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8 Ways to Lose Your Partner in Bed

When you're in bed with your lover, the last thing you want to do is turn them off. Here are few mistakes that ruin your sexual relationship.

ways to loose your partner

Putting your weight on your partner. Even if you're a girl! It's acceptable to lose yourself in the moment every once in a while and go extremely crazy on your lover. But when you're lying on top of him, you have to be careful not to drop your weight on him. Chocking him or hindering his ability to breathe will kill the moment and any chance of some second round will be ruined.

Don’t laugh. Unless he does something that truly amuses or tickles you. But, laughing because you're insecure, uncomfortable or nervous is not okay. This is not a child's play, this is Sex! Laughing can kill the fun and it makes your partner feels his not doing it the right way, not being man-enough, or having a small penis. This will make him feel embarrassed and he will quickly put on his pants in disappointment.

Dead fish and unpleasant wears. It means, you don't move and you don't moan; you just lay there. This is dead-fish-syndrome and it is not sexy while having sex. Also buy some sexy night dresses that will erect his penis to harness his sexual desire. Put on your best night gown, Move around on bed, make sounds and make him feel the presence of a woman beside him. If you fail to consider this point, then be ready to lose your partner to another lady who can turn him on in bed.

Take a sex-selfie. You might want to document the moment, to have a video of your partner because he or she is super hot, interesting, classy, or maybe it's just the fact that you may not have the opportunity to be in bed with this partner in the nearest future (and it's been a long time you are trying to get down with him or her). Abstain from succumbing to the sex-selfie and video making, instead savor the moment by taking a mental picture of this wonderful scene. Most sex partners do not like being filmed especially when they are in an open relationship. Your partner may jump off the bed to prevent black-mails and scandals once you bring out a camera.

Talk dirty to me. A little dirty talk can turn women on. Some women become very stimulated by their imaginations, so a little naughty talk about what you’re going to do to her will stimulates her biggest sex organ (the brain!) But talking about your ex-partner sex encounters can drive a woman completely crazy. She doesn’t need to hear anything about your ex, and if you bring it up during sex, she’ll feel jealous. When talking, avoid these few phrases when have sex; who’s your dad – why is your vagina loose –mommy’s girls –who slept with you last, etc. such phrases can trigger sudden weakness while having sex.

Repeating the same techniques. It will be very nice if you try out some new techniques using adult accessories, like dildo, tango, magic wand etc. You can get these adult products at any online adult shops. Sex toys will prove your orgasm and it will make your partner feel satisfied and would definitely like to come back for more, unless if you want to lose her for another man who is ready and willing to satisfy her sexual desires.

Calling her by a different name. There is no greater offense than forgetting who you are about penetrating. Calling a woman by another name (especially your ex’s name) is an almost surefire way that will make her never want to see you again. In that case, make sure you do not call her names that will quench her fire. But if you must do so, at least make sure all sharp objects are out of sight because you might end up in a hospital bed.

Climax too early/too late. Well if the girl hasn't had an orgasm and you ejaculate early she'll probably be disappointed because you’ve lost your erection, which means the sex has ended. LOL. Make sure you do not offload your cum too quick or too late, this will push her away from you. People seem to be obsessed with the idea that sex should last for hours, but truth be told, most women don't like prolonged sex, best sex lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes…Marathon sex is a different case entirely.;)
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