Can Passion Be confined only to Bedroom?
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Can Passion Be confined only to Bedroom?

Turn your escapade into “sexcapade”. Try changing the location of where you find comfort with your partners, add variety and spice to your sex life and your partner will never stop asking for more. Sometimes lovemaking can’t be possible unless with utilization of adult products like of sex toys and vibrator for women, this will give you best experience you have ever hoped for. But if you keep doing it the convention way may bore your partner to a point where he or she won’t find pleasure in you again. Since there are so many great places and so little time. Here are various places where you can show sex passion to you partner:

On a Beautiful Secluded Lake: Take your lovemaking adventure to the next level by going to a place with exciting views, lovemaking is exciting in itself; a great view during your intercourse is even better.

Locker Room at the Gym: Go to the gym along with your sex toys and take the advantage to find out what else your muscles can do. The joy of exercise is best enjoyed when you it with some sexual pleasure.

At the back row of a cinema: Add fun to your cinema night by trying something new with your partner. Some sex product can be used to please each other silently without drawing the attention of the person seated next to you. This is a good way to show you partner that you are proud of him or her in any giving place and time.

In a crowded bus or trail: While others are groaning, use your hands to do the taking, caress your partner intimately until you reach your destination.

Test your driving skills on a new vehicle: In India, sex passion can be made while driving on a lonely street road, Just pull over use woman vibrator to tease your woman a little before continuing your journey. To different rides in one day.

Balcony of Your Hotel Room is cool: Having passionate moment on a balcony can be fun and the feeling is extreme though you might feel uncomfortable about being seen by people, it’s part of the experience because nobody really cares about how you use your hotel room.

There some awesome places in your home where lovemaking can get really exciting, it shouldn’t be in the bedroom alone.

In the Shower: Try being a little dirty while you're getting cleaned up with your partner in shower, this is probably the frequent places where couples get to see themselves naked before heading out.

Kitchen counter: While spending some time alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Cooking can be a sensual and funky way to kick off your day, use your kitchen as to enjoy some hot steamy meal and sex!

On the couch: Turn up the heat by putting your couch to use, lovemaking on couch will introduce you to some sex positions that you may not discover on bed.Sex at different places


The Bath tub: Get into bath tub with some adult toys, bath tubes are probably made for this purpose, think of as a spot where passion can be made intimately with your partner, it feels like being in endless ocean.

Against the wall: Wow! If you’ve not tried this before then you are still a virgin! There are wall mounted sex toys with breaking new grounds of sexual experience. The wall will be your support!

Rocking chair: You can rock your world on a rocking chair, sounds interesting right? Having sex on a chair is nice but having sex using a vibration on a rocking chair can be more passionate and it will make your partner go gaga.

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