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Give Your Partner a Night to Remember: Here’s How

Blame it on insatiable materialistic ambitions or unavoidable work timelines, the fact remains the same that most couples in urban India spend more time worrying about trivial things in life, than cherishing each other. Moreover, a lot of people believe that spending quality time is all about going out on a vacation or a weekend trip to some places far from the city. That, however, is far from being true. If you are a little creative and love to give surprises, there are more than a few ways you can plan a special night for your partner. In this post, we tell you how to give your partner a night to remember.

A night to remember

1.Create the Right Ambience

Create an ambience where you would love to become intimate with your partner, leaving all worldly worries behind. For starters, ensure that the room is neat and clean as even a hint of unwanted smell can spoil the mood. Put on a clean bedsheet and spray a room freshener that your partner likes. In addition, you may also place some fresh flowers in the room. Don’t forget to use dim lights as they spice up the ambience while maintaining a bare minimum visibility. Now all you need is to play some light music to fill the background.

2.Stock up the Arsenal

In addition to creating the right ambience, there’s a lot that you can do to make the experience extraordinary. One such thing you can do to make the night fun and sensuous is have a few rounds of adult games. You can choose from an array of options, such as Fifty Days of Play, Fifty shades of grey toys (inspired by the adult novel Fifty Shades of Grey ), Love or Lust and Sex Around the World - all of which work wonders in creating a spark among couples who can use some inspiration to ignite the fire. These games help couples to explore their sexualities and strengthen their bond.

3.Pamper Your Partner with a Sensual Massage

Sex is a great stress buster and so are massages. A sensual massage not only helps relieve stress, but also sets the right tempo for further action. Give your partner a sensual massage by teasing their “Erogenous Zones”, such as the ears, the neck, the inner thighs, and the lower back. You can choose from a wide range of special massage oils to give your partner a sexy, erotic and fun experience with a super sensuous massage, and who knows, even you may get a return favour if you are able to push the right buttons!

4.Top it Up with Some Drinks and Dance

While sensual massage is a stress buster and the perfect tool for seduction, a few drinks can act as a catalyst and further enhance the pleasure. Share a few pegs of wine and invite your partner for a light dance. If you are a teetotaller, you need to remember that the combination of a fine wine and some light dance always works. So, throw away the inhibitions, buy a premium wine, select a few seductive songs, and let your bodies go with the flow. While you are at it, don’t be too conscious or worry about your moves.

5.Time for Some “Real” Action!

Now that the stage is all set, add fuel to fire by trying something new, something different. For instance, you can try a roleplay as fantasies are an integral part of most of our lives and probably your partner would have one too. Remember, before you try a roleplay, talk to your partner to find out their fantasy. Some of the most fantasized roleplays are those of a sexy maid, cop or devil. You can find a roleplay costume for each one of these roleplays and many more from our roleplay costumes section.

And Don’t Forget the Goodnight Kiss

Most couples, once the act is over, turn their backs to their partners and go off to sleep. An attitude like this can be a total dampener to the whole plan. Once the excitement subsides, you can cuddle your partner and use the time to strengthen your bond. If you are feeling too tired, you can simply wrap your arms around each other and take a short nap. Whatever you do, make sure you have all that you may need to set the mood, and that’s where can help. We carry a wide range of adult products to help you have quality time with your partner. To learn more about any of our products, call us at +919356842665, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you, shortly.

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