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Buy beautiful Nip Pasty online in India at ItsPleazure

The nipple is a sexual part of the female body. It can help in having turn-ons. However, several women like to be fashionable and do away with bras. They can use the strapless bra, not feel bound by the compulsion to wear the traditional options. Several types of sexy nipple covers are available online. However, you must buy one from a reputed brand that will ensure durability, and they are hygienic too. You can now buy the nipple pasties online at ItsPleazure. There are several options available at a reasonable price.

What is Nipple Pasty & the purpose of using it?

The nipple pasty, otherwise known as a nipple cover, nipple patch, nipple tassel, or nipple sticker, is loved by fashionable women. These are fashionable and are made from eco-friendly materials. They are also comfortable for all women and can be worn under all sexy dresses, like backless, t-shirts, sports bras, sheer, nightwear, etc. They are hypoallergenic and lightweight. The use of the covers helps women to go without bras that make it more comfortable for them.

It is essentially a small patch of fabric or material covering only the nipples. However, the breast remains exposed. The nip pasty helps in providing a crease-free look to the dress, making it a new fashion statement for women. They can come in different sizes and shapes. The covers are generally made of medical-grade silicone or cotton fabric. 

What are the different varieties available in Nipple Pasties?

The nipple cover can be of different types, based on the design, reusability, designs, etc. We will discuss some of them in detail.

Based on reusability

They are disposable and can only be worn for a single purpose. While they are single-use, some brands offer value for money too. However, you can stay assured that the adhesive is strong enough to hold on to the skin for long hours. They are helpful during traveling and can withstand vigorous activity like dancing, running, etc.

The reusable nipple patch is usually bigger and provides more support to the breasts. They act as nipple stickers and come in different designs and shapes. They can be made of medical-grade silicone and help women feel more confident. Remember that they must be adequately washed based on the guidelines issued by the manufacturer.

Based on designs

The nip pasty can be differentiated based on their designs. There are ones that can have a star sign, and some others can be heart or flower-shaped. Various brands also have their designs, and you can get the pasties shaped like lips or the hand. More designs like those with a bondage theme or furry ones are available too.

Nipple tassels

Do you feel that a nip pasty is too dull for you? You can get hold of a nipple toy or a tassel. They can be lace-covered or have a small chain on them. They can become helpful when you have a bondage theme in the bedroom. They can readily complement your bondage dresses and provide a turn-on for your partner. 

Push up bra

If you are bored of the old-fashioned bras, the invisible lift up bra is a welcome break. The push-up design will suit your modern mentality and make you look sexier. It can provide support without the feeling of being bound. They are soft and comfortable and are ideal for even formal occasions.

How to choose a suitable Nipple Cover?

Wearing unique hot lingerie can be fun and provide much-needed freedom. You will look modern and don't have to worry about being taken as old-fashioned. Several women feel that they are getting bound when wearing bras. You can move around freely at parties or during dancing. They can be worn to parties, making you feel confident for long hours. However, these nipple cover stickers can quickly form part of your wardrobe. You must know how to choose a suitable one for you.

1. Decide the purpose

Before choosing the best one for you, you must address the purpose of wearing it. If you want a nipple patch for swimming, select one with a better-quality adhesive that fits well. The reusable ones made of silicone can be the ideal breast cover. The nipple cover for strapless  dresses must be soft and comfortable. They can also be an excellent bra alternative for summer, and the cotton fabric ones can be suitable during the hot months.

2. Check the material

The nip pasty is made from silicone, cotton, or polyester. Some of the premium ones can be made of high-quality satin too. Among these, silicone is the most used. The silicone pads are medical grade and do not cause allergies on the skin. The satin sparkly nipple covers are a more innovative option and will be comfortable under your clothes. Polyester is another option, but it must be avoided during summer. The cotton reusable nipple cover can also be ideal during summer.

3. Check the design

The decorative nipple covers come in different designs. Some can be shaped like a plus, flower or star. The design will depend on your preferences. Apart from disposable ones, others are waterproof or those with a push-up effect. Buy one of the nipple pasties designs that you prefer.

How to use Nipple Stickers in the correct way?

Are you using the nip stickers for the first time? Or are you too busy to understand the basics of putting it on before going out? There are a few basic guidelines to consider when you apply the adhesive nipple pasty. We will discuss the best ways to use them, the correct way.

Going through the manufacturer instructions

The user must go through the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. It will help new users put on correctly and won't be a fashion disaster later. There are several types of pasties, and using them can be different. The manufacturer provides clear instructions, and it will vary based on the kind of pasties you use.

Testing the position of the nipple cover before using

You must clean your breasts before using them. Now, the position of the nipple hide sticker must be correct to prevent any malfunction. If they are designer ones, you must ensure they are placed correctly. The plus and heart ones must be upright and be in place throughout. Go to the mirror and place it accordingly. When it is symmetrically placed, you must stay assured it is in place.

Use body glue if needed

Are you worried about whether the pasties will hold in place? If yes, you can use body glue. The other option is using double-sided adhesive. You can use glue on the inside of the edges. However, before using it on your body, you can test it by applying it on your fingers. If you use a liquid body glue, you can use a cotton swab to apply it. You can stop using it once you are confident that the adhesive in the nipple pasties can hold.

Shop different types of Nipple Tassels online only at ItsPleazure

Are you trying to get over the everyday bra and look fashionable? You can choose these pasties. They can help you by not having to wear the strapped ones. You can wear the strapless bra to parties or even to work also. The adhesive is strong enough to hold it on your skin for a long time. However, you must buy a nipple cover online from a reputed store like ItsPleazure. It will be durable with various options to choose from. Moreover, shipping is free, and we ensure discreet shipment too. You will receive the products at your address within 2 – 5 business days.


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