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Buy Male Masturbator Toys and Fleshlights in India at ItsPleazure

Men's sexuality is often kept undercover. When we talk about masturbation for men, we are presented with a hands-on, one-dimensional image. Thankfully, the rise in the sex industry and the declining taboo around it has increased the demand for masturbation toys for men. Men are no longer strangers to the pleasures of sex toys. Good research and a thorough understanding of their anatomy can guide investment in masturbators for men. An array of men masturbator products ranging from eggs, beads, plugs, and even fleshlight for men are available online to select from.

With this article, we'll tell you what would work best for you and what products must you always have in your arsenal.

What are Men Masturbation Toys?

Masturbation toys for men are carefully curated products that go the extra mile and assist them in achieving priceless orgasms. These can either stunt, delay, or hasten your orgasms. Using men's masturbator products can also incorporate their deepest desires and fantasies despite their privacy. There are several products, ranging from fake vagina masturbators, vagina toys, and even sex machines for men.

The diversification in the realms of masturbation toys for men has led to every man finding a product that has been designed especially for them. 

What are the different types of male masturbators in India available at ItsPleazure online store?

While there might be no physical adult stores in India, there are many online stores. From these stores, one can buy masturbators online. There are several varieties that one can choose from. Some of these are:

1. Non-Vibrating Masturbating Fleshlights

Nothing beats a classic! These men masturbator toys were made to intertwine sexual fantasies and simulate sexual penetration to titillate your nerve endings. These masturbator cups/Tenga cups are explicitly designed to replicate the sensation of a vagina. Tenga cups on the other hand are known for taking on the sensation of the mouth. These masturbation toys for men combine the simplicity of having sex with a partner when by oneself with the spiciness of a sex toy.

These fleshlights are extremely handy to use. One can even change the grips of these artificial vaginas. These grips can assist in developing the feelings of rubbing, stroking, pressing. These soft tube cups can be adjusted to extract more pressure on the penis and the penis head. From the inside, the fleshlights are textured to expertly massage the penis as it thrusts in and out. At the top of the fleshlight, an air hole is located. This assists in altering the pressure creating the best vacuum for you to pleasure yourself.

2. Vibrating Masturbators

Vibrating masturbators take the sensual pleasures offered by non-vibrating fleshlights even further. Battery-powered vibrating masturbators fulfill your sexual urges with an unbeatable rhythm. They give you the control to set in motion the session however you deem fit. You can either opt for slow strokes, perfect to unleash the maximum pleasure or you can modify them to fast strokes, which periodically thump on your penis.

Vibrating men's masturbator toys can recreate orifices such as the mouth or the vagina. The Vibrating blowjob toy replicates the pleasures of oral sex. The grip of the mouth stroker is made with the softest materials for easy insertion. With the help of a water-based lubricant, you can massage your penis. The vacuum at the other end can alter the pressure assisting you in achieving orgasm at your desired rate. The body of the blowjob toy/ blowjob masturbator is made tight to sensitize your nerve ending and turn your climax session into the most satisfying one.

3. Best Masturbators by Shape

Researches have shown that most men are likely to have anal sex once in a while. They have also discovered that more than 60% of men consider anal penetration better than vaginal penetration. They cite the tightness of the anus as the main reason for their preferences. This may be one of the reasons why anal masturbator fleshlights have replaced artificial vaginas in no time.

ItsPleazure also carries an assortment of realistic anus fleshlights to incorporate in your bedroom. This penis sleeve is made with body-safe materials and feels almost life-like. With this product, you would be able to enjoy anal penetration. The inner sleeve of this fleshlight would engulf your penis and stroke it tightly. This helps your nerve endings breathe which leads to a better masturbatory experience. The anal masturbator has a soft entrance making penetration smoother and easier.

While the outside shell of this realistic anus is a quick turn-on for you, the inner sleeve proves to be even significant. The inside is divided into several chambers. These chambers have specially designed ribs and buds to stimulate different areas of your penis simultaneously. When you slide your penis in all the way, the penis head hits the carefully designed G-spot. Simultaneously, the foreskin is contracted to expose the sides of the penis with a tightening ribbed grip of the anal masturbator. With such a product in tow, a satisfying carnal experience is guaranteed.

4. Suction Cup Masturbator

The suction cup masturbator is similar to a fleshlight masturbator in design. The main difference comes to their functioning- An artificial vagina strokes the penis and grips it to sensitize the nerve ending by physically massaging them. On the other hand, a suction cup masturbator relies solely on the pressure that has been created within the pump. 

These fleshlight masturbators are usually transparent. This aids in comprehending the process visually. It also keeps in check the pressure created to avoid any potential bruises. Although there is no potential damage done using a suction cup masturbator, it is advisable to start from the lowest pressure point possible and increase it with the pulsation of your penis.

This men masturbator toy is a great tool to sustain an erection for prolonged periods. This product is perfect for men who have an issue achieving an erection, lasting longer, or desensitized nerve endings. Though it is not laced with a physical massaging mechanism, it works on amassing blood to the penis. Once the pressure is turned on, the blood only moves around the penis shaft and not much is allowed to escape. Thus, the erections achieved last longer. One can even practice edging using a suction cup masturbator.

What are the benefits of using masturbators for men?

Masturbation is a highly healthy activity. However, at times the taboos formed around masturbatory practices and relishing the carnal desires might cloud the various benefits of masturbation. Masturbation in itself is fun! However, masturbation using a pocket pussy takes sensual pleasures to the next level. But it doesn't stop here. One can even invest in products such as a vibrating fleshlight, a suction cup, or an artificial vagina, which permits you to engage in hands-free masturbation.

These men's masturbator toys come with several advantages. The following list can help you understand the same:

Tips and precautions while using men's masturbation toys

Masturbation toys are the gifts that keep on giving. It has been proven to have multiple physical, emotional, mental, and sexual health benefits. This is the sole reason why the adult toy industry has seen a massive boom in recent years. Not every product fits everyone; therefore, one must be aware of some tips and precautions that lets them choose and extend the shelf life of the best masturbator according to their needs.

Buying Tip

There are many online sex toy stores, which advertise an even diverse range of male masturbators in India. These products come within every imaginable price range. In such an environment, choosing the best masturbator can be difficult. The following tips would help you efficiently buy a masturbator that is a perfect match for you.

  1. When buying a masturbator, you must understand all of its functions, depending on the sensation that you wish to feel. If you want a longer-lasting erection for edging, you should opt for a suction cup. If you're going to massage your penis, you can go for an anal, vaginal, or mouth stroker fleshlight.
  2. You must thoroughly research the product that you wish to buy. Despite the subjective reviews, the opinions and real-life images of the products can assist you in making a decision. You must not overlook popular toys, as they are on-trend for a reason. However, you must beware of the knock-off men masturbator toys as they might not necessarily be made of skin-safe materials.
  3. Always consider the material of the masturbation toys. They may come in glass, silicone, PVC, and more. Every material has its merits. You must weigh each of them out including their maintenance, the price range, size, and more.

Cleaning Tip

Men's Masturbation toys are reusable. This means that you have to clean them up before use or after your sexual session. Not cleaning them after repeated use may cause you to develop a yeast or skin infection. Since fleshlights for men are made of diverse materials, taking care of each fleshlight, suction cup, or a Tenga masturbator would be very different. Some of the tips to clean fleshlights  are:


To clean out the fluids accumulated in the fleshlight, you need to take out the inner sleeve and rinse it under warm water. Ensure that the sleeve is turned inside out, so the water runs through every nook and cranny. You must not use any detergent or soap as it may degrade the quality of the sleeve. However, those could produce miraculous results if you have a specialized fleshlight cleaner.


Putting the wet toy away may lead to the growth of mold. Thus, once the toy is cleaned, shake to remove excess water. Leave the sleeve to dry in the air. When it is completely dried, you can store it to be used later. If you wish to maintain the smooth skin texture of the toy, you must use a renewing powder and apply it before keeping it away.


Shop Pleasure Toys for men for the ultimate masturbation

Myriad benefits of male masturbator toys make them a must-have item. Pleasure toys for men do not have to be taboo, as they have proven to elevate the quality of life. Not only could you spice things up and use the masturbator toy with your partner, but it can also give you one of the best orgasms when you are alone. 

With these advantages, these men masturbator toys essentially have no demerits. Even cleaning these toys is not as difficult as imagined. However, one must be very careful while buying these toys, as several counterfeit and knock-off products are currently in circulation. Thus, a vigilant attitude, a desire to try without shame, and thorough research would help you buy pleasure toys for men at an affordable rate.

One of the best online sex stores in India is ItsPleazure. They have a variety of men masturbator toys such as the artificial vagina, mouth strokers, anal fleshlights, and more that can replicate the pleasure of humping your favorite orifice. So why not get to shopping and spice things up?


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