Don’t be a Dud in Bed: Follow These 5 Tips to Sweep Her Off Her Feet
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Don’t be a Dud in Bed: Follow These 5 Tips to Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common barriers to having a mutually gratifying sex life. In a lot of cases, the problem causes friction between couples and makes them drift away from each other. If you too get from ‘uhhh’ to ‘ahhh’ too soon and splatter the love juices before she reaches the shore, the tips shared in this blog are sure to help. Following the guidelines will help you satisfy all her desires and maintain intimacy in your relationship. In fact, the next time you find her blushing while talking to her friends, you’ll know that she’s talking about you!


don't be a dude in bed

1. Control Smoking and Drinking

Yes, it’s true. An extra peg with your workmates or a casual smoke to relieve stress can make all the difference between giving her a mind-boggling orgasm or leaving her high and dry. Nicotine confuses your mind that, under normal circumstances, knows the point at which it should send the ejaculation instruction. Similarly, alcohol consumption also impairs your brain’s decision-making capability, resulting in premature ejaculation. All in all, now you can add one more reason as a motivation to control your binge drinking and chain-smoking habits.


2. Use a Rubber

If you think on the same lines as many men out there, who believe wearing a condom decreases sexual pleasures - we have some news for you. The sexual wellness industry today offers condoms that include a gel or cream and have benzocaine that reduces the sensitivity of the penile skin, and therefore, helps you last longer. So, The next time you tear a condom packet, let her know to she’s in for a long marathon. Although using condoms is perfectly safe for most people, those with sensitive skin may be allergic to their usage. It is, therefore, advisable that you stop using them if you notice rashes or redness around your penis.


3. Focus on Foreplay

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The adage “slow and steady wins the race” stands completely true, when it comes to giving a night to remember to your lady, and what better way to fire up her senses than engaging in some sensual foreplay. Ask her to dress up in a sexy lingerie and tease you by stripping slowly, or plan any other act that arouses both of you. Foreplay not only makes sex more interesting but also extends its duration. So, the next time she calls you in the middle of work and says she can’t wait for you to get back home, we advise you visit the nearest sex shop or visit our product section to surprise her and fulfill all her secret desires.


4. Divert Attention

If you think you are reaching the borderline sooner than you should distract yourself by thinking about any random stuff with no relation to sex. Diverting your attention can prevent premature ejaculation and helps you last longer. However, starting to “discuss” a work-related issue in the middle of an intimate session may not be conceived too well by your partner - needless to elaborate the reason why! So, keep your thoughts to yourself and if you are caught in the act by your partner, “honesty is the best policy”! You can share your little secret and how you’ve been using it to help her reach multiple orgasms.


5. Control Your Breathing  

Controlling your breathing can also go a long way in relaxing you during sex sessions, thereby helping you last longer. Try some deep breathing exercises when you feel you are about to ejaculate. You can also try holding your breath for a couple of seconds before exhaling, and repeat the exercise for a few times until you know the breaking moment has passed. Doing so can help you calm your senses, and ensure both you and your partner are able to experience the ultimate in pleasure.


Ready to Ignite the Fire of Passion?

Although following the above steps can help you tackle the problem of premature ejaculation and fulfill her desires, having the right approach is also equally important and so are the right products to spice up the act. That’s where we come into the landscape. Whether you need massaging oils, intimate underwear, women massagers, or lubricants, has got you covered. We carry in a wide range of erotic and sexual wellness products to keep the passion and intimacy alive in relationships. If you wish to learn more about any of our products, feel free to reach out to our support desk. We’ll be happy to help!
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