7 Tips to Choose the Right Lingerie - Lingerie Buying Tips
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7 Tips to Choose the Right Lingerie - Lingerie Buying Tips for a Lean Body

Be it the usual women’s underwear for an average workday, or a pair of sexy babydoll lingerie to turn up the heat in the bedroom, choosing the right lingerie is always confusing, especially for those with a lean body. Some of the common concerns include ill-fitted cups, trailing hems, or straps that just won’t provide the right support. You can, however, use certain tips to buy the right options, which we will cover in this post. Let’s take a look top lingerie buying tips.


Baby Doll Lingerie


# 1 Flaunt your legs with side slits

Choose chemises that have side slits, as they’ll provide an elongated look to your legs. Avoid longline bras that cut off your shape and make you look more skinny. 

# 2 Use sheer fabric but...

To get the illusion of longer proportions, choose sheer fabrics. Simultaneously, beware of full-length chemises, gowns or bodystocking, which can shorten your frame.

# 3 Get adjustable straps

When choosing straps or ties, look for adjustable ones that allow altering the length of lingerie to match your body proportion. Avoid corsets, bustiers, and basques, which fall below hips.

# 4 Opt for thongs and high-cut legs bodysuits

Sure, you may have an inclination towards French knickers or shorts, however, it’s better to avoid them if you are to look sexy. Rather, opt for thongs and bikinis. Simply put, go for bodysuits and briefs with high-cut legs. 

# 5 Match up with shoes

Try matching the color of your shoes to your tights and stockings, as doing so can help elongate the length of your legs. 

# 6 Stretch-to-fit mini dresses simply GREAT

Embrace the stretch-to-fit mini dresses and the one-size-fits-all fabrics. These lingerie molds to boobs and prevents any bagginess and flaunt your curves. Short hemlines make your legs look longer.

# 7 Wet look fabric will make you look sexy

Make wet look lingerie your friend. The reason is the shine of PVC, latex, and other wet look fabric, for that matter, help create voluptuous curves. They are an easy lingerie essential to make a woman, with even the slimmest figure, hot and sexy. 


Be it molded cups that don’t fit the breasts or straps that just don’t go right, petite women usually face a number of issues when buying lingerie. These lingerie buying tips will be helpful, whether purchasing babydoll lingerie or a regular women’s bra and underwear set. If you wish to buy some erotic undergarments that not only fit you perfectly but also enhance your sex appeal, It’sPleazure.com has got you covered. We are one of India’s leading adult online stores, offering a wide range of sex apparels, toys, and lubricants, among others. To check out your options, visit our product section.

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