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Erotic Stories

Confession of Couple Who did It at Places, One shouldn't


When we usually come across the word “love-making”, we generally expect to do it in a private and luxurious place. The intimacy, the sensuousness, and the unparalleled excitement that it brings to us cannot be suppressed. Hence we all prefer getting involved in close doors and without any interference. But that’s not the case with me and my husband.

We are very outgoing and adventurous, especially me. We love taking risks and exploring places. Being normal is not our way of enjoying life. We try to make it happening and exciting. That’s why we keep adding such similar flavors to our personal life as well. We have made out at such places that no one can even think of. Let’s see if any of these places is worth your attempt as well.

  1. Boss's Cabin

I had met my beau at the office. We immediately fell in love and got involved too soon. Once we had to work on a Sunday and there were only a handful of people present at the office. During the lunch time, our boss had gone out and everyone else was busy eating. My husband grabbed me and took me into the boss’s cabin. He started kissing me wildly. I couldn’t resist too. It was long since we had made love and this was like an opportunity to do so. Although we had to do it quickly but it was a mind blowing experience. I couldn’t really believe that we had guts to make love in our boss’s cabin.   

  1. Train’s Washroom

Many people find it terrible to make love inside a train’s washroom. But trust me it’s worth trying at least once. We were on a trip to Delhi when we happened to experience such an interesting event. My husband and I went into the bathroom to share a kiss. The bathroom was well maintained and free from impurities. It was clean and hygienic which allowed us to be comfortable and cozy. The kissing slowly turned into physical closeness and we eventually ended up making love. Yes, it was a bit inconvenient to do so inside a small cubicle but then it allowed us to try it while being in a standing position.

  1. Hospital

Yet another time when we made love while standing was at a hospital. We had gone to see a common friend who had met with an accident. While searching for his bed, we mistakenly went inside the medicine room. Being on our own prompted us to get physical. Although I wasn’t sure of doing it at such an inappropriate place, but my husband didn’t really heed to my words. He squeezed me in his arms and started making love. Although it did hurt me a bit but all I can say is that it was one really weird experience to get indulged amidst patients and tablets.

  1. Fields

When we see Bollywood actors and actresses singing and dancing in fields, we only imagine how lovely it would be to be in their space. It so happened that we got a chance to go out for a trip and visit the sugarcane fields. Now since we both love such sceneries and had always imagined ourselves being there, we didn’t want to miss out on a golden opportunity like this. Nevertheless, we went ahead and had one of the most amazing love-making sessions. It was like a dream for us and we thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

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