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ItspleaZure Pink 2 Beads Basic Butt Plug

Rs. 1,379.00 Rs. 649.00

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring

Rs. 1,399.00 Rs. 999.00

DND Ultra-Premium Pleasure Ring

Rs. 1,400.00 Rs. 1,149.00

ItspleaZure Pink 10 Anal Beads

Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 499.00

Durex Play Ring Vibrations

Rs. 400.00 Rs. 399.00

Shop Men Sex Toys Like Butt Plug, Penis Sleeves, Penis Ring, and More Online in India From ItsPleazure

Introducing Sex toys for men is a pleasure in itself, most men enjoy masturbation the traditional way and sex too, toys like Penis Sleeves, Penis Ring, Penis pump among many others are here to ensure your experience remains just as pleasurable with a little something more.

Browse through the vast collection of toys designed specially to bring sexual joy to men everywhere whether it's for alone time or for fun with your partner.


What Are the Different Kinds of Male Sex Toys You Can Shop from ItsPleazure?

Vibrators and dildos

The most common male sex toys are of course penetration toys like the vibrators and dildos. Check out men's dildos like the Itspleazure Glass Double-Ended Dildo and Itspleazure Spicy Chili Glass Dildo to enjoy satisfying alone time or a fun night with your partner. Vibrating toys, on the other hand, are extremely versatile, they can be used anywhere on the body for the pulsating sensation as well as for penetration, the Itspleazure Battery Operated Little Sprite 7 Speeds Vibrator, and Fifty Shades Of Grey Heavenly Massage Bullet Vibrator (the bullet is also a great bath-mate) are some favourites.

Cock rings -

pleasure ring is specifically designed keeping in mind the male penis, available in both vibrating and non-vibrating capacity as well as reusable and disposable ItsPleazure gives you the chance to choose from a wide and exciting variety, check out the Screaming O Primo Minx Vibe Ring - Mix – Reusable, Itspleazure Double Bullet Cock Ring and Fifty Shades Of Grey Yours And Mine Vibrating Love Ring and bring some romance and naughty fun to your sex life instantly.

Penis sleeve -

Whether you are unsatisfied with your penis size or simply looking to enhance it for a better experience, penis sleeves will do just that for you and more with the spike and dotted Itspleazure Purple Penis Sleeve and a bondage favourite Itspleazure Men's Leather Penis Sleeve

Masturbation Cup

Masturbators, A replica (kind off) of the female vagina, increasing popularity is proof that is it a very effecting gratifying method of masturbation. Check out the Itspleazure Masturbation Soft Cup and Itspleazure Male Masturbation Cup Usb Rechargeable and indulge in pure joy during your alone time.


Anal massagers -

More men every day are become flexible to explore penetration and various anal toys like the Screaming O Soft Touch Vooom Bullet, Itspleazure Rechargeable 7 Speed Anal Massager, Itspleazure Rechargeable Berly Prostate Massager With Remote Control and Buttplug like crystal plugs and Itspleazure Silicone Ben Wa Balls to take the experience of pleasure to a new level.


Among various different kinds of male toys are chastity device, a bondage lover or extreme BDSM participant would love the Itspleazure Sexy Penis Black Silicone C Ring Ball Stretcher.

How To Use These Men Pleasure Toys?

Men pleasure toys can be used to indulge in pleasurable masturbation as well as fun and satisfying partner sex. There is a variety of sex toys for men to choose from, select from a range of masturbators, non-vibrating dildos, penis sleeves and more, the most important thing is to know how to use them –


Some masturbators are made of soft sponge-like material inside and the shape is somewhat like the female vagina, using this for penetration can be quite pleasurable for men.

Cock Rings

These rings are a small powerhouse that can bring a lot of pleasure, when worn around the penis different intensity of vibrations can be played with to gain either mild or strong vibrating sensation, the best part of this toy is that after wearing this engaging in intercourse stimulates both the partners as the sensation travels from the male genitals to the female.

Penis Sleeve

Usually used to increase the size (namely length and girth of the penis) or rather provide the illusion of a longer and thicker one, works wonders with women and is a great sex toy for men, simply put them on and enjoy the pulsating sensation of intercourse with it, with different types available at ItsPleazure you are sure to find something of your preference.

Dildos, Bullet Vibrators To Butt Plugs

Anal massagers or prostate toys range and each and everyone can be used in various different ways depending upon what brings you pleasure. Be careful while using any prostate toys and always make sure you start at the lowest setting of vibration. Butt plugs and Ben Wa balls are extremely fun and can be either inserted and left in for a while or played around with during bedroom times.


Quick tip –

All toys at ItsPleazure will come along with a handbook/instructions/manual/label etc to help you understand better how to use the product. we recommend to read about it and watch ‘How to use’ videos of the specific brand and model that you purchase. Make sure to use vibrating toys only for a specific span of time at a go, to avoid any soreness around your genitals. Take extra care of the wash and store instructions to ensure long shelf life and to shield you from any infections and diseases.


What Precaution You Should Take While Using Toys for Men


needless to say, cleanliness should be a top priority for any sex toy owner. Most male sex toys are made of Plastic, glass, silicone etc and can easily be washed or wiped down. Makes sure to clean the toy before and after each use. Same goes for when you share the toy with a partner (which is not recommended unless the specific toy is made for that, example double-sided dildo) and if you switch between oral, vaginal and anal sex. Wipe down before and after every switch to make sure you are not carrying any body fluids during the transition.


Store all male sex toys correctly to maintain longevity, store each toy separately preferably covered to keep them away from dust. Keep all vibrating toys without batteries if removable.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning

Avoid using harsh detergents directly onto the toy, instead wash with mild soap and warm water or a damp cloth in case of vibrating toys, for non-vibrating toys like penis rings and dildos emerge them in warm water and gently rub to remove any traces of semen and fluids.

Get Size Right

While using cock rings and other size dependants toys, make sure you get the right size, too tight could harm your penis and get risky quickly which do not the step the lubrication step.

Avoid Longer Usage Time

Be careful not to use a vibrating device especially a vibrator on the penis for a longer time, even if you do keep the intensity low as it may lead to a sore penis. Same goes for the cock rings as well, although these are designed for the utmost pleasure it is not recommended to use them for a long period of time, please read the manuals and instructions and follow them to the T.

Start Small With Anal Devices

With anal devices start small and work your way up, you want to at all costs avoid causing any harm to your prostate.

Handle Your Toys Carefully

Some Male toys might be harder to clean. Hence always wear a condom while using them to avoid damaging the inside permanently.


We Provide Quality Men Sexual Toys of Good Brands and Material

Shopping at ItsPleazure for men sexual toys simply means browsing through the top-notch brands, finding the most novel and exciting products in the best quality and market competitive prices as well as enjoying benefits of Discreet Packaging and delivery. What’s more? Shop for Rs. 1000/- and above to enjoy free of cost shipping within 2-5 business days.

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