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5 Honeymoon Gift Ideas to Sweep Your Lady Love Off Her Feet

Honeymoon is always a special part of life for newlyweds. In countries such as India, where arranged marriages are common, a honeymoon gives the couple an opportunity to break the ice and lay a fertile ground for their newfound relationship. It is important to ensure that such timeless moments are cherished forever. One way to make the experience extra special for your lady is surprising her with a romantic honeymoon gift. If you are unsure about what to gift, this blog post gives five intimate honeymoon gift ideas are sure to be well appreciated by your better half. Take a look.

honeymoon gift ideas

1. The Game of Chocolate Decadence

The Game of Chocolate Decadence

Gifting a board game may seem childish, however, The Game of Chocolate Decadence is no kids-stuff. It’s a two-player romance board game in which players have a fun competing to reach the finishing line first while performing intimate tasks and collecting Decadence Game Cards on the way. The player that wins will get to choose and perform their favorite task from their collection of Decadence Game Cards.

2. Fifty Shades Products Collection

Fifty Shades Products Collection

If you love “Fifty Shades of Grey,” get the product collection and discuss with your wife then she would mind playing the role of a coy Ana for her dominant Grey. If you and your wife love experimenting in bed, then this could be one of the exciting ways to test each other’s pleasure limits. The Fifty Shades Products Collection includes a classy satin blindfold along with several romantic games, which will keep the excitement and play alive, day and night.

3. Secret Romance

Secret Romance

Small romantic gestures of love have deep impacts. It is the little things you do for your love that strengthen your bond. Make your wife feel special every day with the help of Secret Romance. Secret Romance contains 100 cards that tell you 100 different ways to say “I Love You” to your beloved wife. Don’t gift it to your wife, just do as per the instructions given in the cards.

4. Dona Bubble Bath Gift Set

Dona Bubble Bath Gift Set

Weddings are tiring, and a honeymoon is a perfect opportunity for couples to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Give your wife a spa-like experience by preparing a surprise bubble bath for her. Dona Bubble Bath Gift Set includes aphrodisiacs pheromone infused Bath Salt and Bubble Bath. It produces a rich aromatic lather that will make her skin radiant, smooth and enticing.

5. Shunga Aphrodisiac Chocolate Edible Body Painting

Shunga Aphrodisiac Chocolate Edible Body Painting

Shunga Aphrodisiac Chocolate Edible Body Painting is one of the enticing honeymoon gift ideas. With the aroma of chocolate filling your senses, paint erotic art using a brush and edible chocolate paint on the erogenous zones of your wife to make foreplay more exciting and passionate. Since it is pure vegetarian and does not contain artificial colors, you can enjoy your dessert while giving her pleasure.

Way Forward Conclusion

Women love gifts and surprises, and honeymoon gift ideas given in this blog post help you ensure she feels special and loved. Buying these gifts might be difficult as they are not available in open markets in India. But don’t worry as ItspleaZure has got you covered. We are an erotic online store that offers an extensive range of lingerie, erotic adult games, and other sex products such as lubricants, female massagers, and vagina vibrators. We give a discreet shopping experience to our customers. For any queries or assistance, call us at +91-9356842665 or fill out the contact form, for a quick reply.

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