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Buy Sex Furniture Like Sex Chair, Swing, Sofa, Liberator Online in India at ItsPleazure

Are you all stocked up on nipple clamps, bodysuits, whips and handcuffs? Use all your exciting bondage sex toys on specially designed Sex Furniture, most of these can add a splash of novelty in your space without revealing its true nature.ItsPleazure has joined hands with the best brands/names in adult products and brings to you only the best quality sex furniture that is comfortable in use and is carefully designed to ensure an enjoyable instead of a painful sexual experience. 

Shop for sex chair, stools, sex swings, sofas and sex cushions right here at ItsPleazure, a huge selection of sex furniture made with skin-safe materials available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles from the most trusted and acclaimed brands.


What is Sex Furniture?

Exploration keeps things fun, exciting and novel; this is true for sexual exploration in the bedroom as well and sex furniture is ideal for that. It surely wouldn’t hurt to try out different positions every now and then but using basic (regular) furniture might (quite literally). Adult Furniture is designed keeping the human body in mind, the pressure to your spine, knees, back etc have been taken into consideration to create furniture that suits your body, provides a comfortable experience during sex and gives you the freedom to play around with a variety of positions.


What Are the Different Types of Sex Furniture or Love Making Furniture?

There are a lot of different sex furniture to choose from, they are designed in a way to easily camouflage into your living/bedroom space helping you maintain discretion, check out the different types of sex furniture –

Sex pillow -

Sex pillow is the most popular and common of the lot, it may seem to be a small addition to your lovemaking but can actually have a huge impact on the experience. Adult pillow are bestsellers at ItsPleazure and come in different shapes and sizes, while these look like a normal pillow, sex cushion are different as they are designed to be flexible and can be used under the back, buttocks, between the legs, under the knees and in innumerable ways to provide slight support during sex. Interested in an intimate pillow? Check out the ITSPLEAZURE SEX POSITION INFLATABLE BOOSTER PILLOW.

Sex chair -

Sex chair is another sex furniture that can bring some flair into your act of lovemaking, there are so many variations available all of which are easy to clean but may need a separate place to store. If you’re bored of missionary style and like to explore positions (especially not on the bed) a love chair is perfect for you. Generally many bondage chairs come with handles, cuffs and more which make the intimate chair a good addition to your BDSM room.

Sex sofa -

There are a lot of different sex sofas you can choose from depending on what you have in mind. Take your pick from a  sex couch, bench, sex ramp  or go for the ever so popular Sex Liberator, sex sofas are one of the most easiest to camouflage and they can be used as regular seating as well, these sofas are designed in a shape that supports different positions and doesn’t end up hurting your back, knees etc.


What is a Sex Swing?

Craving for a Sex dungeon anyone? Sex swings are a favourite and a must-have for every BDSM lover, these can be found in sex dungeons or simply a room full of bondage toys, furniture and accessories. While sex on the bed or a sofa is great and can certainly provide a lot of pleasure you should take things up a notch with your partner and try out a pleasure swing, whether you’re looking to break the monotony, try something wild or simply are a BDSM fanatic sex swings automatically gives you the freedom to try out adventurous positions which you typically cant lying down or on a flat surface.

You can find a huge variety of sex swings in different styles, material, shapes and sizes right here at ItsPleazure.


Different Types of Adult Swing

The use of adult swings can give you a taste of the BDSM world, many dominants in the bedroom prefer their submissive partners to be suspended by a swing which gives them immense power and access to sex positions both vaginal and anal. The two types of swings commonly found are –

Door Sex Swings -

A Door sex swing is the most common and widely used sex swing, this is a travel-friendly model and a budget-friendly too. This sex swing can be attached to a closed door and has multiple straps to suspend your partner and enjoy several sex positions, the door here acts as the support which makes a door sex swing like the ITSPLEAZURE HEAVY DUTY ZEBRA PRINT SEX SWING a comfortable option. You must check if your door frame is strong enough to take the weight to steer clear of accidents, injury to yourself or any harm to the door.

Hanging sex swing –

The hanging model like the ITSPLEAZURE HEAVY DUTY BLACK SEX SWING is a complete sex swing set for adults, a must-have for people who have experience with BDSM (we wouldn’t recommend this for beginners) this swing acts as a harness with various footholds, straps and loops to support the body and its weight while providing flexibility for intercourse. Hanging swing works in favour of the Dominant as they are in complete control of their Submissive partner suspended by the swing, you need to make sure that your ceiling is strong enough before purchasing a hanging sex swing as this sensual and pleasurable product can easily turn into an unfortunate accident if not installed correctly.


What Are the Benefits of Love Making Furniture?

Versatility –

One of the major benefits of using Adult Furniture is versatility, these can be used in so many different ways and can enhance your sexual experience because you can include and enjoy a number of sexual positions with your partner. Using sex furniture helps break the monotony in the bedroom and allows you and your partner to connect with each other on an intimate level. Explore other’s bodies with amazingly designed sex furniture.

Comfort –

Apart from being extremely versatile sex pillow, sex chairs, Adult swing and other sex furniture products are also very comfortable. While you can have sex on the bed and on the couch your body might not always be in a comfortable position and can end up causing backache, joint pains and many other problems. Sex furniture is designed in order to support your sexual position giving you the freedom to enjoy completely.

Better sex –

Who wouldn’t want to have better sex? Even if you are absolutely satisfied with your sexual encounters the use of sex furniture gives you and your partner to try something different in the bedroom. Adding a sex pillow elevates your back, buttocks and your legs while having sex and using a sex swing allows you to enjoy the same position you would on the bed but in a completely different and a novel way, similarly, a Romantic chair can enhance your sexual experience and add so much more fun in it. Including sex furniture does mean giving way to better sex, exploring new positions, enjoying bondage and a lot of pleasure.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Get all your favourite bondage products, accessories and furniture under one roof at ItsPleazure. Enjoy fast shipping, safe packaging and discreet delivery of your sex swings, sex stool, sex chairs, sex sofas and more within 2-5 days across India.

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