Buying Sex toys in Bangalore: Know the kinky side of Bangalore on ItsPleazure

Couples across the country are increasingly visiting adult toy stores to shop for their favourite sex toys. Every city has its quirks, and couples in Bangalore mostly are inclined to have more fun in the bedroom. The need for thrills in the sex life is also increasing. They are interested in experimenting more with sex and romance. The city also ranks among the top three for the highest sex toy sales from adult shops in India. 

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Buyers Analysis in Bangalore


Most males in Bangalore are frequent buyers of sex products online. According to statistics, around 67% of all customers from Bangalore are males. They are progressive and wish to have fulfilling sex and satisfy their partners. Most of them prefer to buy on a Sunday. We will discuss some of the popular sex toys in Bangalore.


Highest selling adult products in Bangalore

Butt plugs

While both men and women can use butt plugs, men use them to stimulate their prostate. Many buyers in Bangalore prefer buying butt plugs online, with 33% of sales of sex toys from the city being for butt plugs. These anal toys are made from safe materials, like stainless steel, glass, or silicone which lead to better anal orgasms. 


It is a standard option that men prefer, with around 13% of all sales toys sold on ItsPleazure being a fleshlight. It is a type of classic vagina toy preferred by men for masturbation. They act as an actual vagina and can mimic having sex in real life. The portable vagina toy is increasing in popularity. It can also cure premature ejaculation among men and give a hands-free masturbation experience.

Purchasing women's sex toys in Bangalore: What do women like on ItsPleazure?

Several women may not be satisfied with only penetration. They need something new in their lives. With the women in Bangalore looking forward to modern sexual practices, the use of female sex toys is increasing. According to an internal survey by ItsPleazure, there are almost 33% female buyers in Bangalore. Sexual vibrators are among the top five sex toys sold in Bangalore which contribute to 12% of total sales.

The women's vibrators help in increasing sexual stimulation among women. It can help women pleasure themselves and can help them experience orgasms whenever they wish or even when their partners are away.

BDSM & Bondage sex products in Bangalore

Many couples and groups are willing to practice bondage and BDSM across Bangalore. There has been an increasing number of instances where we have received orders for bondage sex kits. Bondage kits are trendy in the city, with 15% of our sales coming from this segment. 

Bondage toys can come in various designs. It is essential to know about the partner's preferences. Some people love to experience kink in their sex life. Chastity devices are the best suited for this purpose. The kinky Bangalore love these products too resulting in 27% of total sales. In this category, the penis lock is a common choice of people in the city. There are some unique ones, like the chastity thongs, and some of them are electroshock chastity devices. One can experience the thresholds of joy if indulging in the fun with these sex toys. 

The chastity cage is a popular bondage toy which can make your joy know no limits. Men can feel someone forcibly not allowing them to have a full erection. It can help them have a unique sense of longing to have sex.

Sex toys in Bangalore city: What do customers want to know?

1. How do I buy sex toys in Bengaluru?

There are several options available online. Do some research on the top sex toy stores in Bangalore. You can limit your search to the most renowned ones. Know your requirements and the outcomes preferred by your partner. Choose a trustworthy website like ItsPleazure for buying the sex toys of your choice from the list of online adult stores.

2. Is discreet delivery applicable to buy sex toys online in Bangalore?

Most renowned sex toy websites provide some good shopping options for you. A renowned sex toy store like ours will offer a customer discreet delivery options and deliver within a definite timeframe too.

3. Will I get any discount if I am ordering the sex toys in Bangalore city first time?

You can avail of discounts at most of the sex toy shops in India. At ItsPleazure we have frequent offers & best deals running throughout the year. Explore & buy your favourite adult toys online at our site which will fit into your budget.

If you are living in Bangalore & ordering for the first time, then you can use the discount code, ‘BANG’ to avail a 5% discount on all of our products. 

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