Buying Sex Toys in Pune - A New Way of Sexy Living

Life should be a healthy mix of ease and thrill. This ensures that your life does not become monotonous. For the sake of adventure, one travels, dines out, and goes to parties. But what about one’s bedroom lives? How can one make their sexual lives thrilling? The only right answer is sex toys. Sex toys are a great way to introduce kinks to your boring lives.

Sex Toys Sale in Pune Genderwise


In Pune, the newer generation is taking steps to explore their kinks and fantasies. One can find connoisseurs of sex toys in Pune, because people here is aware about their intimate needs. Despite of having no physical sex toy shop in Pune, they can easily purchase adult products from an online adult store like ItsPleazure. By the analysis of our total buyers from Pune, we have observed that there are 71% males & 29% females mostly between the ages of 18 to 44.

Get Male Sexual Toys and women sex toys in Pune at the Best Price

Pune welcomes all latest thoughts & knowledge. It always has progressive mindset about safer & fulfilling sex life before its identity as an IT hub. So, there is no surprise, we get huge orders from our Pune customers.

At present, there is a multitude of sexual toys for men to try and experience sexual gratifications. But the men in Pune prefer butt plugs & penis rings over other products which can be easily seen by our sales data-

Analysis of Sex Toys Sales in Pune

Penis Rings

The city is growing at a fast pace. Higher stress levels & hectic living has affected the sex life of young men. The problem of pre-mature ejaculation is an obvious outcome of this. That is the reason, penis rings contribute to 27% sale of total men’s sex toys in Pune. These rings trap the blood in your penis, guaranteeing an erection for a prolonged period.

Sexy Clothing

If you are a woman looking to impress your partner and have a romantic night, you might already be looking for a sexy nigh wears. Shopping online has its own advantages. While shopping for sexy night dresses for ladies online, you can find a range of styles, designs, sizes, patterns, and materials. With us, you can buy crotch less panties, G-strings, thongs, chain panties that too at the lowest prices. For the more sweet-toothed members, we even offer panties made out of candy. Your partner is sure to find you irresistible.

To have the best sexual escapade, you need to dress your best. Sexy clothing is not gendered either. Hence, young adults from Pune both men and women invest hugely (About 17% of total sales) in sexy outfits. Whether you are into roleplay or would like to showcase your best assets, all of your fantasies can come true with sexy clothing.

Butt Plugs

As per our latest sales analysis, nearly 53% butt plugs are purchased by men from Pune. A butt plug is a great option for men If they wish to stimulate their prostate gland directly.

It is no new news that most women cannot orgasm with penetration alone. Thus, to satisfy their sexual urges and bestow an intense orgasm, sexual toys for women become necessary tools. To gratify their needs, stimulating the clitoris is the first important step. Small vibrations to the clitoris can prove successful for a thorough orgasm. For such purposes, the demand for sex vibrators in Pune is always there. The sex vibrators are automated sticks which pulsate at varying speeds. These vibrations are sure to drastically improve your orgasms.

Similarly other popular toys are Dildos for women’s vaginal pleasure. They are useful if they desire anal or vaginal penetration. These can be used with a partner for maximum pleasure if you are feeling rather adventurous.

Other Popular Sexy Items in Pune

All of our customers have different needs and desire in the bedroom. Once you navigate your requirements, you would understand the diverse nature, uses, and design of sex toys and accessories. While some customers are avid fans of our BDSM kits, some would like to keep it interesting with the use of sex chairs and sex sofas. With a huge clientele comes an even bigger inventory of adult products.

Some of the most popular and frequently bought items by our Pune customers are mentioned below -

1. Sex Lubricant

Without lubrication, your genitalia might feel sore and your skin is exposed to wear and tear, which may make sex painful.

For this reason alone, sex lubricants are always recommended. Our Pune customers know this fact very well & some of them are periodic buyers of sex lubricants of their favourite brand.

2. Condoms

Even though you can buy condoms at any pharmacy store, people often buy condoms online. When shopping for condoms online, you are presented with multiple varieties, sizes, and flavours. Our Pune customers are mostly investing in flavoured condoms. These condoms come in a variety of flavours such as banana, strawberry, chocolate, grapes, and more. There are even exotic flavours such as black currant and pan amongst others.

Sex Toys in Pune City: What do Customers Want to Know?

As a beginner, one might have several questions. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Several of our customers from Pune write to us regularly asking for advice on buying toys for sex. In this section, we would answer some of your frequently asked questions.

1. Where can I find sex toys in Pune?

In India, you cannot find an offline sex shop selling adult products. However, You can search for sex toy shop which sell sex toys online. Also, you must look for a sex shop which is trustworthy and should have discreet delivery and ItsPleazure (Adult toy shop)is your one stop solution for it.

2. How many days does it take to deliver the toys after placing the order?

Once you are done with the online shopping of sex toys and placed the order with us, all you have to do is just wait for 4-5 day and you’ll get your order at your doorstep. However, if your shipping address is in Pune, you are eligible to receive your order within 24 hours. If you reside in Pune and wish to receive your package within a matter of a few hours, you will be charged an additional shipping fee of INR 399. Once the shipping fee is paid, your package will be sent to you via the express delivery system.

3. Will I get any discount if I am ordering the sex toys in Pune city for the first time?

ItsPleazure is one of the best sex toys sites which offers quality with pocket friendly prices. During sales, the prices of most of our products are dropped even further for our Pune customers. If you are a resident of Pune & ordering sex toys for the first time, then you can use the discount code, ‘PUNE’ to avail a 5% discount on all of our products.

Check out what does a happy customer from Pune say about ItsPleazure -

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