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Buy Best Butt Plugs & Unisex Toys From Itspleazure And Make Your Sex Life More Fun

Are you craving to add something exciting and fun in your sex life? Has anal sex always been on your mind but you’re too afraid to ask your partner? Unisex toys are the best way to help introduce anal sex to a newbie, a wide range of Butt plugs, anal plugs, and other anal sex toys are available at ItsPleazure to help spice up your sex life, relationship or marriage.

Anal sex is a road to unimaginable pleasure especially for men and can be enjoyed with so many different Anal plugs and butt plugs. Unisex toys at ItsPleazure range from silicone butt plugs too long anal beads and vibrating finger rings to vibrating anal plugs & eggs.


Are Butt Plugs & Anal Plugs Enjoyable?

A Butt plug, anal plugs, and various other anal sex toys are extremely enjoyable to use, the novelty that they bring into the bedroom can arouse you and your partner endlessly. While you don’t need to worry about pregnancy with anal sex that is not the only reason to enjoy using anal sex toys,

- These can be used in many different ways and can help seduce your partner to the fullest.

- Many prefer wearing a butt plug and simply going about their day with work, household chores and shopping while enjoying the vibrations or stimulating feeling of the anal plug,

- Another way to use a butt plug is to do so while masturbating, inserting the anal plug while pleasuring oneself can be extremely satisfying.

- Butt plugs, anal plugs, and anal sex toys are extremely enjoyable along with a partner, it adds to the foreplay and brings out the wild side in you.

- Wearing a butt plug (for both men and women) while having sex can increase sexual stimulation tenfold and bring versatility into the bedroom.

- There are various materials, shapes and sizes to choose from making the use of anal plugs even more enjoyable.


Couple Sex Toys Ads a New Dimension to Your Sex Life

As hard as it may be to believe, sex can at times, become monotonous. Partners in monogamous relationships get used a routine life which reflects in their sexual activities as well, the pleasure seems to vanish and the endorphin release for stress becomes a priority. Sex toys can eliminate the boredom and add something special in the bedroom to enhance your sex life, more so, it even results in replenishing the mental and physical enthusiasm and lust & love in your relationship.

Couple sex toys are versatile objects that can help explore your body and your partner’s body in a whole new way, this brings so much novelty with specially designed toys like butt plugs, anal beads, vibrating anal plugs and more made specially to cater to men and women looking to indulge in anal play.

There are very many different kinds of butt plugs, anal plugs and various anal sex toys available in India and ItsPleazure is one of the most popular places to shop from, you can indulge in couple sex toys like the ITSPLEAZURE FANTASY VIBRATING ANAL BEADS, the ITSPLEAZURE RED JELLY UNISEX WATERPROOF BUTT PLUG, the dual pleasure of ITSPLEAZURE HEART SHAPE ANAL BEADS PURPLE.


What Are the Benefits of Anal Toys?

Here are some reasons why you must indulge in anal play

- One of the biggest benefits of choosing anal play is that one can enjoy sex without worrying about the risk of pregnancy.

- There no need to rush into anything, anal play is one of the best ways to enjoy foreplay with your partner. Slow and steady is the only important rule when it comes to using an anal plug and this gives you and your partner more time to enjoy the sexy night.

- Anal sex is a lot more than just penetration, while penetration does wonders for women and men (especially men) and anal sex toys like butt plugs and anal plug are commonly used for penetration, anal sex is a lot more fun when the toys are used on the outside of the anus. Since the area surrounding it has a lot of nerve endings, using a butt plug on the outside creates a sensual feeling and leads to amazing orgasms without involving any penetration.

- Anal toys like butt plugs and anal beads are excellent toys for masturbation, these can be used for solo play, they intensify pleasure and enhance your masturbation experience.


What is the Difference Between Anal Beads and Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs and anal beads and two of the most popular anal sex toys, needless to say, they bring a lot of pleasure to the user and has changed the way people look at anal sex or anal gratification.

While they are both used for anal penetration and has orgasmic releases their features are quite different,

- One of the basic differences, of course, lies in their shape, butt plugs or anal plugs as they are popularly called are diamond/oval-shaped objects with a flared base while anal beads as the name suggests are beads aligned in ascending order, again with the biggest bead being at the base.

- The Second visible difference lies in their functionality, while anal beads are solely used for penetration butt plugs can be used for penetration as well as sexual stimulation on various erogenous zones of the body.

- butt plugs in India are very popular and the first preference of a newbie while anal beads are recommended to use once you are comfortable with anal penetration.

- Anal plugs are extremely versatile as they can be used for anal as well as vaginal penetration or simply be worn while during masturbation, anal beads serve a singular purpose of pleasure but can only be used for anal penetration.

- Even the form of pleasure differs when using anal plugs and anal beads, while plugs provide stimulation while inserted, the magic of anal beads can be felt while extracting them when every bead hit the internal walls with pleasure.


How to Take Care of Your Butt Plug

Using anal sex toys like butt plugs or anal plugs are extremely fun although one must follow a care routine for the toys and take necessary precautions, here is a simple care guide for all your anal plugs and butt plugs.

- A Butt plug, just like any other sex toy needs to be thoroughly washed before and after use. Silicone, metal or plastic anal plugs can be submerged in warm water and washed with soap. Make sure to never submerge vibrating toys in water and simply wipe/wash with a damp cloth.

- Using condoms is vital even when using sex toys, whether you use butt plugs, anal plugs or anal beads, this keeps the toy comparatively clean and keeps infections and diseases at bay. While it might be a challenge to use condoms on anal beads you will get comfortable with it in time.

- Caring for your butt plug is just as important, if not more as the toy will most probably come in contact with feces at some point, hence, the use of a condom and thorough cleaning before and after is essential.

- Clean your butt plug after every use and wait for them to dry completely before storing them. In case you can still feel traces of lubricant, wash again. Lubricant is a bit part of anal sex and a lot of it should be used on the toy, one must just as carefully clean it after use too.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Shopping at ensure quality, pocket-friendly pricing, quick shipping, discreet and fast delivery. Enjoy all your anal sex toys like butt plugs, anal beads, anal plugs, and accessories like lubricants and oils delivered across India in 2-5 days.

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