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5 Adult Sex Games to Revive the Spark in Your Relationship

In most cases, couples tend to lose the spark in their relationship after a few years. One of the reasons is that their sex lives are not as exciting as it used to be during the early days of their relationship. The excitement they used to experience in exploring each other is no longer there. If you too have tried almost everything in bed, without much success, this blog post is sure to help. Here are

five adult sex games you must try to get rid of the boredom in your sex life and get ready to surprise yourself, as it can’t get better than this. And the choices include:



adult games for couples


1. Sex Board Game

Experience the real pleasure of teasing and getting teased with this adult game. Give yourself a time limit, let’s say 45 minutes before you guys decide to go ahead with penetration. Until then touch, kiss, or foreplay with each other, but make sure you do not give in to the desire of the third base. The longer you can hold yourself back from it, the more you would enjoy. This game is a must for all the couples who have sex just for the sake of having it and end up with ‘not-that-great’ a feeling because they miss the real fun that is all about slowing down and experimenting new stuff.


2. Chocolate Decadence

CHOCOLATE DECADANCETake your creativity and sensations on a roller coaster ride with this romance board game. Each player gets their turn alternately. Roll the die and then move your marker by the number of spots indicated. You are obligated to perform the task listed on in order to complete the round. Then its other partners turn. Compete with your partner to reach at the winning square at the other end of the game board before they do while collecting Decadence Game Cards along the way. To fulfill the task listed on the spot, you may be required to perform sexual favors or indulge an erotic fantasy with your partner. Task makes the game more fun to play than you could imagine. 


3. Naughty Nights - Raunchy Dare Dice

dare dice

Trying the same expression/position becomes dull over the period. Its all predictable and high changes become mechanical. A sure way to keep your sex life steamy and spicy is to try new things! But question is, how? Try Raunchy Dare Dice. The game is simple you've to perform what 3 dice are showing. The red die tells you what to do, the pink die tells you where on the body and the black one tells you how to do it. With 216 combinations of this adult sex game, you'll always have something new to try in your next lovemaking session.


4. Sexual Position Coupons Book

Sexual Position Coupons Book

In this interesting game, one of the partners decides the sexual positions they'll perform next time while making love. One way to use these coupons is to give it to your partner as coupons which they can redeem whenever they want, or in your next steamy session. You two decide the rules. If you receive them, use them wisely. You don't get free passes all the time! Another way to use them is to leave the card in a place where only your partner will get it. The card will be a surprise for them and they'll be excited after knowing the position on the card.


5. Sex Around the World

Sex Around the World

Enough with the world food and festive culture, have you tried of world sex culture? Yes, there is a thing called world sex culture and you can enjoy it in the form of the game. You and your partner will travel the world and try the local way of lovemaking. The objective of this game is to fill your passport with Visa stamps from various parts of the world, by completing each Visa instruction card from a specified continent. Win the game by gaining all the visa stamps before your partners. Even if you don't win the end of your journey, you'll be satisfied at the end of the game if not aroused.


Last Few Words

Let’s assume you had fun reading the post and have already started thinking of which adult sex game you and your partner would want to play first. Now the question is; is that it? Is that all you can do to make things like they used to be? Of course not. If you want to enjoy these games, even more, choose from a variety of adult products available at - India’s premier online adult store. Rest assured you will be spoilt for choice!

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