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Top 5 Couple Games to Spice Up Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon memories are forever.

So, if you are planning your honeymoon, know that it’s not just about some exotic faraway resort and coconut beaches. It is about you, your partner, and the unforgettable pleasant memories that will be made together.

Playing couple-games or sexy games is a fun way to build the connection between you and your partner and spice up your honeymoon.

Read on to discover sexy games that will give you unforgettable nights of endless pleasure.

What Are Sexy Couple Games?

Sexy couple games are fun, exciting games involving sexual activity that may or may not include sexual intercourse. It doesn’t matter if you are a couple looking for exciting ways to top the icing on your honeymoon games, or you are playing couple games at a party or just want some sexy games to add some spark to your relationship.

Poker, board games, or couple games questions can be turned into sexy games by adding some sexual elements like stripping off a clothing item or kissing a particular part of the body. 

Sexy games are intended to create a sexually charged situation without immediate gratification.

Many couples are good at coming up with their own couple-games, although a little inspiration can go a long way for those who can’t.

sexy game for honeymoon

Why You Should Go for It?

  • Playing sexual couple games for fun snaps you out of the routine and adds some spark to your foreplay and, consequently, your sex life.
  • Even if you are playing couple-games for fun, it is a way of revealing things about your partner that you may not already know.
  • If you are looking for a nice and easy way to ask your partner some intimate questions, playing sexy games makes it easier to approach them.
  • Couple games for honeymoon is a fun way of getting closer and bonding with your partner.
  • One of the fun ways to create a lasting memory is by playing couple-games with your partner.

Different Types of Sexy Couple Games

There are lots of ideas for couple-games to spice up things in the bedroom with your lover or just spend some quality time. From the tame roll the dice to the kinky wrestle mania. By popular opinion, some of the best couple-games are rolling the dice, truth or dare, strip poker, card games, and body paint.

Roll the Dice

Rolling the dice is among the most popular romantic couple games to play. It is meant to add elements of surprise to boring sex life. Both the partners are done with trying positions they like or might have fulfilled their and each other’s fantasies and are bored. They can try these dice games that come with figures of sex positions or actions printed on them. Sexy dice games add excitement, elements of surprise, and actions they never thought of before. Like, licking the thigh sensually or living the fantasies. 

Kinky BDSM Dice 

There’s only one way to find out if those nipples are getting pinched doggy style. Play the sexy game of fate with the Kinky BDSM Dice. A pair of red-colored dice having a list of BDSM actions on one and different sex positions on the other. Get the dice rolling!

ItspleaZure Kinky BDSM Dices

ItspleaZure Sex Position Dice 

Roll the dice and find out who is riding the cock to ecstasy or who is getting a great view of that bouncy ass.

ItspleaZure Sex Position Dice

Sexy Game of Cards

You can play couple-games at home with a deck of texas cards, or you can choose the sultry alternatives modified to suit your kinks or go for honeymoon card games. 

Play strip poker and lose an item of clothing every time you lose a hand. Make sure everyone is equally dressed.

Let’s spin the bottle. Lay out a deck of cards in a circle, spin in a bottle in the middle, and when the bottle stops spinning, pick the card it points at and do what the card says.

Super Sex Couple Card Game 

Shuffle the deck in love couple games and get ready to play the hand it presents you.

Super Sex Couples Card Game Bedroom Unleash Sexual Powers

Calexotics Little Lovin The Bedroom Game For Lovers 

This card game brilliantly fuses sensuality with romance for a night of sexy games.

CalExotics Little Lovin The Bedroom Game For Lovers

Honeymoon Board Games

Board games are not just about monopoly and chess. You can totally change board games into naughty couple games. Board games can turn into a sexy game of different sex positions, activities, and surprises. You are sure to be rewarded with a big O.

Deeper Shades Of Red Board Game - Kheper Games 

Been naughty? Get over for some lessons. This couple game board is perfect for BDSM couples. The product contains a game board, 2 game markers, sex position die, whip, game rules guide.

Deeper Shades Of Red Board Game - Kheper Games

Sex Board Game

Get ready for a night of sizzling passion and exploring with the sexy game as you and your partner strip, ask questions, and touch each other in a new way. You might be tempted to ride the wings of ecstasy before finishing the game…but don’t you want to find out what happens at the end?

The sex board game contain the game board, dice, game markers, Sex! Cards, trivia cards, game rules

Sex Board Game

Paint Each Other for Pleasure

Chocolate? Yes, please.

Sex? Oh, yees.

Sex and chocolate? Oh yes, oh, yees.

Body painting is a romantic honeymoon game that channels your inner Da Vinci into intimate games of body paints and oomph.

Find the treasure! Draw a treasure map on your body, specifying the point where you want your partner to start. Lead them with directions to unexplored parts where you will both find a treasure of endless passion as you play hot couple games of exploration. 

Play sexy couple games with Itspleazure Chocolate Body Paint and slowly lick it all off as you get her juices flowing. Let her return the favor by dipping her breasts in Edible Paint: Champagne & Strawberries and giving you a nice boob paint job. Then lick you all up, teasing you with her tongue and waking desires in places you never knew existed. Alternatively, you can use soft sponges or paint brushes to create soft, smooth, sensual strokes of beauty.

You can help each other clean up in the shower after the sexy game and have some steamy shower sex while you are at it.

Just before you begin playing couple-games, make sure your sheets are covered with swathes of towels to avoid stains from the paint.

Sexy Coupon Games

A good idea for sexy couple games for honeymoon is to spend the day offering discounts and bonuses with sexy coupons. Turn up the heat gradually as the day goes on, keep their thoughts on you and let them know how naughty you can get between the sheets and how fun you think it would be to play a sexy game. Let your partner find a coupon randomly placed in their purse or pocket or desk and perform an act to redeem it and grant you a sexual favor.

ItspleaZure Everything Between Me and You 

Warm up for a steamy night of wedding honeymoon games and get ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies with this 10 pack coupon.

ItspleaZure Everything Between You & Me - Coupon Game

ItspleaZure Bring It On-Dare Coupons  

Are you daring enough to get freaky and play a sexy  game with a stranger right in front of others, then go ahead and play with this pack of 10 wild and daring coupons.

ItspleaZure Bring It On - Dare Coupons Game

How to Begin Sexy Games?

Talk to your partner and know if they are interested in playing couple-games with you. Find out if they share your excitement about playing sexy games. If you find it awkward or difficult talking  to your partner about playing sexy games, you can gift them a coupon pack or ask them about their sexual fantasies.

  • Do not try to force or manipulate your partner into playing couple-games with you. A lot of people are conscious about looking weird or funny in certain situations. Give them time to decide and reassure them that they can trust you, and it is just a sexy game to make both of you feel better.
  • Establish rules for your sexy games. Should anyone feel uncomfortable for any reason, s/he should be able to end the game.
  • Have a safe word. This is a word or phrase you use to let your partner know that you are almost at your physical, mental, or emotional limit in a sexy game. When you use the safe word, the couple-games has to come to an end without questions. This should be a word that does not naturally come up in the scenario.
  • Get your props, toys, games, and costumes you will need for your sexy games well ahead of time. You can buy sexy games from, India’s largest online sex store. 

Tips to Keep Fun in Couple Games 

  • Do not laugh at your partner’s awkwardness. It’s a total buzzkill and can ruin things in your relationship in and outside the bedroom. Your partner isn’t an actor, and no one is perfect.
  • Do not force anyone to answer questions or perform sexy games that might hurt them physically or emotionally.
  • It’s a bad idea to use couple-games as a ‘solution’ to relationship issues. Couple games are meant to be fun, healthy, and sexy. If there are underlying issues in a relationship, talk about it with your partner or see a therapist.
  • Keep the competition on the low. It is not a contest for a million-dollar reward. It is just a couple-games for bonding.
  • Don’t be tempted to direct the couple games or insist that things should only go your way. Give your partner a chance to develop and show their skills.
  • Pick a sexy playlist and add some music to the scene. Music is calming and helps to put you in the mood for sexy games. 

Couple games can be a lot of fun, and it is not just for a night. Take your time to explore and decide which sexy games are best for you and your partner. After all the thrills and excitement of playing a sexy game, you can relax with a massage, a nice bath with your partner, or just cuddle.

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