7 Tips Brides-to-be Must Consider When Buying Bridal Lingerie
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7 Things to Know Before Finding Perfect Bridal lingerie Set for Your Wedding Day

Your bridal lingerie is the foundation piece that can make or ruin your dress. You don’t want to worry about a slipping strapless bra, some underwire cutting into your skin, or your panty lines showing through your lehengas.
So while you are shopping for the big day, do not forget to get some sexy lingerie and, of course, honeymoon lingerie to spice up the wedding night. For the bride-to-be, here are some things you need to know before you go shopping for your bridal lingerie.

1. Keep Bridal Lingerie on Top of the Shopping List

It is really easy to pay much attention to getting the wedding dress right and put off things like buying the bridal lingerie until the very last moment. As soon as you have made your fittings for the wedding dress, start shopping for your bridal lingerie. Your shopping list should include bridal bra, sexy nightwear, shapewear, and panties. Wondering where to get the right fit? Itzpleasure.com has thousands of selections to pick from.

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Doing a Last-Moment Lingerie Shopping is a Bad Idea 

You will need plenty of time to try out different colors and styles of bridal lingerie that will fit your cholesterol and lehenga. You might have to make alterations or buy a new bridal lingerie. Also, you don’t want to shop at the very last minute and find out that you can’t get the perfect color or the right fit.

2. Buy the Correct Size

Before buying a bra, get measured by a professional. Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, which is why they do not get the right lift and support. Just because your favorite bra fits doesn’t mean it’s the correct size. And if you know your bra size six months ago, it doesn’t mean your breasts are still the same size. You don’t want a bra strap that cuts deep into your skin or can barely support your girlies.
When choosing a bridal bra, keep the shape of the top of your choli in mind. If you are wearing a wedding dress with a plunging neckline or deep V neck, go for a bra with a plunging front. Bras with adhesive cups go with backless choli; silicone cups give you an invisible look and a very natural feel. Another idea is to have the cups sewn into the dress if you are not on the bustier side. Opt for built-in bra cups if you’re wearing a georgette or chiffon blouse. 

Skin Fit Size May Not be a Good Idea 

When buying bridal lingerie, always stick with your current size because you don’t want straps and underwire making you painfully uncomfortable.

3. Shape Your Body with Shapewear

Shapewear is an essential part of your bridal lingerie if you want to create a streamlined look for that body-hugging wedding dress. Shapewears hide unwanted bulges and panty lines; they sculpt and lift your body to give you a nice fit. Remember that different dress styles go with different shapewear. 
A low – waist tummy/hip tucked will make sure any love handles are perfectly hidden away to create that perfect tummy when wearing a lehenga. Avoid shape wear that covers the chest area when choosing bridal lingerie to wear with Anarkalis.  
Finding shapewear that’ll go with a saree is a little bit tricky. So Saree shapewear that holds in saree pleats in place and smoothly tuck in the tummy, hips, and thigh are available.  As a plus, they also have slits that make it easier for you to move around. And that’s freedom from the drab petticoats.

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4. Stick with Comfort & Go with the Trend

Since you will be spending long hours partying, dancing, and posing for pictures with friends and family, it will be a good idea to invest in comfortable bridal lingerie that you can wear all day and save the sexy lingerie for the wedding night. You can wear a bra and panty set made of mesh and microfiber fabrics because they are more breathable. A cotton bridal bra can trap moisture under your bridal dress, making you feel uncomfortable. Avoid bridal lingerie made from nylon and Lycra, they look great but can make you sweaty and itchy. Velvet is trendy, and you can go with it if you’re comfortable. Silk is an excellent choice as it is luxurious, soft, and cool. 
Thongs are trendy and should be a part of your bridal lingerie. They are good for when you don’t want to bother with the annoying VPL (visible pant liner). 

5. Understand Color Basics

If your wedding dress has a sheer or filmy fabric, it is possible that your bra and panties can be seen through the dress. Look for bridal lingerie colors that match your dress as closely as possible when shopping for lingerie.  Choose nude-colored bridal lingerie that matches your skin tone as much as possible. Cream, tan, and beige lingerie are a good idea.

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6. Try Lingerie with Wedding Dress

Try wearing your wedding dress with your bridal lingerie before the special day. Take your wedding lingerie and shapewear along with you when you are going for a fitting or shopping for your bridal dress. You can also try wearing your bridal lingerie around for a while so you can get used to the feel. You don’t want to have an unpleasant surprise on one of the most important days of your life. It is advised that you try on your bridal lingerie a month and, much latest, a week before your wedding day due to weight fluctuations that come with the excitement and stress of planning a wedding.  This will give you enough time to fix things.

7. Have Some Backup

Getting wedding lingerie can cost a lot, but it’s worth it if you can invest in an extra pair of bridal lingerie. Having a backup of a bra and panty set will save you some last-minute panic.
Boob tape should be an essential part of your bridal lingerie. You might need it to keep the strapless bra in place for those long hours of dancing.
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