A girl’s confession of her first time
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A girl’s confession of her first time


By the time I had my first boyfriend, almost all my friends had completed their Ph.D. in relationships. I knew I was late but I believe it was worth it. I was never in a hurry and always wanted my first relation to be special and lasting. I knew my boyfriend very well as we had spent a considerable time before getting along. I never realized my feelings for him until one day he dared and asked me out for a real date.

The most special thing about our relation is the understanding. He knows how to cheer me up and can perfectly judge my mood just by having a look at my face. I love being with him as he aptly compliments me and my emotions by his dashing personality and charming approach. When I was fully confident about our relationship, I decided to give him a heads up for more naughty and pleasurable things.

It was his birthday and I decided to treat him with a memorable gift. I had arranged for a special surprise party for him at a friend’s place. Since my friend's parents were out, it was the perfect place to get going. We had a great amount of celebration with all the cake cutting and dancing. Later I took him to a room so that we can spend some personal time with each other.

We were talking how our lives had changed ever since we decided to be together. I could see the love in his eyes and that’s what prompted me to kiss him. Though it was not our first kiss but it felt different. I could sense it was more than a mere kiss. Soon the kiss got converted to a smooch and we ended up with getting physical.

He hugged me tightly while making love and it was such a surreal experience that I have no words for it. The way he kissed me all over and made me feel comfortable while having the intercourse was exemplary. I never felt so pumped and excited before. Every moment we shared was memorable and worthy. It was the first time we got physical and he made every single second of it special for me.

We were laid for the whole night. Neither the love making lost its intensity nor did the temptation fade away. The entwining of our bodies made us feel more alive than ever. It was a defining moment in our relationship, one that could well define our future. His calmness and excitement enthralled me and bowled me over. I’m not sure if it was the moment or the emotions that made us so engrossed into each other.

Even after we were done with it, he never moved away from me. He kept me hugging for the whole night. The sheer joy that he gave me while making love was amazing. A girl not only wants physical pleasure from his mate but also expects a caring and loving attitude from him. We didn’t try anything out-of-the-box and yet the first experience was timeless and lasting.

Making love for the first time is an important moment in a girl’s life. I wanted it to be with the perfect guy and so it was. For me, it was the love that spiced up the moments rather than the kissing and hugging. It made me realize how important he was to me and that I will always cherish this moment for as long as we are together.   

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