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Sprinkle bhang on these 10 Holi snacks to get your partner in the mood!!

You do not need a reason or an occasion to get intimate with your partner. But, the right mood can certainly help you and your partner let go of your inhibitions and indulge in some wild sexual encounters. With Holi round the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to do so, with bhang!

Edible Holi Fun

After all, you know bhang has aphrodisiac qualities that can help you enjoy sex more. So lace your partner’s Holi snacks with bhang and get him in the mood.

Here are 10 Holi snacks that you can serve to your partner to get him in the mood, just sprinkle some bhang on them.

Shhh...we don’t need to tell you to keep this a secret.

Thandai: Who can miss the proverbial thandai on Holi? While he is busy dancing on ‘rang barse’, you have your opportunity to to spike his thandai. You can finish off rest of the dance somewhere, umm, in private – convert the holi dance into some fun bedroom play?

Dahi bhalle: Mix the bhang powder in the sweet, thick curd and pour it over the vadas. He will never know what hit him; all the better for you to take advantage of!;)

Vegetable pakodas: No one can resist the hot and crispy pakodas. Add a generous dose of bhang in the pakoda batter and see him gorging down one pakoda after the other. And can only guess what comes next! We can assure you that the only thing you’ll say afterwards is ‘it’s pleasure!’

Malpua: Either mix bhang in the malpua batter or sprinkle it on the rabri that goes along with it. Do a babydoll lingerie for him and let him enjoy the divine and the erotica together. A Heavenly Experience!

Kanji vada: If he is a kanji vada fan, all the easier for you. Mix it in the kanji before he gulps it down. Then just lead the way to somewhere private…

Sandesh: Now this can be tricky, but don’t let that deter your ‘evil’ intentions. Slightly break the sandesh a bit, add some bhang powder, and cover it again. It will do the trick, believe us.

Samosa: Add bhang in the date-tamarind chutney that accompanies samosa. Give him lots and lots of it! And like samosa and chutney the two of can add some heat and spice to your private holi celebrations.

Halwa: Halwa and bhang are a potent combination. The sweetness of halwa can easily mask the slight bitterness of bhang. So be generous; you won’t regret it.

Gujjiya: If you are making gujjiya at home, add bhang in the coconut-dry fruit mixture. Just remember to keep the bhang ones separate. Or, you can just break the gujjiya, mix the bhang and feed him with your hands. This is what we call edible fun.

Fruit plate: Hmmm, another challenge! But what love life is paved with roses? Make a mixture of spices like rock salt, black pepper, cumin seeds and of course, bhang. Sprinkle it over the cut fruits like apples, pineapples, bananas, mangoes, etc.

One last piece of advice – Have some of it too! It takes two to tango. Have bhang, have fun!

Have a Naughty Holi!
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