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5 Creative Ways to Put on a Condom We Bet You Haven’t Tried

There’s no doubting the fact that using male condoms while sex not only prevents you and your partner against the risk of contracting STDs and unwanted pregnancies but can also help you last longer in bed. Moreover, you can also use the condom as a foreplay toy to make your sex sessions passionate and long-lasting. Carrying the idea forward, the blog post discusses some creative ways to put on a condom that is sure to set the tone right. Take a look.

creative ways to put condoms


1. Titillating Sensation No Hands Allowed

Ask your girl to hold the condom by its rim and put a few drops of tingling lube into the tip. As she rolls the condom down the shaft, the lube will tingle your most intimate areas, producing a mind-boggling sensation and charging you up for the rest of the night. We assure you the intensity of the session will blow her mind and both of you will wish you should’ve tried this before. Use of lubricants also makes penetration easier, therefore, the moans you hear will be out of pure pleasure and not pain.


2. Rear Guidance

Get down on your knees in a position that exposes your back to your partner. Ask her to lean against your back and place the condom slowly but steadily over your penis. The act is based on the element of surprise as your partner is unable to have a look at your member and can only feel it. Be ready to experience immense pleasure as your loved one implants passionate kisses on your neck, slowly stroking and massaging your penis.


3. No Hands Allowed

Ever thought of going without hands when putting on a condom? Well, now is your chance to experiment with the idea. Ask your partner to grab that bottle of lube and smear a couple of drops across her lips. She’d then place the cap-like portion of the condom into the mouth. Ask her to go on her knees and wrap her mouth around the penis, gently sliding the condom down the head all the way to the shaft. The feel of her tender lips tightly positioned around your erect penis is sure to heat up the moment for both of you. That's sure one hell of a way to put on a condom.


4. Fun with Flavors

Are you looking to add a flavored twist to lovemaking? If yes, then what better way to do it than using a flavored lube. Ask your partner to squirt a few drops of the liquid on her tongue and run it down the head of the penis, making her way over the shaft. We know it can be really difficult for you to keep your eyes opened, as you experience immense pleasure when she does this to you; however, we advise establishing eye contact while she slides the condom down the shaft, to feel raw passion and excitement in each other’s eyes.


5. Slow is Good

Ask her to sit between your legs in full view of your penis. Watch as she slowly unpacks the condom to build-up the excitement. Ask her to slowly slide the condom down the head, taking short breaks in-between to massage your balls or pinch naughtily on your behind. By the time she finishes, you’ll be begging to take the session to the next level.


Is Tonight the Night?

Now that you know some innovative ways to put on a condom, it is time you look for some premium options such as luxury and flavored condoms. If you’re thinking on these lines and prefer shopping with a provider that offers you a wide range of choices and guarantees 100 percent discreteness, all roads lead to We deal in a range of sexual wellness products like condoms, lubricants, and massage oils and can help you preserve the zing of your love life. If you wish to learn more about any of our products, feel free to WhatsApp us at +91-9356842665
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