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In most cases, couples tend to lose the spark in their relationship after a few years. One of the reasons is that their sex lives are not as exciting as it used to be during the early days of their relationship. The excitement they used to experience in exploring each other is no longer there. If you too have tried almost everything in bed, without much success, this blog post is sure to help. Here are five adult games you must try to get rid of the boredom in your sex life and get ready to surprise yourself, as it can’t get better than this. And the choices include:

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1. Time Bomb

Experience the real pleasure of teasing and getting teased with this adult game. Give yourself a time limit, let’s say 45 minutes before you guys decide to go ahead with penetration. Until then touch, kiss, or foreplay with each other, but make sure you do not give in to the desire of the third base. The longer you can hold yourself back from it, the more you would enjoy. This game is a must for all the couples who have sex just for the sake of having it and end up with ‘not-that-great’ a feeling because they miss the real fun that is all about slowing down and experimenting new stuff.

2. Spank Me Hard

Be that bad girl your man would have always wanted to screw but would never want his lady to be. Tell him imaginary stories of what you did behind his back and let him punish you for all the nasty things that you did behind his back. For example, going to the gym and hooking up with the gym trainer. The more jealousy you are able to arouse in your man the stricter he would be, and the harder he would spank you. If you haven’t tried spanking earlier you might be afraid but the truth is that women love the sensation that comes from spanking. In fact, spanking along with a vibrator is the best way to ensure the female reaches an explosive orgasm.

3. Garage Games

Making out with your partner in the cramped space of your car where the two of you can barely spread your legs is a great way of having sex. Park your car in your driveway or the garage where nobody would interrupt. Pretend as if the two of you are strangers and one of you gave lift to the other. You can then assume that as you drove through the deserted roads both of you could not resist each other and decided to pull over and make out with the promise to never meet again.

4. Let Me Go Jailor

Well, this one is incredibly erotic and probably one of the most exciting sex games. Most women say that they get maximum pleasure out of sex when their man is in complete control and they themselves are powerless. So, get tied, or tie your partner to the bedpost and experience the fun of the jailor-prisoner game. Let them your hands, your legs and take complete control of you. One quick tip – make sure you are able to move around a little so that it gives you some bit of flexibility and the option to co-operate during the act.

5. Blast from the Past

All of us have fantasized about somebody in the past but have never had the courage to share our fantasies with our partners thinking that it might offend them. Well, it’s time you take some risk and go tell your partner about your fantasies. To make sure your partner is comfortable ask them about their past fantasies first. If you think your partner is comfortable, do a roleplay pretending to be the one they fantasize about. For instance, the wife or girlfriend can pretend to be the man’s hot school teacher. Similarly the man can pretend to be his lady’s fantasy partner and fulfill the fantasies she always had.

Last Few Words

Let’s assume you had fun reading the post and have already started thinking of which game you and your partner would want to play first. Now the question is; is that it? Is that all you can do to make things like they used to be? Of course not. If you want to enjoy these games even more, choose from a variety of adult products available at ItspleaZure.com - India’s premier online adult store. Rest assured you will be spoilt for choice!


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