5 Things You Need to Make the Wet and Wild Flavor Last the Whole Year
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5 Things You Need to Make the Wet and Wild Flavor Last the Whole Year

Yes, we know Holi was in March…and it’s long gone. But it was fun wasn’t it? The holiday, lots of color, romance, rain dance with your partner, the slight remnants of the fading winter (at some places) all of which, hopefully, led to lots of naughty stuff afterwards…wet and wild under the shower perhaps? 


wet and wild flavor


Most of us might be missing the holiday and the fun it brought now that we’re faced with the sweltering summer heat, which also leads to a lowered sexual drive. If this is happening to you, then worry not, the following four really naughty things will ensure that you can experience the wet and wild flavor all year through. Just keep these things handy, and keep the AC on.


Organic Lubricants

For the times when the body refuses to let go cause of all the sweat from the summer heat, but the mind refuses to cooperate… get help from a choice of organic lubricants to set the body temperature just right…and get set for a night of fun and passionate bedroom play.



Before massagers, three was considered to be a crowd…but now it’s a welcome addition for many couples who want to add a little excitement and passion to their naughty nights and it’s the most faithful companion to those flying solo. Plus, it’s also a safe way to get wet and wild – with or without your partner. A must-have thing in your love stock.


Role-play Costumes

Spend your weekends wisely – stay inside and role-play. Draw the curtains, turn the AC on and let your fantasies take over. Keep a selection of costumes handy to help you keep busy when it’s too hot to go out and you’d rather turn the heat on in your bedroom. Add some mystery and intrigue to your role-play with a satin blindfold. Let him guess which costume you’re wearing…and dole out the rewards or the punishments…depending on his answer!


Massage Oils

Missing rubbing off the color off your partner’s back after the Holi festivities were over, and the action that happened afterwards? Well, you can enjoy the same action by giving your partner a nice long sensual massage with special oils and get them to give you one too! What better way to spend a nice summer weekend?



We know you’re wondering if there’s a misprint or if there’s something wrong with the title…which says 5 things and we’ve listed only 4. No, nothing wrong. The fifth one is Time.



All these things will help bring back the wet and wild only and only if you have time to spend with your partner and indulge in some lovemaking.

Stay Naughty!

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