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Buy Urethral Sounding Products Online in India at ItsPleazure

Some people look forward to new ways of stimulating themselves. The urethra is close to the genitals and can be stimulated to bring out orgasms. However, care must be taken to prevent injury. The urethral stricture can be used while having sex with a partner too. However, it is better to experience it personally first before using it during sex. You can shop for urethral sounding instruments at ItsPleazure. Delivery of the penis rod is fast and discreet too.

What is meant by Urethral Sounding?

Urethral sounding is a unique way of satisfying sexual desires. The act of urethral dilation involves inserting an object into the urethra. The practice involves inserting specially designed items made of glass or metal. It can increase sexual fulfillment and encourage the partner to explore new areas.

The urethral dilator was initially used in various medical treatments, like dilating the urethra and clearing blockages. Now, they are available in multiple forms, shapes, and sizes. Using these sex toys can provide profound enjoyment.

 What are the different types of Urethral Sounding available online at ItsPleazure?

There are several options when you are searching for a penis rod. It provides a unique sensation and helps to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. Several people are usually unaware of these toys first but fall in love after using them. The penis sounder can be bought online. There are cervical dilators that can dilate the cervix and provide enjoyment for women.

1. Stainless Steel Urethral Sounding

The stainless steel uterine dilator can be intense and satisfy demanding users. The penis rod is made of medical-grade steel and does not harm your body. There are ones that can have beads too. They are comfortable and reliable. There are ribbed ones too that can provide intense stimulation. They are very smooth and polished too.

There is a uterine dilator that can be used for inducing cervical dilation. It can enter the interior of the uterus and bring out orgasms in women. While they have medicinal use, they can also extract sexual pleasure. The metal dilator can be entered into the cervix after using a lubricant to prevent injury. The vaginal dilators can be inserted at a slightly downward angle but never use force to insert them.

2. Silicone Urethral Sounding

The silicone male sounding plugs are ideal ones for newbies. The penis rod is made from medical silicone and is soft and stylish. They suit well for men and can be used with water-based lubricants. They are soft and can readily negotiate the curves in the urethra to prevent any injury. Most of them are sleek and have a smooth texture that makes them easy during insertion and taking out.

The products are odorless and do not contain phthalates that ensure the user does not have any allergies and is not toxic. They can have beads too that provide a unique sensation for beginners, and they are bound to like it. The penis plugs can have a T-ring attached to its end, allowing the user to take it out after use easily. These men’s sex toys can be of different dimensions too.

What are the benefits of Urethral Sounding?

Leads to sexual fulfillment

Several people prefer to have something new and experiment with their sex life. Using the penis catheter can be a form of enjoyment for some. Stimulating the urethra can provide the stimulus that few people need. Urethral insertion can give pleasure and provide the ideal moment to help your sexual dreams come true. The sensations can be had with the help of a partner and solo too.

Provides new sensations

One of the unique benefits of the penis plug is that it provides unique sensations that the users may not have encountered earlier. You can try once by using a lubricant on the penis plugs. It can spice up your sex life and provide the shattering orgasms you have been waiting for long. It is also helpful for those who look for trying something new. The users can have a unique level of pleasure not encountered before. New spots in the genitals can be found that lead to better orgasms.

Enhancing sex prowess

Using a penis catheter can lead to more robust and harder erections. However, if you feel that it can cure erectile dysfunction, you can be in for a surprise. But having a sturdy toy inside the urethra can lead to stiffer erections. Sometimes they need not use any other means to have huge erections. They can only add to the level of erections you have.

Frequently asked questions about Urethral Dilator

We will answer some of the common queries users can have regarding penis plugs.

1. Is Urethral Sounding safe to include for sexual pleasure?

When you insert the urethral rod into the urethra, there is always a chance of getting injured. Before discussing safety, it is essential to know about its issues. You must use some lubricant to ensure it is correctly inserted and put in place. Experts with prior experience can indulge in urethral play. Also, buy them from reputed brands only to stay assured about the material used, the product's durability, and ensure it is hygienic to use.

2. What precautions should you take while using Urethral Sounding?

There are a few precautions to take when using urethral toys. From a hygiene perspective, always clean them before and after use. Using a high-quality lubricant can help prevent any injuries. You must insert the urethral beads when the penis is erect. When using it, take care to ensure that you do not insert it with pressure. Insert it slowly and stop if it hurts you. Moreover, when using with your partner, inform the person about the precautions that must be taken. Using the penis rod properly can provide the orgasms that you need badly.

3. Can women use Urethral Sounding devices?

There are a few options for female urethral sounding too. The design is slightly different, with an oval plate, a few beads, and a soft stalk. There can be a semi-rigid pin to guide the toy easily during insertion. The toy can be ideal for those trying to experience a new emotion during sex or masturbation. It can also be used to treat stress among women. You must remove them gently such that the toy does not hurt when inserting or taking it out.

4. How to choose Urethral Sounding devices online?

There are various factors to consider before buying penis plugs online. You must check the material used to make the dilators. The beginners can opt for silicone ones if they feel steel products are not suitable. The silicone ones are more flexible, and they can move to the steel toys after gaining experience. The surface can also play an important role to extract incredible orgasms. Inflatable or magnetic dilators can also be helpful for experienced users.

Buy Urethral Sounding online in India only at ItsPleazure

Urethral sounding is a unique way to experience sex and is liked by various people. The users can get intimate with their sex organs and revitalize their sex lives. The urethral sounding plug comes in different shapes, sizes, and features. It is also essential to buy a hygienic product from a reputed brand. ItsPleazure has several options online from which the customers can choose penis plugs for themselves. You can enjoy discreet shipping within 2 – 5 business days.


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