4 Scenarios wherein Female Lubricants are a Must
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4 Scenarios wherein Female Lubricants are a Must

The use of female lubricants during sex enhances the pleasure for both the partners and also alleviates pain. Contrary to misconceptions among some women who believe the use of lubricants is beneficial to a particular age bracket, they are actually recommended for all couples. If you experience pain during sex, maybe that is due to an extra-sensitive vagina. In such a scenario, lubricants are the way to go. Sexual wellness experts encourage couples to use lubricants on a regular basis. You too should start using one especially if one or more of the following factors are applicable in your case:


1. If Your Partner is Gifted

Having a well-endowed partner surely works in your favor when it comes to having memorable sexual experiences. Though your man’s bigger than average size brings you countless nights of endless pleasure, it can also hurt. Chances are, you may sometimes wake up with a sore vagina the next morning. Using a water/silicone based lubricant can help address this problem. Opt for a lubricant infused with plant cellulose, which, apart from being natural is also gentle on the body. Such lubricants dry out, and you’ll need to apply the liquid more than once when indulging in prolonged sex sessions.

2. When Experiencing Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can cause itchiness and irritation of the skin surrounding the vagina making penetration difficult and a less pleasurable experience. Using a water-based lubricant that consists of a nourishing substance like aloe is one of the ways to hydrate your vagina. The lubricants balance the pH levels, salt, and lactic acid content of the vagina, therefore, providing a refreshing experience.

3. If You Wish to Experiment

different types of positions

Experimenting with different sexual positions or enacting your fantasies is fun and essential to spicing up your sex life. To make sure everything goes smoothly, keep a lubricant at hand. The strategy is especially effective if you’re planning to have anal sex for the first time. The area doesn’t produce any secretions and, in the absence of lubricants, penetration can be really painful and a huge turn-off.

4. If You have Sensitivity Issues

Using a lubricant helps you derive maximum satisfaction out of your love-making sessions even if you have a highly sensitive skin. If you develop rashes and allergies after those sweaty moments, try using a lubricant. For best results, use lubricants that are glycerin and paraben-free as they don't result in yeast infections.

Final Words

Using lubricants is a safe way to experience the ultimate in sexual pleasure, without having to worry about pain, skin allergies, itching, or irritation. Although lubricants are readily available at almost all chemists and adult stores, if you have your share of inhibitions when it comes to shopping for adult products, you can place your order. We stock a wide range of sexual wellness products and can help you add that extra zing in the bedroom. Call us today to learn more about any of our products or read our other posts to learn how to keep the spark alive.
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