Anal lubes, vaginal lubricants or Sex oils be sure to read the ingredients on the back of the product carefully.

- You may be allergic to a particular ingredient and not the entire product

- If you have sensitive skin, follow the patch test rule by using the lube on a small area of your hand

- Know what type of lube suits you, patch test them to determine (water-based, silicone-based or oil-based)

- If you’re allergic to silicone stick to water-based lubes only.

- Flavoured lubes or edible lubes and sex oils work wonders between the sheets but if you notice inflammation, irritation, or burning sensation; switch to regular water-based lubes or skip it altogether.

If you do get an allergic reaction to a particular lube or sex oil, first and foremost rinse the area, stop using the product completely and if its possible soak in a warm water bath for a good 15 minute. Check with your doctor as soon as possible and do not use the product until you have found out the cause of the rash/irritation/discomfort/inflammation.  


What is Body Paint?

Art and sex have been strongly bound through centuries so it’s only fair that one of the sexiest and exciting things you can enjoy in the bedroom is body painting.

As the name suggests, for this artwork, your body is the canvas, there is a wide variety of edible and non-edible body paints available with can spruce up your sexual activity and bring more novelty into the bedroom. This is the perfect way to bring your fantasies to life while bringing out that artsy side in you, draw or paint on your partners’ body and enjoy this foreplay, especially with edible body paints available at ItsPleazure,


Which Types of Body Paints Available at Itspleazure?

Apart from your favourite lubes and sex oils, body paints are a must-have product. Surprise your partner with a wild night and unparallel excitement with -

SHUNGA EROTIC ART CHOCOLATE BODY PAINTING – The Shunga Erotic Art Chocolate Body Paint is a mesmerising experience so to speak, chocolate is one of the favourite flavours no doubt and in high demand as well, couples can enjoy this Chocolate Body Paint in many different ways, get down on a canvas while you ‘get down’ or enjoy the foreplay with art.

STRAWBERRY BODY PAINT TUBE – Another popular flavour is strawberry, a hit in lubricants as well, this delish Strawberry Body Paint will serve the purpose of art as well as works great as a treat too.


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Shop online at ItsPleazure for all your Lubes, sex oils, body paints, and sex essentials; enjoy Fast shipping and discreet packaging delivered across India in 2-5 days. We use discreet packaging for all our orders. The package has your name, address, and mobile number and our registered company details(which are different than the brand name - itspleaZure). Nothing else. Not even product name like you generally see.

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