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Erotic Stories

My First Lap Dance for Him

One doesn’t really need to be an expert at stripping to seduce your partner while trying to give him a lap dance. It’s just about hitting the right moves and making sure that you keep him engaged enough so that he doesn’t even have time to think about anything else. Lap dance is an erotic fun ride that will help you create a vibrant mood just before you hit the bed and get entwined in the proceedings.

Sexy Lap Dance 

When I first thought of surprising my boyfriend with something sensuous and bold, I came across this sexy practice of lap dance and was convinced enough to give it a try. One day when I was alone at home I asked him to stop over and spend some time with me. While he was riding here, I started with my preparations for a colorful and happening night ahead.

I had watched several videos beforehand and rehearsed a few moves as well to make sure that I do things the right way. Other than that I had also read people’s experiences and discussions to get a thorough briefing about the do’s and don’ts. Most of the discussions pointed to one common thing i.e. one should feel sexy and enjoy the moment instead of focusing on how to go about it.

As I was waiting for my guy in my bedroom with dimmed lights and soft sensuous music, I could feel the excitement rushing through my blood. Yes, I was nervous but at the same time, I was eager to do it with him. Finally, when he arrived, I blindfolded him as I helped him on his way to the bedroom. I tied him to the chair and started with the music. As I removed the blindfold, I could see he was amazed to see me in sexy black lingerie with candles all around the room.

I leant towards him and whispered some naughty things into his ears. I could feel his breath on my face and see his temptation increase with my lips held so close to his. I slowly started moving my hands around my body as the background music got soothing and seductive. Then I pretended as if he was touching me and reacting in a way that would tempt him for more. The whole atmosphere had turned vibrant and he was visibly eager to untie himself and let the wildness bask in.

Next up were the famous hip moves wherein I was trying to make an eight with my body. As I was doing it, I started getting closer to him and could feel the energetic vibes flowing across our bodies. When I untied him, he immediately got hold of him and started getting physical and playful. I turned around and sat on his lap as I was shaking my butt to move into the reverse cowgirl position.

After a few beats, I switched to the classic cowgirl position and was looking straight into his eyes. I could see that sensuousness has reached its boiling point and it was time to get into the rollercoaster for the ride. He perfectly understood my gestures and allowed me to ride him to the bed. What followed was the most amazing sex I had in the bed. We both thoroughly enjoyed the lap dance and the erotic feelings it arose as we were indulged in it.  

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