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Buy Prostate Massager in India Online at ItsPleazure 

Prostate massagers for men have always received a bad reputation as sub missive's tools. Contrary to popular beliefs these prostate massagers are inserted anally and titillate the prostate gland of men for both prostate and anal orgasm. Anal stimulations are not simply reserved for gay relationships and can have lasting effects on the orgasm for even straight men. These P-spot massagers are comfortable to use and massage your prostate gently giving vibrations if necessary. These perineum massagers can be easily bought online, shipped and delivered discreetly through ItsPleazure. 

Men’s Prostate Massager Toys for Prostate Massaging and Orgasms 

Prostate massagers are shaped like a vibrator or a butt plug, which intend to massage the prostate gland. The prostate is a gland that produces semen and transports it through the prostate ducts. It is located near the perineum, next to the rectum. Therefore, the easiest way to stimulate it is via the anus and your taint. A prostate massage is not only used to treat and cure a plethora of sexual dysfunctions, but they are also pleasing to the user. The massage can be done both on the internal walls through the anal insertion and an external pressure massage to the perineum. 

These men’s prostate massagers stimulate the prostate, which results in a healthy flow of seminal fluids. These also have many medical benefits including clearing the prostate ducts off the residual semen. While one can have the same effects with the fingers, the anal prostate massage is better achieved through the use of these toys as they intensify the pulsations resulting in an intense and heightened sexual experience. 

Prostate stimulators are a good opportunity to contract the prostate and get an orgasm without stimulating the penis. These also assist to titillate both the surface-level and deeper nerve endings. Prostate massagers are good for all men regardless of their sexual orientation. They are simply a means to sensitize the prostate and achieve a strong orgasmic feel whether masturbating or using it with a partner. The sensations of a P-spot orgasm are felt throughout the body. In rare cases, multiple orgasms may take place.

As a man grows in age, the size of the prostate gland grows as well. The ducts of the urinary and prostate glands are narrowed due to pressure exerted by the enlarged prostate gland. The risk of a urinary or sexual syndrome becomes greater. The prostate massager can prove helpful in these circumstances as it forces the fluid out of both the ducts easily. This fluid is known as prostatic fluid and the process is known as milking. A prostate orgasm is distinct from a seminal orgasm due to all the blockage getting released. 

If you suffer from a painful ejaculation, chances are that you might have a residual prostate fluid blockage in your ducts and the tracts of your reproductive system. A skin-friendly soft perineum massager can milk you to get rid of it all. The cleared blockage will be a relief with a bonus of instantaneous sexual gratification. Researchers have also proven that the P-spot in some men also serves as an erogenous zone. An outside stimulation helps in sensitizing it, for better sex. It can also contribute to improving circulation of the blood and any painful urination can be evaded. 

How to Use a Prostate Masturbator in a Correct Way?

Prostate masturbators are differently shaped than other anal plugging toys. At first, the design may remind you of a dildo or an elongated butt plug, however, they are comparatively thinner than a common woman’s dildo and lesser in height. They are also angled to focus on locating and stimulating the prostate through various motions. Prostate stimulators can enhance an erection by relaxing the muscles of the anal sphincter which results in a fulfilling orgasm. 

Every man’s body is crafted differently. Thus, every man’s anatomy is unique. Therefore, the prostate gland; a golf ball-sized gland located between the urinary bladder and the base of the penis is placed differently sheathed by their rectum walls. These prostate stimulators can directly sensitize the area, though it takes practice to understand where it is and what motions work for you. Before buying an anal stimulator to use with a partner, you must try it on yourself to adjust the position of the stimulator to be enjoyable. 

If you wish to give your partner a men’s prostate stimulation device, you must have a healthy discussion with a repercussion of a mutual engagement, before introducing it in your bedroom. It takes time to relax the muscles of the anus and prepare it to insert the prostate massager. A massager must not be used all the time or more intensely than prescribed as it may rupture the tissues of the anus and cause discomfort. Lubrication must be used as the anus is not a self-lubricating organ. 

Inserting the prostate stimulator will exert pressure on your urinary bladder, causing a feeling to pee and freshen yourself. During sex, these feelings can prove to be a deal-breaker. Therefore, before using the prostate massager, you must also clean your anus and get rid of any bowels present as a caution. To minimize the risk of fecal matter and rare infections, you may douche and clean your genitals and perineum thoroughly with ample water. You must also sanitize your hands. You may also clip your fingernails lest there be a cut or wound. 

You must use lubrication before insertion to reduce the friction between the toy and the delicate walls of the anus. Water-based lubrication may serve your purpose well. When you are turned on the prostate swells in size. You must use a stimulator in this stage as it will assist in precisely locating it. 

To use a prostate stimulator, you must loosen your anus with your fingers. Minor discomfort could be there, though it would vanish later. A generous amount of lube will help you guide your finger. You may then insert the prostate massager. With the angled tip, you need to locate a round lump and massage it in a circular and back-and-forth motion. If you desire you can apply more pressure on it, though not for more than 15 seconds. 

What are the Various Types of Men’s Prostate Massagers

Men’s prostate massagers differ based on materials, design, mode of operation, and function. If you are buying prostate massagers for men, you may find several vibrating and non-vibrating options. Some of these are: 

1. Non-Vibrating Prostate Massagers 

These prostate stimulators are the most commonly bought sex toys. They can come in materials such as silicone, glass, stainless steel, and more. Before buying, you must consult any allergies you might have to these toys. These men’s sex toys are recommended to beginners with little exposure. With a manual mode of operation, you can navigate your sexuality and find your prostate gland all by yourself. 

The size of these prostate massagers is lesser than an anal dildo. Usually, they are sized to 4 inches to successfully stimulate the prostate wall. It is suggested that these massagers be tried before implementing them into the bedroom or replacing them with something more advanced. A manual insertion will help locate the prostate gland accurately, and you could tease, play, and apply pressure on it yourself. Once you have tried these prostate plugs, you can use them with a partner. 

Anal plugs, anal dildos, anal beads, and more are all very helpful in stimulating the prostate. These can have varied effects. When anal beads are plugged into the anus, the silicone balls move around in it. This causes them to bump into the prostate several times and give a pleasing effect every time. Plugs and dildos work on the same concept of rhythmic thrusting to put pressure on the prostate. 

2. Vibrating Prostate Massagers 

Prostate vibrators are the newest sensation. They are highly popular with the current demographics due to their ability to vibrate. The pulsations of the massager can be adjusted manually or with a remote. A remote-controlled prostate stimulator would prove to be a kinky way to orgasm for you and your partner.

These male vibrating prostate massagers come in a variety of materials and must be handled with care. The electrical and non-electrical components must be washed separately and with caution. A vibrating prostate massager is recommended to the advanced users as the constant vibrations to the prostate can be handled by them easily. 

As the vibrations ensue, they are transferred to the prostate, which vibrates along with the toy with added pressure. You need not worry about the massager as the prostate moves in the rhythm of the vibrations while you play with yourself or your partner. A prostate massager such as the ItsPleazure Silicone Pink Anal App Vibrator can even be controlled by an application. With this, you and your partner can engage in kinky sexual adventures. 

How to Clean and Store Male Prostate Toys?

After the use of a prostate stimulator, they must be clean and disinfected. The male prostate stimulator must be immersed in a solution of lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. After a few minutes, they must be rinsed generously under cold water. If they are made of silicone, a revitalizing powder can renew the softness. 

Some of the prostate massage toys are remote-controlled and involve electrical parts. Special care must be given to them. To wash the electrical component, you must use a soapy and wet towel and clean out any seminal fluids. A thorough dry rinse must be done with another towel or tissue. If the prostate stimulator comes with an instruction manual, you must follow the instructions on cleaning it. 

Buy Prostate Stimulator Online in India from ItsPleazure 

You can buy a prostate massager online in India. However, before that, you must search for a recognized and trustworthy brand that meets your anatomical requirements. If you wish to use a prostate massager for medical milking or simply intensify your bedroom experiences, you need to be careful of the material, size, and electrical elements. 

An online sex store that has carefully crafted a bespoke collection of manual, automatic, and remote-controlled prostate stimulators is ItsPleazure. Not only do we house an affordable range of prostate massagers between the price range of INR 3,000 to INR 8,000, but discreet shipping and quick delivery of 4-5 days make it easy for you to titillate your prostate and achieve a tantalizing sexual experience without any judgment.


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