A Lesbo Love - A Lesbian Love Story In The Hostel

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My first week of this session was spent trying to fix my accommodation. I had resumed school late because of a high fever that kept me bedridden till almost resumption. It stalled the remaining part of my online registration including accommodation. Registration for accommodation was done online, and roommates were randomly paired according to how fast you applied. I didn’t make it down to school until the third week of resumption, so I had to do mine manually.

Although I was a little unhappy I would be getting one of the primary rooms; the best rooms were allocated first, and students who missed the registration window had to settle for the older rooms with either a broken shower, tap, faucets, or bed lamp.

I was allocated room 128, the room already had an occupant whose name was Jean Lee, an Asian-American. I had run into Jean a couple of times on Campus, we even shared a course and a few mutual friends last session, but I had never spoken to her. I considered her a nerd; she always had her nose in books, didn’t talk much, and hid away in her cashmere sweaters and head warmers. The thought of having to move to the hostel did not excite me, it felt intrusive. It also meant giving up the freedom I had been long accustomed to. I thought I could try to survive, but now I was about to be lumped in the same space with a complete bore? “What a perfect way to begin the Session!”

I dragged in my luggage while Jean was getting ready for bed. She had a pink nightie on that made her look completely different from the girl I used to know. The nightie accentuated her body and displayed her thighs. As I tried to unpack my bag, I kept stealing glances at her body while she wiped her makeup; she had curly brown hair, really thick thighs, small perky boobs, and a big booty. This was new to me. I thought Asian girls had small features, “it must be because she’s mixed” I wondered.

While I unpacked, I imagined what it would be like to spend the entire session with Jean, it’d be frustrating. I thought of swapping rooms, but it was three weeks into resumption, most of the girls would have settled in their new rooms, and no one would want to stay with Jean Lee anyway. “This was going to be one hell of a session,” I thought to myself as I lay in bed that night.

Jean had an incredible body. Unlike my peach-shaped breast, Jean had an east-west breast that looked like they wanted out of her clothes, especially in tank tops. They faced different directions, and each time she cramped them into her bra, they formed a beautiful mound that could hold a shrub of pomegranates. I sometimes stole glances when she pranced around naked in the morning, getting ready to leave for classes. I would pretend to be asleep but stare hard at her breast and the opening of her vulva when she raised her leg to apply the cream to her body. Sometimes I would wake up at midnight to pee and see Jean's nipple peeking out of her pink nightie. Sometimes I would go to the bathroom and masturbate with the showerhead while covering my mouth to make my moans as quiet as possible.

A few months into our living together, Jean came home crying; her boyfriend had gotten mad at something she said and hit her square in the face. I was so angry; I could have pulled a kitchen knife on him if I saw him that night. Men who hit their women disgusted me. I stayed up for half the night, pretending to her and holding her while she cried. I have never felt close to her until that day.

We eased into being friends afterwards. In the subsequent months, we sometimes stayed up into the night sharing our aspirations and discussing what we wanted our lives to be like after school in hushed tones. Other times, we lay nestled into each other discussing our past dates, relationships, and sexual encounters. On some of those days, I ended up in the bathroom fingering myself after I was sure Jean was asleep.

During one of our late-night conversations I came out to Jean, I told her of my sexuality and how I didn’t embrace it until I was older for fear of what my parents would say. Jean was very accepting and didn't treat me differently afterwards.

Alone in the room one morning, when she was out to hang out with her boyfriend, I lit some scented candles and eased myself out of my pajamas. I decided to lay in Jean's bed so I could have a feel of her body. I rolled in her silk sheet and wrapped her covers against my naked body, it felt warm against my skin.

I ran her soft pillow over my naked breast and thought about her hand caressing my breast. I felt a park between my legs. I put a finger into my lace panties and began to rub my clitoris with a clit vibrator. At the same time, I was tugging out my nipple. “Oh, Jean, I want you” was all I could think of. Thinking of Jean made me gush, I was so wet I didn’t use lube. When I felt my pussy walls jerk and about to collapse, I stopped and licked my fingers. I wanted to delay this gratification, edging made my orgasms deeper and longer.

I grabbed & tied my strap on dildo to the bed & spread my vulva on it and began to hump slowly, the feeling was electrifying. I could hardly quieten my moans as I felt my feet begin to tingle, and a large knot loosening behind my neck. As I hit a crescendo, my legs continued to shake uncontrollably for what felt like the longest time until I heard a knock on the door.

I was lucky I bolted the door from behind. I suspected Ajay-Jean’s boyfriend had cancelled their planned date as usual. I put off the candle, put on my PJs and tried to piece the room together like I was having a nap in her bed. I got the door and unlatched it to let Jean in while she went to the bathroom having tears in her eyes. I knew it was that Bastard Ajay who made Jean cry!

That night while laying right there beside her, my heart ached as I longed to hold her. I inched a little closer to her and began to smoothen her hair. I moved my nose close to her hair while she was telling me about their messy relationship and how she is uncertain about her future with Ajay.

I couldn’t take the desire that burnt within me anymore. I traced a line on her face and kissed her, she didn’t stop me, but I could feel her reluctance, I thought it must have been the wine. I was not willing to take any chances. I continued to kiss her hungrily as I lifted up the hem of her nightie to her chest. She lifted her body and let me pull the nightie over her head. I stared into her eyes, and she looked away trying to avoid my gaze. I grazed my thumb over her nipple and began to fondle them tenderly. They felt so delicate.

I latched my mouth onto one of her breasts and sucked while I caressed her other nipple softly. She let out a slight whimper. Her breast was so soft and fuller than I ever imagined it to be. I moved my hands to her face again, held her head and kissed her hungrily as she parted her lips with my tongue. When I came back to her breast, she had her hands on her nipple in a feeble attempt to cover them. I removed her hands, raised them above her head and began to suck her nipple.

I let my hand travel down into her thongs, parted her vulva, and lubricated my finger with her wetness. I moved the wet finger to her swollen clitoris and rubbed it while pinching her left nipple with my free hand. I flattened my palm against her pussy and dug my fingers into her, she let out a sharp gasp and continued to purr gently into my mouth as my fingers moved in and out of her. Each time I moved my fingers out, she raised her hip to meet my fingers as I thrust in again. Jean's breath grew raspy, but I didn’t stop thrusting her until she locked her thighs on my fingers, and her body convulsed as she climaxed. I stole out of bed and left her to sleep when I went to the bathroom to masturbate.

The next morning was awkward. I loved that I made her orgasm and every inch of pleasure I gave her, but I still felt guilty that I had taken advantage of her because she was drunk. In my own defence, I also acted under the influence of alcohol, and I was keeling over with guilt. I made up words of apology in my head to tell Jean when she woke up, but everything disappeared the moment she woke up. I dragged myself to the bathroom and got into the tub in an attempt to get away from her.

I rested my head against the faucet and thought about last night as I caressed my nipple. I didn’t notice Jean had entered the bathroom until her leg grazed mine in the tub. She looked breath-taking in full view of the day. She knelt in front of me and kissed me. I saw her reach gingerly into the water, I was wondering what she was up to when I felt her hand on my pussy lip. I guided her fingers deeper and let her finger me until I climaxed.

I turned her around and let her sit between my legs with her head resting against my neck. I began to massage both her breasts. I had an orgasm from touching my breast several times, and I wanted Jean to enjoy the same wave of pleasure. I held both her nipples and rolled them between my thumb and my index finger softly, left them for a while, and fondled her breast aggressively. I continued in this manner until Jean’s big ass began to buckle against my pussy. I intensified the fondling until she folded her legs and began to trash around the water and her bag jolted into my breast. She had just had her first orgasm that morning.

As I felt her heart begin to beat normally again, I ran my hand through her body and let my hand linger on her belly button while playing with her nipple. Her back arched against me as I felt the tension begin to build in her afresh. I moved my hand over the hood of her clitoris and flattened my palm against her vulva. I felt her clitoris pulsating lightly against my palm, and I parted the hood and began to rub it gently. She moaned softly and bit into my neck.

I rubbed down from her clitoris to her pussy several times before I slide two fingers inside her. I buried my fingers into her to my knuckles and felt her tighten the walls of her vagina. “Don’t stop Pari,” she managed to let out amidst gasps.

I opened the drawer in the bathroom & quickly tied up my strap on dildo to my waist & continued to fuck her with it. Jean moved her hips to meet my thrust and her bulky ass grazed my pussy. She held onto the edge of the tub and started to vibrate as another orgasm ripped through her.

When Jean’s body quieted a little, I stood and pulled her up so she could sit on the end of the tub with her back against the wall. I kissed her lightly on the lip, knelt in the tub, and moved my mouth to her breast. Taking every inch of her areola in my mouth and began to suck hungrily. I would stop sometimes and bite her nipple tenderly. I continued to tease her that way for a while until she started to dig her nails into my neck. I wanted to tip her to the edge and over to a mind-blowing orgasm. Every time I stopped sucking on her breast and gave her a soft bite, she held my neck and gave out a soft grunt. This turned me on endlessly.

I lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulder so I could get a better view of her quivering pussy. I watched her for a second as she tugged at her nipples, she was wild with pleasure, and I loved it.

I spread her pussy lips and began to suck on them. I ran my tongue through her clit, licking her from back to front until her legs started to quiver. I adjusted her legs and continued to use my tongue to draw circles around her vulva until she could no longer control herself. I heard her say, “I love you, Pari, I love you.” She plopped weakly against the wall, crying from exhaustion and pleasure. I drained the water in the tub and pulled her in while I cuddled her and let her have a nap. While she took her short nap, our bodies pressed against each other in the little space, I gazed into her face and wondered if she meant it when she said: “I love you, Pari.”