Confessions of a Man Who like doing it infront of Mirrors
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Confessions of a Man Who like doing it infront of Mirrors

I have always been successful in all my personal and professional stints. I am working for a multinational company with a 6-figure salary and married the girl I love the most. I had been dating her ever since our college days and tied the knot immediately after the graduation. There are a lot of things common to us. But it was the comfort that I shared with her that prompted us to get mingled forever.


Both of us love adventure and are out-going. She is friendly, fast and compatible. We have been making love ever since our dating days. We hardly had been in 8 months of our relationship when we first tried out. It was the first time for both of us and we thoroughly enjoyed being in each other’s company. Honestly speaking, both of us never thought that we would make it so far.

Getting married to the girl of your dreams is a really rare occurrence today. But I’m glad we are into each other. Things were really smooth for quite a long time but we gradually started losing it. The spark we usually shared was diminishing. Although we did everything just as we had been doing- love making sessions, adventurous hang-outs, and parties, but the joy of being together was taking a beating.

One fine Sunday we decided to speak out and try to make our relationship better. We discussed all sorts of solutions and remedies. We listed a few likable ones and decided to try them one by one. Things did ease out but it didn’t help much. This is when I found a new way to ignite the missing fire in our relationship. I had read across different ways to make love in bed to increase intimacy. One such way was to get indulged in front of mirrors.

Both of us were skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. While we could see our reflections making love, it indeed added to the seduction and temptation. The intimacy, the closeness and the pleasurable experience was out there for ourselves to see. It was a completely different feeling to be naked and see it in the mirror. Imagine how seducing it will be to see oneself with your love, completely bared and naked, while making out. It was as exhilarating as it could be.

This new way of getting involved changed our relationship in a mighty way. The lost connection, the deep closeness, and the missing spark were back. We were more happy and satisfied than before. Mirrors offer true reflection and that’s exactly what we got. This rekindled emotion and joy were boundless. Both of us realized how much we actually loved each other.

As time flew by, we started making more in front of the mirrors. I could feel her body getting glued to mine. The sensations, tingling vibrations, and the temptation never faded. It always felt new and enriching. We didn’t stop with it. We even tried making love in different positions and see how it added to the fun. Moreover using lingerie’s, vibrators and adult toys made it more intriguing and exciting.

The way we approached making love got a new definition. It’s truly satisfying to see us both happy and back together like before. There is nothing more we can wish for. Our relation has also improved over the time and we both now find excuses to make love. As I already said, mirrors offer a true reflection, but in our case, it added a new reflection. 

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