Honeymoon in Andaman

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It was now three days since we got married, and we hardly get alone time! We both were busy due to so many rituals, photo sessions & calls from our friends. In addition to that, there were some nasty relatives who were present at my home right from the beginning of our wedding. Ours was a typical big Indian wedding in Rajasthan with a lot of Shor Sharaba! I thought about my beautiful wife Esha! “Is she wanting me, or only I am getting desperate to spend some intimate moments with her! I thought of the things I could’ve done to Esha in our spacious home in Jaipur, I imagined unwrapping her maroon bridal lehenga. I woke up several times that night, thinking of Esha. The Friday saved us and gave us some time & space from those annoying relatives gathered for our wedding. We pack our bags for the Andaman trip. I rechecked everything is packed especially the sexy night dress which I wanted to gift Esha on our honeymoon. I also put a lubricant & few adult games in my bag which were given to me by Raj - The (naughtiest friend of mine). He was the most experienced person in our group & known for his skills in satisfying women. Raj also shared his secret tips with me when he came to the airport to see off me & Esha. Finally, we headed to Andaman for our honeymoon!. I had heard and read about the exquisite and colourful corals on this exotic Island, but I had never even been there. I focused on the fun I would be having on such a beautiful Island. I booked a yacht to make our honeymoon a memorable experience. Esha was too happy for the yachting adventure. When we reached Andaman, we were tired and hungry. It was a fabulous place, the sea was green, and nature looked pleasurable. Not many people sailed to Andaman at this time of year, so it was quite easy to locate our yacht. One of the staff of the yacht took us on board and showed us to our room. The yacht was exquisite, there were different rows of liquor, and our room had a king-sized bed and luxurious shower. The beddings were white and soft on the skin, I wondered what it would be like to bed Esha on a sheet-like this and blushed. A young stewardess knocked on the room and asked if we needed anything. I was famished and tired, so I asked for dinner to be served in the room. After dinner, I took a quick shower and laid in bed, waiting for Esha to come out of the bathroom in the night dress which I gifted to her right after we entered in the room. Soon, I fell asleep. I opened my eyes when I listened to some soft whisper and met Esha’s gaze staring past me. It was Esha in the red erotic nighty. She came close to me, throw her towel, and laid it gently on the bed. She had worn red lingerie that barely covered her nipple, left her waist bare and threw a zigzag cut over her crotch. I stood there transfixed by her magnificent hourglass frame. My manhood stretched beyond recognition and pointed towards her. When she realized I was too stupefied to move, she walked seductively towards me, ran her hands over my face, and traced several lines down to my chest. Her fingers were electrifying and sent waves of emotions down the cap of my cock. Esha pulled me back to my bed and let me lay on my back, she caressed my nipples with both hands while she patted my mouth with her tongue. She tasted like raspberry with a dash of lemon. She pulled her tongue out of my mouth and traced the shape of my upper lip with her tongue, her teeth grazed my lower lip, and she gave me a tender bite that sent shivers down my spine. I held onto her and sucked on her tongue as my life depended on it. I was surprised & happy at the same time by Esha’s first move. I couldn’t believe a girl like Esha who is less talkative & shy is so horny in the bedroom. I felt so nice She is craving our first sex more than me. I was too focused on kissing her and didn’t realize Esha now had her hand in my boxers, caressing my member with soft attention, I could scarcely breathe, and I felt little trickles of precum dripping into her hands. She stopped for a moment and squeezed my balls. I jerked and whimpered. She stared into my eyes and smiled, she was obviously enjoying the reaction she got from torturing me. She cupped a part of my butt. Her hand could reach and squeeze lightly, I buried my body further into her and squeezed her breast with the same intensity that coursed through my dick. Again, I felt her run her soft hands lightly around my waist as she encircled her fingers around my penis and stroked it lovingly, moving her hand from the cap of my dick to the shaft with her tiny hand. My mind exploded, and my dick throbbed with urgency. After a few moments that felt like an eternity, Esha eased herself onto me and guided my penis into her wetness while roaming my body with her arms. I felt alive the moment I felt her warmth around my dick, I felt a rush of emotions and my face flushed. I raised my hands and grabbed her full boobs while she rocked my cock with so much ardour. I started to feel an intense build up in my head; with each second I tried to shoot my load, it felt like I was floating against a tide that fought so hard to engulf me. Esha arched her back and started to vibrate on top of me. I held her down to my chest and let the tide overwhelm me as I shot my load into her with a loud grunt. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, and I felt like my head was exploding into a million pieces. When I finally got hold of myself, I felt sexy and alive, like I had been reborn with wings. I wrapped Esha in a warm embrace, and we spent the rest of the night in bed, nibbling at each other and caressing each other’s thighs till we eventually fell asleep. I woke up at the daybreak with a determination to pay Esha the same coin she dealt me last night. I peeled the sheets down to her waist and stared at her gorgeous waist, she was so elegant, and I still couldn’t believe my luck. I ran my hand over her shoulder and kissed the nape of her neck, she turned to face me, opened her eyes groggily and shut it back. I cupped her right breast in my hand and caressed her nipple lightly, I brushed my tongue on the left nipple, and she gave a rasped breath. I was excited at her response, even more, excited she didn’t try to stop me. I continued to graze my thumb and index finger over her nipple while I worked my tongue down to her navel. I kissed every inch of her body and watched her respond with her eyes still closed. I worked my way to her inner thighs and caressed her supple skin, I raised her leg and folded it towards her so I could have a perfect view of her pussy. I ran my fingers over her waist and squeezed her tight butt. She squirmed and dug her fingers into my back. By the time my finger ran through her mound, she was dripping wet, and I was satisfied I was doing a great job. I dug my head into her tight, ran my tongue down her vulva and began to suck her. While I used my tongue to draw a zigzag on her pussy lips, I also continuously rubbed my thumb on her clitoris, this must-have sent a wave of sparks down her body because she soon started to contort her body. I didn’t stop. I moved my mouth up to her clitoris and penetrated her with two fingers. She held my head with more intensity and began to moan. I continued to thrust her vagina walls with my fingers while her entire body convulsed to my touch. She seemed to have reached the peak of her pleasure when her clitoris began to pulsate in my mouth. She let out a loud moan, and I felt trickles of water on my face. I had made Esha squirt. I could scarcely believe I had been on the yacht for two days having endless sex with Esha, it seemed like only twenty-four hours. We decided to dock and spend the entire time on the yacht since we had no tour guide, and the beach seemed empty. We got out of the boat on Tuesday morning, and I had never seen a more magnificent view. I stood far away from the beach and took some time to enjoy the great view. Andaman Island was beautiful; the sand on the beach was white, the sky blue and the river a shade of turquoise spattered over the green. I was absolutely smitten by the expanse of land, water, and forest. I was completely taken by the view and didn’t notice any presence until Esha tapped me. She looked even more beautiful in her blue swimsuit, matching the colour of the sky. I stared down at her and felt an urgent need in my groin. I was determined to take her right there on the beach. We laid down and enjoyed the view for a while, and she requested I put some sunscreen on her when it started to get warm. She turned her back, and I untied her bralette and dotted some on her back. I began to massage it tenderly into her skin; I moved to her back arm and then her neck. I kissed the nape of her neck and grazed my hand over her cleavage, pretending to apply some there. I dotted some on the tip of my index finger and applied it over her ear, I nibbled it with my lip and whispered “I want you” into her ear. She turned, squinted, and said “right now?” I nodded in affirmative and reminded her we were the only ones here and miles away from the yacht. She turned back without a word, and I continued with the application. Still, behind her, I worked my way down to her legs and brought my hand to her thigh, I ran my finger down her crotch and felt her moistness. I leaned into her, parted her legs, and put mine between her two legs. I pulled her waist closer to let her ass rest right on my erect penis. I propped myself up on my elbow and shifted her panties to the side. I guided my cock into her hole and began to thrust her gently from behind. Pulling her head into my shoulder with my free hand, I moved my hand into her bralette and began to pinch her nipples roughly, alternating between the two from time to time. She jerked her ass into me, and we both began to build a rhythm, as it got more intense, I put my hand into her panties, stroked her clitoris and kissed her neck aggressively. In between gasps, I heard her say, “love you Ajay,” her first word during sex since we set out on this amazing trip. Ignoring my hurting elbow, I increased the tempo of my strokes till she began to scream my name. “Yes, Ajay! Fuck me!” she muttered amidst gasps. I felt her legs begin to shake as she convulsed with pleasure, I steadied myself and grabbed her ass as she let out a deep moan when we both climaxed. We stayed locked in each other’s embrace until the sun began to set. Back on the boat, we decided to take our dinner on the deck before returning to our rooms. I was having the best time of my life and was grateful I married Esha who was my college friend during engineering. Esha reminded me how much she was liking me & wanting me to propose to her before getting busy with our jobs. We shared such romantic talks over a bottle of wine before proceeding to our rooms when we started to feel woozy. We started packing our bags & getting ready for the checkout. As I parked my light bag, I cast my mind back to the beginning of this trip, the first time Esha come to me in her lingerie and what it was like to finally feel her breast against my chest, what it felt like to lovingly fondle her breasts and make love to her. I thought about our time on the beach and several other intense sexual escapades we’d had since we boarded the yacht. I thought of giving Esha one last fuck on the yacht. I dumped my bag on my bed and looked for Esha. We spent most of our time on the yacht on our large bed, this was the first time I’ll be doing it in the bathroom. I knocked and waited. I was wondering why it was taking her so long to get to the door. She was surprised to see me, but she let me in. I didn’t say anything, I just wanted to be buried between her breasts one last time. I noticed her skin was glistening in her white towel. I unwrapped the towel she had around her hair and tossed it on the floor. While she still stood, I peeled the second towel off her body and started to pleasure her. At first, I was slow and slightly moved my hand from her clitoris to her pussy. As she began to moan, I picked up the speed and fondled her breast until she was too weak to stand on her own. When I was satisfied with how wet she was, I moved her to the grand bed and told her to get on all fours. The view of Esha’s submissive ass turned up with her vulva flashing at me made me awash with pleasure. I grabbed her waist and eased my full girth into her as I watched her gasp and grab the sheets. I steadied her waist with one hand and spanked her with the other as I rammed my dick into her aggressively. Esha began to moan loudly, and I thrust her faster. She was cumming hard, she bent deeper into the bed and laid her weight on her elbow. I inched closer to her and pumped her with all my strength. I started to feel a deep anticipation build in my spine, I pulled her hair and thrust even deeper, she squirmed and moaned deeply as we both reached an intense climax. I laid beside her, exhausted. I ran my hands through her silky hair and wished to spend my entire life on the yacht with my gorgeous wife!