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7 Aphrodisiacs to Get Your Partner in the Mood for Some Fun Bedroom Play!!

They say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But sometimes, before you can steal his heart, you need to capture his attention in ahem, other ways. The same principle applies to that special lady you want to impress in bed. Sexual pleazure is something all living beings have been obsessed with since forever, and though techniques have vastly changed over the years, it still remains somewhat a mystery. So, how can you up your game and make him or her a slave to your charms? Aphrodisiacs.

7 Aphrodisiacs to Get Your Partner in the Mood for Some Fun Bedroom Play

Aphrodisiacs are foods that have been discovered to increase an individual’s libido or sex drive. They were named after the Greek Goddess of Love - Aphrodite and are often thought of as a natural way to ‘get it on’ à la Marvin Gaye. Basically, they are ‘sexy eats’ that can add a little spice into your sex life!

Here are seven sexy eats that will get your hormones up and running; be sure they’re always in stock!

Chocolate - Chocolate is about as sexy as it gets! It’s a very sensual food and is sure to get your ‘sexual’ juices flowing. Chocolate is known to contain chemicals which increase the level of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is the reason why you get those ‘feel good’ vibes when you eat chocolate. On the plus side, you can get pretty creative with chocolate in bed! Since it tastes so good, licking it off your partner is a sure fire way to heat things up.

Vanilla - Science has proven that vanilla has one of the most arousing scents known to men. Since ancient times it has been smelt, drunk and consumed as an aphrodisiac. You can try something as innocent and flirty as making a vanilla shake and sharing a straw while sipping from the same glass. Maybe this is the reason why there’s something called Vannilla sex – simple and innocent, but very effective?

Honey - This sweet and sticky substance often goes on most desserts and is definitely on our list of ‘mood foods’. It is known to contain vitamin E and zinc which helps boost virility. Want a fun fact? The Kama Sutra actually mentions honey having some excellent properties as an erection strengthener. Sucking honey off each other’s finger or simply licking it off the body is a good way to get in the mood for wild and passionate bedroom play.

Avocado - While this doesn’t look outwardly sexy, it goes back to the time of the Mayans who believed that it can vastly increase sexual desire. We suggest you cook up some guacamole, throw in two margaritas for good measure and test out our theory!

Bananas - While an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a banana a day is perfect for when it’s time to play. *wink wink*. While bananas do make us think of a certain male part, their sexiness comes partly from what they contain, which is, potassium and vitamin B- both good for boosting your sex hormones.

Figs - This fruit was a favorite of Cleopatra and was considered more valuable than gold when it came to boosting one’s sexual drive. It will take more than a fig leaf to feel modest and in control when you munch on aphrodisiacal figs.

Cherries - Sweet, red and luscious - they earn sexy points on so many different levels. In addition to being sinfully delicious, they are also known to boost your pheromone and hormone levels. Get creative with whipped cream and cherries and make him or her beg for a taste. After all, desserts are always sexy.

Be as silly as you want to be. You’ll be surprised at how messing around with sexy food can make playing under the sheets fun. Stay Naughty!!

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