The Bad Bitch - A Steamy Encounter In The Office

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Bina was the bad bitch. Most people hated her, but that didn’t stop us from being in awe of her person. She was nicknamed The Wolf because she worked her way to the top of her career from nothing and ate humans she considered stupid for breakfast…every morning.

She is annoying, arrogant, and mean, but you cannot deny she is the best thing that has happened to the Fifth Avenue fashion space. Men craved her attention, women envied her, and colognes, magazines, and beauty products paid heavily to have her use their products. Despite being heavily worshipped, Bina paid no mind to her admirers. In fact, she treated them like they didn’t exist. Her only priorities were her job and money.

Ayesha sent the final drafts of the interview and candidates to Bina before she left work on Wednesday, but she didn’t get to it until late in the night when everyone had left the office. She looked through the two female candidates with a usual smirk on her face while making a mental calculation on who to settle for… There was one male candidate this time, she decided to take a look at Adit’s website, and she was pretty impressed.

He had an interesting body of work ranging from fashion to culinary and lifestyle. He was quite fashionable too and had a lookbook on YouTube. He was an all-around blogger with a knack for taking beautiful sceneries and photography. Bina abandoned his blog and decided to stalk him on Social Media. He had sexy pictures of him littered all over his page with some accentuating his bulge without leaving much hidden.

He wasn’t the young, cliché regular, tall, and handsome guy. He was of average height, buff, stylish and looked mature. Bina suddenly began to burn with a desire to dominate this guy. He had a cute face and a thin moustache on and off in some of his pictures. She dreamily imagined herself sitting on his face while his moustache tickled her clitoris. She wanted to smother him with her boobs and let him slide his cock between her breasts.

This was nasty, and she was enjoying every bit of it as she unlocked her drawer and took out her new pink vibrator. She wished it was the big dildo. It looked like the size of Adit's bulge as she had imagined, but that was too conspicuous for a work environment. This would do until she made it home.

She had purchased the rabbit vibrator a month ago, and she had been unable to use it. It was different from her regular limp vibrator. She had to keep pushing in with deep strokes while trying to rub her clitoris with the old one. This looked even better, it had a funny looking opening in the front which was said to snug onto the clitoris while the longer part vibrated against the pussy wall. Another plus was that you could use your hands for other things while it stayed buried inside you. “What a perfect time to try this baby?” she thought to herself. She sat back on her reclining chair as she took off her thongs and sniffed her own pussy. There were wet patches on it already, this buff man made her wet, and she loved it. She rolled her skirt further up as she began to pleasure herself. She turned on the vibrator and ran it over her pussy as she bit her lower lip with pleasure.

She began to run the vibrator in a circular motion over her clitoris. While she did this, she pulled one breast out of her white bra and began to tug at her nipple, she was awash with pleasure, taking herself to the edge each time and stopping to build up her orgasm.

She turned the screen of her laptop with her left hand, she wanted to look at Adit's picture while she climaxed, imagining him sucking her and licking off all her pussy juice. She increased the speed of the vibrator and inserted it deep into her cunt, letting it work over her clitoris and vibrate against her pussy wall at the same time.

The feeling was magical, she felt like the vibrator was rolling around her pussy walls and hitting every single nerve in her body. She curled her toes and clawed at her desk wildly. “Oh fuck, oh…my fucking God” she mumbled as the vibrator drove her to orgasm. Her legs began to shake so much that she had to hold on to the edges of her large desk to steady herself from the orgasm ripping her apart. The wave shot through her from the tip of her fingers to her toes as she finally collapsed in her seat, breathing heavily.

No surprise, Adit got selected & joined the office soon. Everything was normal for Adit & other people in the office. Bina was quite smart to hide the things that are going on in her mind. But Adit too was a smart hunk to get the things done by women he wanted to have fun with.

It had been more than two months since Adit had been working in his new position, and Bina had been plotting ways to get this man in her bed. Adit had noticed, too, but he was biding his time. He knew she was tough, so he wanted her to chase him till she got weak in the knees. So when he eventually got to her, the high walls she had built would have been shattered, and there would be no resistance.

One day when everyone left the office Bina & Adit were still working on the final draft of a PR. Bina called Adit in her cabin. Adit knocked on the door & entered the cabin. “Have a seat,” Bina said while sauntering away from her library to her desk. Adit realized a really obvious bulge in his trousers. The thought that Bina must have noticed his erection deeply embarrassed him.

Bina shifted to her left to throw some files. Her low cut shirt opened a little more to a view of her full cleavage threatening to burst out of her top. Adit imagined the insane things he could do to her sumptuous breast if she ever got a wild chance. He imagined writing his name on her cleavage with frozen ice cream and taking them off with his tongue while also reaching into her bra to flick her nipple. Adit felt his manhood stiffen. Bina started talking & looked into Adit’s eyes - “Adit, you need to work much harder & prepare yourself for any challenge. “Adit understood what Bina is trying to say & quickly replied - “I am ready for all kinds of challenges & will give my best performance in every situation.” Bina walked seductively towards Adit, ran her hands over Adit’s hair, and traced several lines down to his chest.

Adit held her as Bina continued to kiss him. She stopped for a moment, took his head in her hands, and looked into his eyes as if daring Adit to try to stop her. Adit felt her gaze burn into his soul just like it had the first time he stood in her presence.

She locked her eyes on Adit while she pushed him further into the couch till his back was on the armrest. She pulled up her silk skirt and sat on Adit’s semi-erect penis and began to rock him. Adit had wanted to fuck Bina since the first day he set his eyes on her, but this was unexpected and things were definitely moving faster than he had anticipated.

Grinding against Adit’s cock softly and holding his gaze, she started to remove what was left of her buttons. She unclasped her bra from the front and let it fall to her side. She began to fondle her breast provocatively. She felt Adit’s dick erect and began to press her clitoris against his shaft. Still running her hands all over his body, she took extra time to tease Adit each time he got her breasts. Bina hit his hands off and raised them above his head. Finally, Adit clamped his mouth over her nipples and started to suck vigorously, giving her occasional bites.

Bina finally succeeded at the task of removing Adit’s boxers. Despite the pleasure spreading through her nipple, she climbed over his face. “Now be a good boy,” she said as she spread her pussy over Adit’s face and steadied herself with her knees. Adit began to suck on Bina’s pussy, drawing circles on her clit and moving his tongue through her vulva. She started moaning, calling out Adit’s name and folding her own breast. “Oh, Adit, fuck, fuck, fuck…fuuuuck” she said as Adit pushed his tongue deep into her vagina walls and began to work it around.

He could feel her swollen walls pulsating and close to climax as he fucked her with his tongue and sometimes stopped to nibble at her clit. Bina was mad with pleasure as she gave out a sharp cry, hurdled over and squirted her pussy juice over Adit’s face. Adit put his hands over her mouth and fucked her harder until her legs began to buck. “Take it, Bina, take the whole of me,” he said with each harder stroke. Adit shot his cum into Bina and then turned her over and pushed her onto the desk.

The figurines on Bina’s desk and some more papers were sent flying, but neither of them cared as Adit guided his cock into her the second time. Other men had to jerk to wake up their limp cock after an orgasm, but not Adit. The sight of a woman laid in submission in front of him sent blood running fiercely into the cap of his cock each time. He held her white pear-shaped breast and began to squeeze while thrusting her intensely. Bina moaned from a mix of pain and pleasure as Adit hit her cervix with reckless abandon. Finally, he said, “Fuck! I’m cumming,” Bina pulled him close and wrapped her legs around his waist as they both climaxed while breathing heavily.