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Why there is an increase in demand for female sex dolls in India?

style="text-align: left;">Why there is an increase in demand for female sex dolls in India?

The demand for sex dolls in India has increased considerably during the pandemic. The pandemic has resulted in the extinction of some industries; however, the female sex doll business has witnessed sky-rocketing growth in the Indian sexual wellness products market. Lockdown has locked people indoors, and they are exploring the unknown boundaries of sexual intimacy with a real doll.  

According to a recent survey in 2021, the sale of female sex dolls in India has increased, witnessed a 65% increase after the pandemic. An online sex doll is easily available on the internet compared to the past few years. It comes in various designs and shapes or can be designed as per customers taste.

 The surge of sex dolls in India

Sex dolls for men are outstanding because every product is aesthetically designed and exquisitely crafted to offer a natural feeling to individuals. To heighten the pleasure of sexual moments, a sex toy doll plays a vital role coupled with sex enhancement devices and medicines. You can buy Indian sex dolls online from the privacy of your home or workplace. Multiple online buying options enable customers to browse through the wide range of sex dolls leisurely without any embarrassment.

Indian online sex doll business is revolutionized and educates customers about the need for adult sex dolls, sexual enhancement products, and sexual fun items. These adult dolls make sexual life more passionate, intense and fulfilling. All the sex dolls are meant for repeated use and are made from skin-friendly materials. 

Everyone is familiar with sex dolls 

A female sex doll is one of the sex toys that satisfy an individuals' sexual pleasure, stimulation and desires in abundance. A sex toy doll is a replica of the human body. It is manufactured using elastic materials like rubber, silicone and thermoplastic. They are available in many varieties, such as the entire body or just the pelvis or other body parts (vagina, mouth, or breasts). Silicone sex dolls are a little more expensive; however, it is worth investing in a sexy doll that can motivate individuals to experiment in creative sex play. 

In today's era, adult dolls are receiving incredible attention from newfound admirers. The most exciting developments in sex dolls are the rise of customisation options that help in creating a playmate (sexy doll) tailored to satisfy ones’ unique tastes. The overall design and quality of Indian sex dolls have improved significantly. Many individuals are embracing sex dolls as a safe and accessible option for exploring their sexual fantasies.

Indian sex dolls are pushing boundaries 

The advent of female sex dolls has created possibilities for men to live with desires that can be satisfied. Sex dolls are becoming the future where men feel more fulfilling and understand their erotic tastes that are healthier. 

Why Indians are choosing a sex doll?

Sex and sexual relationship have become a burden and a necessity for everyone; however, the present generation is losing the curiosity and freedom associated with the exploration of love and self. Women and men are fighting for equality where both sexes suffer from social pressure and expectations. These situations leave both sexes frustrated and without true partnership or relationship. The availability of sex dolls coupled with technological advancements has changed the mindset of people and has encouraged them to explore all the possibilities that sexy dolls offer.

Sex dolls are created with great precision

Female sexy dolls are soft, equipped with squeezable breasts and crowned with life-like nipples. Men feel great with the silicone sex doll in their hands as they can indulge in fierce and wild love-making. This real-life sexy toy doll has soft, supple, firm breasts and a tight butt hole that will bring all your fantasies to life. It can be utilised anywhere and anytime with no constraint on time or situation. Every real doll is created with specifications such as desires, fantasies, and sexual wishes to enhance, augment, and extend sexual pleasure. The use of sex dolls has increased with the ease of availability. It has been incorporated into individuals' sexual life, and it is a common scenario. Using Adult dolls has resulted in greater sexual pleasure and orgasm for men, with a positive impact on sexual health. 

Online Market of Sex dolls in India

The sex doll business is a reasonable-sized eCommerce category in the Indian market. It is not as large as electronics, fashion, home, kids, jewellery, medical, or food, but listed in the top 10 businesses. It is extremely hard to build the sex dolls business in India without anyone throwing the morality card. The millennial generation has been exposed to sex dolls differently, and it is now a new norm in the Indian sexual and wellness market. The sex dolls market has evolved during the pandemic and is not seen as taboo anymore. The trend has moved from below the counter and shady sex shops to mainstream e-commerce channels with mass acceptance. Though the market is still evolving, the demand for sexy dolls has increased with modernity. This trend has chipped away social hypocrisies and encouraged people to buy sex dolls with ease.

The law which guides the trade and purchase of sex dolls in India is often controversial. They prohibit the sale of dolls due to a lack of awareness. Retailers offer a variety of sex dolls and accessories, propelling the industry to thrive constantly. All the negative social perceptions of sex dolls and the presence of social taboos have vanished entirely with the introduction of more flexible regulatory policies. 

 The future of sex dolls in India

India's sex dolls market is on par with other countries while creating a win-win situation. Indians are more comfortable with integrating sex dolls into their daily lives. Individuals owning a sex doll are more confident because it helps them to deal with their sexual fantasies. 

Our daily life can be stressful at times; therefore, a stress-free life is necessary. There is no valid reason to buy a sexy doll; however, what matters during sexual pleasure is the feeling of satisfaction. It is good to buy a female sex doll that will offer you a great sex experience. India is the land of the Kama Sutra and is the world’s sixth most sexually active country. However, Indians consider sex and sex dolls as taboo and refrain from discussing them openly. Nevertheless, this kind of taboo does not refrain people from being curious about attractive sex dolls. E-commerce websites are the ultimate spots to buy sex dolls because individuals will not be judged by society.

The Indian market has witnessed a surge in sales of sex dolls. Initially, men dominated the market, and gradually women seem to have aroused their interest in sex dolls. More and more women (young or old ) are discovering the importance of their sexual well-being and the importance of intimacy in their relationships. Sex dolls fall under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act because the products resemble cosmetic boxes or packing. No sex doll resembles the human anatomy in any way or portrays nudity; therefore, it cannot be considered illegal. Despite all these challenges, the sexual wellness industry is the fastest-growing e-commerce industry in India. Every individual is gradually getting aware of their needs and knowing about the plethora of options for intimacy products that are offered.

The pandemic has encouraged the Indian population to adopt sex dolls for all good reasons. Sexy dolls are for everyone irrespective of sexuality, such as heterosexuality, pan-sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality. It has motivated such a population to remove themselves from the loneliness and guilt of antiquated norms of society.

 Why are sex dolls so popular today?

India is witnessing an impressive change in the sex dolls market over the past few years. Many men are adopting sex dolls to fulfil their sexual fantasies. This is a widespread cultural shift, stigma towards traditional sexuality and sexual practices. People are better educated, more comprehensive about sexual health, and dominating. This revolution has made it easier for partners to talk openly with one another, express desires, and take genuine enjoyment in exploring each other’s sexual wants and desires. Moreover, also a variety of sex dolls are available, which has significantly increased over the years.

Realistic human-like sex dolls or real sex doll

Realistic human-like dolls are also known as real sex dolls designed for sexual use. It is a multi-million dollar global industry. These realistic sex doll models are fully customizable, representing a natural person. Realistic human-like dolls are constructed based on beauty ideas and simply reflect an evolved male preference for a particular body type.

India has witnessed an increasing market for real sex dolls due to their extraordinary features. This trend has ignited a heated debate about future relationships among humans, whether they could lead to an increasing objectification of women or possibly encourage abuse in relationships.

The Power of sex dolls

Sexy dolls are a means of sexual gratification, which is morally and legally controversial in India. According to an analytical survey, the sale of sex dolls on the e-commerce website has boomed, bringing the sex dolls industry into our living rooms. The sector was held back due to restricted sales, exhibition, advertising, import or export of sex dolls on the ground of obscenity. 

Sex toy dolls are just one way to create a healthy and happy sexual lifestyle. They are more beneficial and allow you to experiment with things you do not usually do. These add excitement, joy, and playfulness to your sex life and relationship. Sex dolls empower you to traverse what feels good, blend things up, and explore new types of feelings.

Online sex dolls popularity

Online Sex dolls are encouraging sexual discussion and expression that help to get people out of their comfort zones. Exploring sexual fantasies is becoming more popular without any negative consequences; however, make sure that any sex doll is part of a healthy and respectful sexual routine.

Adult dolls will sustain

If people can find comfort in robots, why not a sex doll? True, the joy of owning a sex doll is very high compared to any other tech product. Many people might have fancied trying one or the other sex dolls but might have struggled to justify the cost of the products. It so happened that during quarantine, people felt more willing to experiment on these products simply as a time-pass and had known that they'd get more use out of it.


India's sex dolls market has matured quite quickly over the past year. The growing trend of embracing sexuality among Indians is a significant factor leading to the demand for sex dolls. Indian law guiding the business of sex dolls in India need to be vivid because the current scenario often disables retailers to offer a variety of sex dolls and accessories. The disappearance of social taboos and negative social perception towards sex dolls has encouraged the sex dolls market in India. It is likely to witness continuous (or continual) growth in India over the next few years. 


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