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Erotic Stories

The day when I was alone at home & it was the Best Time Ever

I had previously never appreciated being alone. In fact, I am a very social person and love to go out and interact with people. Being alone and enjoying on own has never been my forte. Even after marriage I would either be busy with my work or had my husband for company. We both talk a lot and really love being with each other.

My First Time Alone

But due to some business commitment my husband had to go out on a weekend. I was left all alone at home. It was pretty much unimaginable for me to spend an entire day on my own. No person to talk to or have company for. I reluctantly switched on my TV. Since I wasn’t really interested in it, all I did was surf channels to see if it can engage me.

I decided to switch to movies and see if there was any good movie being aired on the TV. I happened to watch an erotic thriller. Though it seemed uneasy in the beginning but I started enjoying the content. The intimacy and the closeness, that passionate love making scenes and more. I couldn’t resist being tempted on my own and started biting my nails.

So much so that I had to switch off the TV and rush into my bedroom. I started imagining me with my husband. The feelings got more sensuous and wild. The temptation was getting all over me. I didn’t really know how to control the urge. It was the first time that I was experiencing such strange vibrations from within. It had somehow turned me on.

I decided to flow with my emotions and get indulged in the moment. I started undressing myself and playing with my lingerie. I found it exciting. It was helping me channel my sensuousness. Slowly and steadily I removed my undergarments. While doing so, I was rolling my fingers over my body. I was imagining my husband being involved with me.

The urge kept on increasing. I looked into the mirror. I could not believe what it was like. Looking at oneself in the mirror can be a really weird experience. I could sense being watched by hidden eyes. I quickly hid myself inside the blanket. I was feeling shy but my temptation was still on high. I decided to indulge in some naughtiness with the help of women massagers and adult toys.

It wasn’t my first experience with them. I knew how they can satisfy my thirst. My husband and I used to play a lot with them. He used to use such products to give me a head start. It would make us more involved and wild. I too started doing the same and it worked. I was really enjoying it. I could sense it tickle inside and counter my vibrations. It didn’t take me long to finish it up, though.

This whole experience was a first of a kind for me. I never knew how to get indulged into self-seduction and satisfy one’s own thirst for love. But as they say, there is always a first time, so it was for me too. I really enjoyed being all alone and playing by myself. It was an exhilarating experience and a weird one too. I think it was the best day for me. It taught me that being alone is not that boring after all.

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