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Buy Prostate & Perineum Massager for Men Online in India at Itspleazure

Anal stimulation more so for men than for women can be a satisfying and intense experience which is why Perineum massagers are one of the bestsellers at itspleazure. While Prostate massagers were primarily (and still are) used for medical purposes like to treat the enlarged prostate gland you can buy Prostate Massagers online at Itspleazure for sexual stimulation and to enhance your overall sexual health & experience. 

Take your pick from vibrating and manual perineum massagers and gift yourself or your male partner the gift and pleasure of anal stimulation. 


What is a Prostate Massager?

The male prostate gland can be sexually stimulated through massage, even if you do not engage in anal play it is important to know that the prostate plays a vital role in the production of semen, hence, massaging it heightens the experience tenfold. The act of prostate massage or anal play can be carried out by Men Prostate Toys like a Prostate Stimulator or a Perineum massager.

There is such a thing called a prostate orgasm (also known as dry orgasm) and men can enjoy it with the help of an anal massage, perineum massagers available at itspleazure do just that and more for you as they are made from the best quality materials, designed and provided by trusted brands. 


What Are the Benefits of Prostate Massage?

No longer is anal play a taboo, stimulating yourself sexually is about listening to your body and what it needs, engaging in anal sex is not just for gay or bisexual men, massaging the prostate gland is extremely arousing and can carry you into that high pleasure effortlessly. The benefits of using a prostate massager will easily out-way your doubts, check out the reasons why you should be indulging in some booty play today and hop on over to itspleazure for your shopping spree. 


Painful Ejaculation - 

Did you know that your prostate gland is a big deal, even though it's small in size it plays a vital role in the production of semen, fluid blockage in your reproductive system could be the reason why you experience painful ejaculation, with the help of a soft p spot toy your partner can easily massage the prostate and help clear the blockage to relieve your pain; the sexual gratification you experience is simply a bonus. 


Erectile Dysfunction

Time and again we talk about how your body has various erogenous zones for you to work with, foreplay and seduction along with some anal play especially massaging your prostate gland can increases blood flow into the penis promoting better and stronger erections, with the help of a perineum massager you can fight erectile dysfunction and satisfy your partner to your hearts desire (better yet, her’s)


Urine Flow -

The flow of urine can be affected by the health of your prostate gland, experiencing painful urination or a weak flow can be due to a swollen prostate, this is where a prostate massager comes in handy, a massage of your prostate can bring you the much-needed relief to your urethra calming your worries of urine flow. 


Prostatitis -

The inflammation of the prostate gland is painful and uncomfortable. This swelling and build-up is known as prostatitis and is common among adult males. Massaging the prostate gland can bring about a lot of relief especially remedy painful urination and sexual dysfunction, which seems to be the perfect time to buy a Prostate Massager and reap the erotic and medical benefits both.

How to Use a Perineum Massager?

It is rather important to understand how to use a perineum massager or how to perform prostate massage because the anus like any intimate area is a sensitive one, especially if you’re a beginner using a p spot massager can be intimidating if you do it wrong, when used correctly a perineum massager can open up new, exciting and orgasmic avenues for you. 

There are many different types of perineum massagers available but the basics of using them are fairly same (and simple), here are some pointers to always remember when using Prostate plugs or engaging in prostate play 

- Hygiene is important, wear gloves on your clean (with trimmed nails) hands if you can and wash your hands several times before insertion. wash your hands/prostate massager after and before each use (DO NOT share your anal toy with your partner unless it is thoroughly washed after use)

- If you are a beginner the biggest challenge for you could be finding a comfortable position, while it is different for everyone and some prefer laying on their back, some on their side and some on their knees with their butt facing towards you, you should take your time to find your rhythm, find what you feel most comfortable with and what works for you. 

- Unlike the vagina, the anus cannot self-lubricate so keep lubricant handy and be generous with it.

- Start slow and make your way up, whether you decide to start with your fingers or directly with a perineum massager, apply lubricant on the toy and around the anus and start slow.


Different types of Prostate Stimulator You get in India

There is a variety of prostate massagers and stimulators available at itspleazure, one thing common in all perineum massagers is that even though they are different in shapes and sizes they will all have a tapered tip and a curved shaft, this design makes it comfortable for anal play as well as reach your walnut-sized prostate gland and massage at the right angle. There are typically two major variations, the Vibrating and manual prostate massagers -


Vibrating Prostate Massagers - 

Vibrating perineum massagers are commonly known as vibrators for men, just like the vibrators for women help hit the G-spot, similarly, prostate vibrators help hit the P-spot for men. Anal play or Prostate massage can lead to intense orgasms and help you explore different avenues of sex, with products like CALIFORNIA EXOTICS FLEX-O-PLEASER MASSAGER you can find carefully designed perineum massagers are itspleazure catering to all your vibrator needs. 


Manual Prostate Massagers - 

Manual prostate massagers are the Dildos for the butt, these beautifully designed sex toys like the ANAL PLEASURE BEGINNER’S PROSTATE STIMULATOR, anal beads, and anal plugs are all manual perineum massagers. These can be found in different shapes and sizes made of various types of materials, the most common being silicone as it is safe for the skin and smooth/easy to use. Manual prostate massagers give you/your partner complete control and that can be a boon, as beginners, it is best to start with prostate massagers that have a strong base and are slender at the tip, you can now find one of your choices from the wide collection at itspleazure.


Pro Tip - 

When using a prostate massager, take all necessary precautions, wear gloves and start slow, apply pressure little by little instead of all at once, you do not want to bruise your partner, slight pressure and gentle massage can help him reach the orgasmic release.


Things to Consider Before Buying Prostate Massager

Taking the plunge into the world of anal sex can be extremely fun and satisfying, having said that, if this is your first time using/buying a prostate massager in India there are some things you should closely consider.


Consider the Size -

The phrase ‘small is big’ applies here very well, if you are a newbie (and even if you’re not) the first thing to look out for in a perineum massager is the size, don’t let the number of shapes available out there confuse you, consider the length and girth of the prostate massager and opt for the small, thinner, shorter one. As a beginner remember no matter how small the vibrator is you are most definitely going to feel it. 


Choose the Right Handle

This is a Pro Tip, whether you indulge in anal play alone or with a partner, choose a prostate massager with a wide base and flared handle, this helps draw a line automatically as to how far up should the toy go and helps you get a hold of the toy easily, also, you can comfortably pull-out the toy too.


Think of Vibrations

As a beginner you may still just be finding your rhythm and may not be sure if you want to opt for a vibrating or a manual perineum massager, the advantage here is that you could go for a vibrating toy and simply not use the vibration function, try it out both ways and it can help you understand better what you body wants. Vibrating prostate massagers come with various speed settings that can be very arousing, consider this function before buying a prostate massager. 


Careful With the Material -

Ideally one of the most important things to consider when buying sex toys, especially a perineum massager is the material it’s made of since there are a lot of different types of prostate toys naturally there are a lot of options in materials as well, choose skin-safe toys made with silicone, these not only easy to use but also are compatible with most lubricants, softer on skin and easy to wash/store. 


Have Fun

Load up on lubricants along with your purchase of a perineum massager, this ensures that you and your partner have a lot of fun. Many different models of perineum massagers are available at itspleazure, some stimulate your prostate gland, some act as an anal plug and some have dual functionalities of stimulating your anus and penis; choose what suits you best and let the fun begin. 


Is Prostate Stimulator Risk-free?

All Sex toys are safe to use when used correctly, certainly, it is recommended to be extra careful when using Male Prostate Toys as the anus is a sensitive body cavity and does not self-lubricate. Using a perineum massager is risk-free and to always keep it that way one can follow some simple rules - 

- Engage in anal play only if you have an infection-free anus, avoid the use of a perineum massager if you have a prostate infection, hemorrhoids, etc

- To keep the experience risk-free use gloves on clean and dry hands, clip your nails and remove any jewellery from your fingers and wrist. 

- For a successful anal penetration, it is vital to make use of lubricants, this is a necessity and should not be optional.

- Clean the prostate toy before and after every use, do not share your anal toy (unless it has been thoroughly washed)


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

With the experience of shopping at itspleazure you can enjoy benefits like Fast shipping, discreet packages and delivery within 2-5 days across India.

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