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Buy Sex Furniture like Sex Table, Love Chair, Adult Swing & Position Sofa at ItsPleazure 

Having sex on the bed is a luxury for couples, though, at times, it can become monotonous. To break out of the routine in a need to discover more of their sexual nature, a lot of couples throughout the globe have ventured into the BDSM scene either with the use of softcore sex toys such as handcuffs or blindfolds to more advances such as a butt plug or bondage ropes. If you and your partner consensually wish to take your kinks to yet another level, you may always attempt to incorporate sex furniture into your sexual lives. These love furniture are designed in a way to only provide comfort and to heighten the intensity of sexual stimulations in a new position. 

What is sex furniture and what are the advantages of it? 

Sex furniture refers to all the furniture pieces which can be introduced into the comfort of your bedroom to make your sexual life kinkier. You can use these furniture pieces to either aid in sexual intercourse or try new sex positions. Lovemaking furniture is not necessarily the trailblazer of the BDSM movement, though it may include those pieces of furniture which assist you in tying down your partner or positioning them in a stable position for you to satisfy your carnal desires. 

The main objective of these sex furniture is to support the back, arms, hips, amongst other parts depending on their design while having sex. They also make exploring new sexual positions easier regardless of the sexual expertise of the customer. This sex furniture ensures that sex is made comfortable for all bodies despite the difference in shape & size. Sex swing positions can be assumed by your partner if you wish to move your partner around without disseminating much energy. 

Sex Furniture is of varied kinds. They can come in the shape of romantic chairs or love chairs. They may also be designed depending on the place of application. Certain products are developed to sustain a heavy amount of water if waterworks is your kink. 

There is a multitude of advantages of sex furniture. They are:

● If you are an ordinary couple with a healthy sexual life, lovemaking is sure to get boring and monotonous. To add extra pizzazz to it, sex furniture can be introduced. With these, trying new positions, while simultaneously exploring and discovering is sure to prove fun. They can also be a great gauge for you to understand your and your partner’s bodies and the subsequent limits of your bodies. 

● Each couple is different when it comes to their sex lives. At one point or the other, they need to get creative to make the most out of sexual acts. While sex furniture does come with a clear instruction leaflet, you can still make it your own and use it the way it pleases you. For example, while using a sex stool, you may bind the legs to the base of the stool with a bondage rope to cement your partner to the contraption. With a constant explorative zeal, you may even find new sex positions to try. 

● These sex furniture are developed in a way that the angles adjust the level of penetration to titillate you and result in an intense orgasm. For example, some of the sex pillows are used to take the pressure off of the hips making the sexual acts comfortable. With them, the level of penetration can be adjusted as well. If your partner has a small penis, and you would wish to feel a deeper penetration or vice versa, sex furniture must be your go-to. 

● Sex furniture is a good way for couples experiencing chronic pain issues to fulfill their kinkiest desires. As addressed, some of the furniture such as the sex pillow and sex sofa are curated to divide or eliminate the pressure from its intended area. This is what makes sex comfortable. Thus, you will not regret the use of this sex furniture at all. 

What are the different types of sex furniture available on ItsPleazure? 

If you are looking to buy sex furniture, you must warrant that they are designed to increase comfort while in a new position. To buy sex furniture in India, you must select a seller who houses some of the most exquisite and bespoke collections of sex furniture in all ranges of affordability. Fortunately, the adult sex toys shop ItsPleazure holds the answer to all your queries.

Not only do we have a gallery full of the current fade of bdsm sex toys and sex furniture, the delivery, and the budget doesn’t have to be an issue. Most of these sex furniture can be bought within a budget of INR 2,000 - INR 10,000. However, if you wish to buy a sex sofa, the prices would be a tiny bit higher. Once bought, the order will be delivered to you within 4-5 days. For the delivery, discreet shipping and safe packaging is guaranteed. 

Every sex furniture has a distinct purpose and can be categorized according to them. Some of the most popular kinds of sex furniture that permit countless sexual positions without discomfort are: 

Sex Chair or Sex Stool 

A sex chair or sex stool is essentially a stool on which your partner sits. They are hollow from the bottom and your partner’s anus and vagina peek through them. With this contraption, you are eligible to either penetrate or orally service your partner from under the chair. The use of your penis, fingers, or even a hand is left up for discussion for you and your partner. 

Sex seats were first designed to support women who suffered from mobility issues. With this furniture, they could have sex in the cowgirl position. The design of the love chair is created to ensure that not much pressure is exerted on the knees, and couples can engage in sexual activities without any hassle. The sex chair can also be repurposed as a sex table. Not only can you sit on it, being supported by flexible and easy to clean bands (material made of nylon, polyester, plastic), but you can also shift the weight of your stomach or the back to assume a different position than indicated. 

The sex seat comes in discreet packaging and can be assembled upon receiving. However, there are many varieties of faux and real leather seats which are sturdier and come pre assembled and ready to use. One of the products that sell like hot cakes is the Sex Bouncer Position Chair, which is known for the flexible plastic straps and stainless steel which can withstand a weight of 130 Kg. 

Sex Sofa or Liberator

Sex sofas are furniture that resembles a sofa and can be disguised in your house easily. This sex couch is predominantly used for trying out new sex positions. The love sofa makes it easier to withstand the rhythmic pulses of the penetration. With this piece of furniture, you can easily manipulate the pressure on your neck, back, and hips. You can find these couches in a plethora of shapes, sizes, functions, and materials. There are even couches that can be deflated for easy storage. 

Several love sofas are specifically crafted at an angle such as the Liberator. The Liberator is a luxurious brand that makes smaller yet efficient beds. These are angled at a point that the penetration feels intense and could easily be guided to the G- or P- spot. Certain couches are molded in a way to complement the curve of your body. These divide the pressure around your body and permit you to have an enjoyable sexual adventure. 

These sex couches are also known for their materials which are non-slip and do not deflate after their use. Some are even made of non-porous materials, which help clean up the fluids after a very intense session. 

Sex Swings 

Sex swings are adult swings that are tied to the ceiling or door. Depending on the set, they can even be found in travel-friendly options. If you ever get tired of having sex on the sofa, or just lying back on the bed and require the movements of a love swing, you must try this. Sex swings are great tools if you and your partner have major height differences or are suffering from any physical disability. These serve your purpose in drastically decreasing the sexual labor associated without compromising on the pleasures provided. 

As the name suggests, sex swings are swings on which you have sex. They aren’t necessarily a token for BDSM as there is no power-play involved and can be used to enhance the natural sexual experience. On an adult swing, one person is suspended, while the other stands and constantly thrusts into the first person. If you desire, you may even be able to fully recline the swing’s seat. In such a case, it resembles floating in the air.

Love swings have additional contraptions depending on the intensity of bondage you wish to experience. There could be a singular hammock to swing from. If you require, you may buy swings that have the option to shackle or rest the feet and sometimes even the hands. This will warrant the development of power play; mandatory to BDSM. 

Some of the sex swings can be attached directly to the doors. To fixate this ensemble, the heavy barbells which are attached to the end of the strap need to be hung from the door. Other swings are screwed by hanging from a beam via heavy-duty clips. At ItsPleazure, the Heavy-Duty Zebra Print Sex Swing is quite popular due to its captivating and exotic design. Their tensile strength is appreciable and the designs on them can be customized as well. 

Sex Pillows 

While having sex, the use of pillows become customary. You may be positioning them under your back, to lift your hips higher, or under the belly to support the doggy position. Despite the features that your normal pillow might have, it does not compare at all with sex pillows. Sex pillows are carefully constructed at an angle with dense material. If you shop online, you would find a wide array of sex cushions in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Sex pillows can help if you wish to achieve deeper penetration, or if your partner does not possess sufficient length. These angular cushions will keep you in the line of penetration allowing you to feel maximum stimulation, whilst reducing the pressure from your lower back. When put under the stomach, during missionary position, the pressure around the wrists and the hands can be minimized. 

Some of the bespoke designs are specially crafted for use alone or in a specific formation. These sex cushions seldom have a clutching mechanism or an orifice to store your dildos, vibrators, or butt plugs in. With them, you can move around the cushion for a hands-free masturbatory experience. At ItsPleazure, the Inflatable Sex Position Pillow has been garnering attention due to its easy storage. This pillow even has slots for you to hold your sex toys in so that you can enjoy your solo sessions at will.

Sex Ramp 

A sex ramp is a triangular piece of furniture that consists of a raised and a sloped surface. It is designed to have sex in various positions while distributing the stress of the body. A powerful and deeper penetration is also possible with these. Some of the sex ramps are pre-assembled while some come designed in the shape of a sex bench. 

The main objective of a sex ramp is to establish that none of your muscles are overworked, while intercourse and you can experience the sexual stimulation without hindrance. A sex ramp is comparatively larger than a sex pillow and can be used for the same purpose. While using these sex benches, you must make sure that all stressful positions are avoided to not harm the neck or spine. 

These ramps are often delivered with washable sheets. If not, they can be selected based on their outer material, which is commonly made out of mesh or a non-porous faux leather.

Tips for buying sex furniture online In India

There is a vast collection of lovemaking furniture available in the market for couples. While choosing this furniture, one should keep in mind certain things, like-

Sex furniture designs

When you want to experience a variety of new & thrilling sex positions, the furniture must support your body while lovemaking, especially when you are using products like door slam sex swings. It should be sturdy & flexible at the same time. So that it will offer more comfort & help you have more stamina & pleasure. 


Adult lovemaking furniture comes in different forms & price ranges. It depends upon the quality & material of the product & the shop where you buy such products. Ensure to cross-check every detail before purchasing the product.


 Why should one buy the best quality sex position furniture online from ItsPleazure?

The adult furniture available at ItsPleazure is made of high quality & durable materials, whether it's an adult sofa or heavy-duty sex swings. All the sex furniture is designed to provide great comfort & make your lovemaking experience more memorable! So why wait? Explore the products to have more fun in the bedroom.


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