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Erotic Stories

When We tried Sex at 4 Unimaginable places

Making out with a partner in your bedroom makes sense. It’s usual and easy, nothing noteworthy really. But then we all love adventure, don’t we? At least I and my boyfriend do and that’s what made us explore something new and unique. No, we didn’t make a discovery; we only discovered new places do make love.

Sex in the Car - itspleaZure

Although it might sound really weird but making love at unimaginable places can actually make you high. Think like this, you go out for a ride, find a lonely place and straightaway make out with your love. Doesn’t it sound crazy? Well, it actually sounds fun. Here’s what we have done in the past.

  1. Staircase

While we were chasing each other all around the house, I kind of slipped and stayed low the staircase of my duplex. My boyfriend came searching for me. When he saw me hurt, he tried to comfort me. We eventually got close enough, which prompted us to kiss. The kissing got muckier and he got completely leaned on me. It made us go so wild that we ended up getting physical. While my leg did hurt a bit but then it was a great thing to do. I am sure not many try out at such strange places. But for us, this one was definitely a welcome experience and we both kind of enjoyed doing it.

  1. Washroom

The other day, I and my boyfriend had been out on a date. We decided to watch a movie and then go out for dinner. The movie was an erotic crime thriller. When the actress started seducing the hero on the screen, I caught my boyfriend’s hand with my nails. Even he was turned on and couldn’t resist the temptation. It was so sensuous that he had to leave for the washroom. I had a sudden urge and I quickly followed him into the men’s washroom as well. We locked the doors and what happened next was pretty obvious. Yes, it was something unreal and unthinkable. I mean who does so in a theater washroom? But it had happened and we both thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

  1. Terrace

Well, it is not uncommon to find couples making love on a terrace but for me, it was a really exciting thing. I live in an apartment with my friends. One fine evening my boyfriend had come over to spend some private time with me. Since my friends were also at home we decided to go to the terrace. It was beautiful to be in his arms and watch the setting sun. The beautiful background made us get physical and we eventually ended up getting intimate. It was one hell of a ride to get indulged in the open under the stars.

  1. At a friend’s party
We had been invited to a common friend’s birthday bash. It was organized at his farm house and only we friends were there to enjoy. We all sang, danced and partied after a long. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to spend some personal time and we immediately moved over. To my surprise, he had decorated the whole room with flowers and candles. It was surreal and romantic. I also decided to treat him with an exhilarating return gift. We straight away hit the bed and made some amazing love after that.
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