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Buy Medicine for Sex Power for Women and Men Online in India at ItsPleazure

Sex is an intimate and steamy activity, one that speaks volumes of vigour and you wouldn’t want to compromise that. But the fact is, everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes. ItsPleazure houses a dedicated selection of Sex Medicines for both men and women to help you achieve satisfying sex in the bedroom.

Most of the Sex medicine available at ItsPleazure are ayurvedic and have little to no side effects on your health. Which makes it a safe way to fight barriers like erectile dysfunction, low libido, performance and more. These Sex tablets are made with skin-friendly ingredients and with powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shilajit, Moringa, Jingo Biloba, and more.

While browsing for Sex medicines you can find dedicated sections where you can shop for male enhancement sex tablets, women enhancement sex tablets as well as Arousal Sex medicines.


Increasing Demand for Sex Power Medicine

When it’s time for action the performance itself matters the most. To make sure that both the partners have fun, you can opt for sex tablets to enhance sexual performance.

The increasing demand for Sex medicines shows that People have started accepting the need and benefits of Sex tablets and that it is no longer a Big taboo as it used to be. The medical advancements and research specific to erectile dysfunction and overall sexual health have brought about better and effect sex medicines. These safe medicines are suggested by doctors to curb your sexual performance anxiety, low libido, ED and many more problems in the bedroom.

The most popular Sex pills at are the long time sex tablets, treatments for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in the form of Sex tablets are regularly bought and enjoyed by many. 


#Fun Fact - 

Womens buy both, a arousal and excitement medicine for them-selves, and a long-time tablets for their male partners. They want satisfaction from their partners but also want to make sure they are getting required sexual pleasure in that short time!


Enjoy Healthy Sex Life with Medicine for Sexual Power

Sex Medicines available today encourages people to open up about their sexual health and what ails them, there are several issues due to which you may not be able to perform well in the bedroom and sex medicines like sex tablets, sprays, and Sex oils available at ItsPleazure can help you cure the problem.


What are some major sexual dysfunction men face and why?

- Erectile dysfunction

- Premature ejaculation

- Low libido

All sexual dysfunction in men and women are caused by either physical or psychological factors, ED and premature ejaculation are the most common problems men face in the bedroom, not only does it affect their sexual health but also puts a strain on their relationship.

Enjoy a satisfying sex life with a wide range of effective sex tablet for men designs by the top-notch brands, packed with ayurvedic properties that acts as sex boosters, the  PIRELLI OIL MALE SPRAY, the DABUR SHILAJIT FOR VIGOUR AND HEALTH 100 CAPSULES and one of the bestsellers, the NOVEL HORNY GOAT WEED 60 CAPSULES  are some ayurvedic medicine for sexual power.


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (Ed) is Accelerated with Medicine for Sex Problem

Erectile dysfunction is a very common and serious problem men face in the bedroom, not only does it affect their sexual performance but also their overall confidence. Sex medicines for ED are one of the most effective treatments available today which is usually combined with other treatments like physical therapy, dietary changes or lifestyle changes along with Sex tablets.

Sex tablets at ItsPleazure are power-packed with ayurvedic herbs, mineral and nutrients to help remedy the mental and physical stress men go through. There is a variety of Men Sex Medicine to accelerate the treatment of ED and premature ejaculation.


Check Out These Safe and Beneficial Stay on Capsules –


Night King Gold Capsules- 

The night king gold sex medicine focuses on a very important aspect; it increases blood flow to the penis which enhances your sexual experience and penis health. Sex tablets for men like this night king gold are essentially formulated to help men stay hard for longer, this sex medicine also improves sperm count and male fertility.


Musli Xs 60 Capsules –

Men experiencing loss in libido will no doubt face erectile dysfunction in the bedroom, Safed Musli is a powerful ayurvedic herb that has time and again been considered as an alternative of Viagra. The Musli Sex tablet helps treat Premature ejaculation very effectively and also results in firmer and longer erections, it is considered one of the most effective Sex medicines.


Ayurvedic Sex Time Increase Tablets and Medicine Have No Side Effects

One of the biggest benefits of Ayurvedic Sex tablets or Sex Medicines is that you don’t have to worry about Side effects, treatments for sexual problems need to be dealt with very carefully which is why all the sex medicine tablet for man and sex tablet for women available at are made with natural components and strong ayurvedic herbs.


Increase Libido and Stay Aroused for Longer in the Bedroom With These Sex Pills –


Zenith Nutrition Ashwagandha 400mg – 

The Zenith Nutrition Ashwagandha Sex medicine is a healthy supplement for overall wellness, it is packed with antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties stimulating a better immune system. The boost of energy of this sex tablet results in better sexual performance and better erections in men.


Novel Nutrients Ashwagandha – 

Ashwagandha has innumerable benefits for the body and mind, the Novel nutrients ashwagandha Sex medicine is no different, its uses range from immunity booster, good for mental health, increases strength and stamina of the body and treats sexual ailments like erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation by increasing blood flow.


Love Bird Capsules – 

The love bird capsules are well-known Sex medicine as a sexual enhancer supplement, its primary functions help restore vitality and vigour in men while also increasing muscular stiffness of the penis. This is an herbal sex tablet composed with the best ayurvedic herbs to increases sperm count in men and their overall performance in the bedroom.


Spanish Fly, Titan Gel and Hammer of Thor Capsules Will Make Your Lovemaking Intense and Extended


Itspleazure Spanish Gold Fly Sex Boosters for Female – 

The most common issue women face in the bedroom is low libido, while there are a lot of physical ailments that affect sex drive for women, loss in libido over time or due to mental/physical conditions need to be dealt with and treated with Sex medicines. The popular Spanish Gold Fly Sex tablet is an aphrodisiac that increases arousal in women, intensifies clitoral sensitivity and heightens stamina for the best sexual experience.


Viga 50000 (Delay Spray for Men) With Vitamin E – 

The objective of a Delay spray is to help men suffering from Premature ejaculation; finishing too soon can ruin the mood for both the partners and result in an unsatisfying experience. The Viga Spray is a Sex medicine is easy to use and has no side effects, simply spray on the head of the penis and wait 2 minutes, enjoy a fulfilling lovemaking sensation with your partner.


Itspleazure Titan Gel Penis Enlargement for Men –

This beautifully and carefully designed Sex medicine is an amalgamation of minerals and essential oils among other things that contribute towards penis health and helps to increase the size of the penis as well. Massage your penis once every day with The Titan gel Sex medicine as so appropriately named and reap the benefits of a larger and stronger penis.


Itspleazure Deadly Shark Power 25000 Delay Sex Excitment Spray for Men – 

Is your partner too tired for sex? Stress and exhaustion are a few big reasons why couples stop having sex, arousal plays a vital role and when that’s missing it becomes difficult to excite your partner. This Spray Sex medicine is a little powerhouse made to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men, a treat for both the partners, surely.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Are you facing a problem in the bedroom? Act fast before your performance costs you more stress or worse, your relationship. Choose from a wide variety of Sex medicines designed with Ayurvedic herbs and Vitamins that can be consumed daily as Sex tablets or supplements. Enjoy Fast shipping and discreet delivery of all sex medicines within 2-5 days across India, orders your favourite ones now from

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