Confessions of a Girl who like getting Oral
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Confessions of a Girl who like getting Oral

I didn’t really know what was being in a relationship all about when I got my first proposal. But the guy was so cute that I couldn’t really reject him. Almost half the girls in my class were in cue to get involved with him but he ignored them all and chose me. It was kind of a great thing back then while we were in college. Of course, with time, we got serious about the relationship and wanted to take it a step further.

Oral Sex Experiences

While I have not really been the bold type and hence it took a while before we had our first kiss. The feeling was surreal and I just cannot explain it in words. My boyfriend never forced me for it but when we actually kissed, I only regretted why I took so long to say a yes. Nevertheless, it was fantastic and I could only conclude that he was an amazing kisser.

Although the first kiss had a long wait, but it didn’t take us long to make out after that. It was a friend’s birthday party and we were too high on drinks. He grabbed me and took me to a room. I gladly obliged and we had our first intense love making session. The way he touched me, held me close to him and made love to me, was an outstanding and fascinating experience.

The first time got converted into many times and we started getting more into each other. With every session, we wanted to make it more wild and happening. That’s when we decided to try oral sessions. I had read about it on the internet. I could see mixed reactions where some really liked it while many others found it disgusting and plain.

Nevertheless, we decided to give it shot and then decide if would like to continue with the same or not. We started in a normal way. As I was kissing his body, I slowly moved down under his pants. I first tried it with my hands around his thighs. I could see him become sensuous and lose control. This turned me on and I started giving him a blowjob between his legs.

I could hear him moaning as I had my mouth over him. The whole experience was little weird and different but we did like it. In fact, he kept urging to do it over and over again as he was enjoying the pleasure. I started licking, kissing and doing all kind of nasty things with his gun. All of this made us go wild with our hormones clashing each other at jet high speeds.

After a while, he got over me to give me my oral session. He aesthetically moved down towards my vagina. I could feel high energy vibrations inside my body and the sensuousness growing large and wild. He started with his mouth and tongue. I was not able to control myself and my emotions. As he was blowing I had caught hold of his hairs but he didn’t stop. He was increasing his pace which made me go crazy with it.

Our first oral experience was so much exhilarating that we just couldn’t stop asking for more. We did it on a number of occasions since then and thoroughly enjoyed it each and every time. This has actually become more of a regular thing for us but then every time, there is something wild about it, that makes us go head over heels.      

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